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blogging isBlogging is a tremendously popular movement nowadays. Today, blogging is a fashionable trend. Loads of people ask blogging related questions on Quora every day. Most of them request answers for the same questions. This means that there are millions of people who are interested in blogging. According to my data, there are already 290 million blogs on the Internet. Thus, the number of blogs is higher than the amount of online stores and porn sites. One of the reasons why blogging is so widely spread is its availability. Every child can start blogging for absolutely free. There are numerous web services that offer free domain registration and web hosting. Hence, blogging is very affordable. Secondly, you do not need to make any investments in order to start blogging. This online activity does not demand anything. On the other hand, you need to have some helpful knowledge in order to succeed in blogging.

People start personal blogs for a variety of different reasons. All people have different intentions. For some people, blogging is the only way to make money. These individuals launch professional blogs with the intent to monetize them as soon as possible. For others, blogging is a mere hobby. These bloggers post maximum two or three articles every week. For some people, blogging is a great tool to express their thoughts and share them with the world. Today, I am going to tell you what blogging means for me.

To be honest with you, I do not accept blogging too seriously. Apart from my serious offline business, I find some free time to share my knowledge and experience with the world. Every day, I check my web traffic stats. I see that loads of people from different countries of the world visit my blog every day. All of them spend pretty much time reading my articles. In this post, I am not going to provide you with official stats of my blog. However, I can assure you that most of my visitors spend at least 10 minutes during each visit on my blog. If they do so, my tips and recommendations must be very useful for them. Every day, I find new ideas to share with my readers. Apart from watching TV, doing sport, making sex with my girlfriends, making business, and reading books, I have some free time. I do not like solely surfing on the web. Therefore, I spend that time writing a couple of good posts for publishing on my blog. I do not find it difficult or time-consuming. It is very convenient for me.

Thus, I can tell you that blogging is a mere hobby for me. I do not really intend to monetize it. It is not my main objective. Moreover, blogging is definitely the worst way of making money online. It requires a lot of time and efforts. Therefore, to make some money online, I would definitely choose another option. If I consider about my EGO, blogging is the last thing that can satisfy it. Even if I am a worldwide known blogger, this fact would not satisfy me. Being a blogger is something unserious. Even though some of the famous bloggers make tons of money by blogging, I still do not treat it seriously. I cannot say that blogging is something prestigious or elite. No, it is not. What is more, I was not created for blogging. My objectives and ambitions are too high. Blogging is incapable of giving me what I really want. Nevertheless, I will still continue adding some good content on my blog. It is not difficult for me to do it. Right now, my life is truly boring. Therefore, at the moment, I have nothing to publish regarding my personal life events. Further, when some changes happen in my life, I will add more interesting and engaging materials that will definitely captivate minds of my readers.

What I can say is that a personal blog can be a great supplementary tool for your main business. The Internet is a powerful tool that influences millions of people around the globe. A well-known blog with a high authority can surely benefit your reputation and business. For this reason, I think that every serious person should have a personal blog.

Keep visiting my blog. I promise to give you some truly astounding content in the nearest future.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.