Bye Bye Big Brother by Peter Taradash


Bye Bye Big Brother by Peter TaradashI love comparing our modern life with the life of people who lived during ancient times. Our life might seem advantageous and more developed at first glance. But I see a lot of benefits that uncivilized people had over our modern days. I think that we sold our freedom for safety. Now, we think that we are safe and secure, but our governments have total control over our freedom. In other words, we lost our freedom for fake security. I say “fake security” because our governments often misuse their power against us. In this case, we are helpless to stand against state injustice. On the other hand, ancient people were always in danger, but they were free. ‘BBBB (Bye Bye Big Brother) by Peter Taradash is that book that discusses the problems of freedom, security, and justice in our days.

Peter Taradash – AKA Grandpa is a very mysterious person. He is anonymous. You can’t find anything about his biography. Supposedly, he is an ex-US citizen. The author is rich and financially independent. BBBB (Bye Bye Big Brother) discusses, reveals, and explains problems of state injustice. According to the book and personal experience of the author, your citizenship is like a chain that binds you to your country, and this chain lets your government do whatever they want with you. You are lucky if your government is humane and kind. Otherwise, at some point, you will have big problems. The book promotes PT (Perpetual Traveler) lifestyle and cosmopolitanism. Peter Taradash claims that to be free in the modern world, you will need to be financially affluent, have several passports, and be mobile – travel around the world. This book is not widely known among readers. Peter Taradash who is also Grandpa presents a new philosophy, a new way to live in this world without being attached to a specific country and government. 

I read all volumes of BBBB (Bye Bye Big Brother) by Peter Taradash in 2015. I am fully in agreement with everything the author tells and reveals in his wonderful books. Nowadays, governments have limited our rights and usurped our freedom, and we undoubtedly need a new lifestyle to remain free in the 21st century. In the book, Peter Tardash not only mentions modern problems that we have in a civilized society, but he gives practical and efficient tips and recommendations on how to get rid of the state chains and become free. This book addresses a very specific and widely-spread problem. If you were born somewhere, it doesn’t mean that you are obliged to live and die there. At the same time, governments have certain rights over their citizens, and therefore, the only way to get rid of the total state control is to get rid of your citizenship. This book shares a lot of information and insights on second passports, convenient bank accounts around the world, offshore zones, and hot playgrounds around the world.  

Is this book for everyone. Definitely not! If you are a patriot and you are satisfied with everything and everyone in your homeland, then, this book will be of no use for you. If you are not cosmopolitan in your soul, and you are not adaptive to new geographic locations, then, the lifestyle promoted in the book is not for you. This is a book for bold, independent people who won’t bear any restrictions, usurpations, and injustice from any government or organization in the world. This is a book for people who care mostly about themselves, their families, and state problems are not in their priorities. You can call these individuals ‘selfish’, ‘individualistic’, or however you wish, they don’t care about public opinion. The lifestyle promoted in the book is for people who understand that this life is very short, and they must get maximum out of the remaining lifetime.   

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.