profitI am not tired of repeating that business is the best tool to get rich. There are no millionaires in the world who became rich by working on a BOSS. However, we should never underestimate the advantages of having a regular job. Today, I will compare two ways of making money. People make money working on a company, and others make their own business. I do not intend to encourage someone to start a personal business. I will try to make an honest and objective review. Launching business does not suit everyone. There is no a universal rule for everyone. If I say that short-haired women look very cute that does not mean that every woman will look beautiful with short hair. These things are relative. Making business requires several personal and human characteristics, and therefore, not everyone will be able to launch an individual enterprise. At the same time, individualistic and independent people are not capable of working for someone. 


Every business requires investments. You won’t be able to start any business if you do not invest anything. In order to make a profit, you need to spend something. This is a rule of business. Businessmen are risky people and being risky is strictly required if you want to make a business. There are loads of people who have lost millions of dollars by investing in new enterprises. These people continue living because they understand that the business market is unpredictable and no one can assure you whether your project will be profitable or not. You may invest and generate a huge profit. At the same time, you can invest a huge amount of money and lose everything. It is necessary to be prepared for such kinds of risks. The risk is a part of every business and if you want to avoid having any risks, you should forget about making business.

Having a regular job has fewer risks. You do not need to invest anything. You do what you are required to do and get a regular monthly salary. Your payouts may be regular and sometimes you can earn bonuses. That is how every company works. Bonuses are required to motivate workers.  While working on a company, you have no risks to lose your money and assets. Your knowledge and professional skills are your investments. You won’t lose anything while working for a company. You still have some risks to be fired due to different reasons. A company may become bankrupt or your boss may dislike you. You will have a regular income but you will also have some risks to lose it. Businessmen are afraid of low conversions and workers are afraid of being fired and losing their job.   

There are no doubts that making business is riskier. One of its disadvantages is that you cannot start an enterprise if you have no money. You need to have some funds to start generating income from your business. All enterprises are diverse, and as a result, all of them require different investments. However, if you have no money, you should forget about starting a business. 


Business gives you the opportunity to generate as much profit as you can. Your profit will depend on your business model and strategy. There are loads of different tools that you may use in order to generate more profit. Your success will fully depend on your efforts, and of course, it is necessary not to forget about different life circumstances that may sometimes influence your financial success. Business gives you an opportunity to have infinite income. You won’t have a BOSS. and for that reason. No one will limit your profit and potential earnings. You may become a billionaire if you are able to generate a huge income.  Business is very attractive because it has unlimited opportunities. 

On your regular job, you will receive regular monthly payments. Your salary may be low, average, or high. Your boss will set a salary for you. There is no need to tell you that you won’t become a millionaire on your regular work. Do you know anyone who has become wealthy by working on someone? You may have a good salary if you work for a good company, but your income will be restricted. A company makes huge payouts only if it makes a good profit. If your company is successful, you may have a good salary. It fully depends on the personality of your managers. Ther are some businessmen who pay their workers a pity amount of money. That is true. A company needs to save some money in order to make more profit. Even if a company becomes a transnational corporation, it won’t make you a millionaire if you work for it. Companies have workers because they need them to make money. Let me tell you this in simple words. A company uses their staff to generate profit. Every month you receive a salary from a company because you sell your services.  

Business is very attractive because it gives you an opportunity to make as much money as you can. Your success will fully depend on your efforts, investments, promotions, and other activities. If you really want to become rich, you should start your own business. 

Being preoccupied with a regular job will never make you rich. Nobody is interested in paying you much money. They pay you because they may need your knowledge and skills. If a company does not need you anymore, you will be fired. If you want to become free, independent and wealthy, your should do something more than just working for someone. A regular job is not the best tool to become rich or make much money. 


Making business is very convenient. You are the owner of your business, and consequently, you set your working timeframe and regime. You may work from your home if you have an online business. If your enterprise is physical, you may visit your organization whenever you wish. You can sleep until 12-00 AM and  you can go sleeping as early or late as you want. Making business makes you fully responsible for your working timeframe. 

Being employed limits your choices. Usually, you will have to wake up very early and go working. You will have a short break for a lunch. Usually, it does not last more than an hour. You won’t be able to leave your place before your working day is over. You will become the kind of the robot whose life is fully organized and preprogrammed by someone. Some people think that it is good because it develops your discipline. What is a discipline? Do you really need it? You may need some discipline in order to develop and enhance your business but forget about being disciplined for someone. This is not your task. A government develops a discipline in soldiers and other government functionalities. Those who obey someone needs to be disciplined. Wealthy people are independent and free. The only things they obey and follow are their ambitions, objectives, whims, and desires. Be disciplined and obey your aims. 

Business is definitely more convenient. Your personal business will give you the opportunity to have a lot of free time to preoccupy yourself with other more enjoyable and pleasurable activities. 

As you see, business has more advantages than a regular employment. However, not everyone can start his own business. These enterprises require investments and a person must be ready for different kinds of financial risks. Even though, business still remains to be the best option for those who wants to make money with ease and convenience. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.