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build musclesSome women are afraid of bodybuilding because they do not want to look masculine. These ladies think that lifting some weights will make them muscular. Only knowledgeable women have this assumption. There is also a group of women who are unsatisfied by their muscle mass. These girls want to build big muscles. Thus, we can say that women are different. Some want to remain tender and weak. Others love masculinity. Nonetheless, the number of women who belong to the first group is always prevalent. Let us see how effectively can women build muscles.

There is one girl in the gym where I train. Before coming to the gym, she was taking some Chinese rug in order to lose some weight. I am sure she had a great figure. However, she was unsatisfied with her body. She still wanted to lose some weight. Finally, with these Chinese drugs, she lost 15 kilograms. I strongly doubt she had 15 kilograms of muscles to lose. Therefore, I will say that she lost a lot of fat, and of course, 70-80% of her muscle mass. This girl has absolutely no knowledge of human anatomy, biology, endocrinology, dieting, and nutrition. She came to the gym in order to build some muscles. Her legs and butt were too thin. Hence, she wanted to pack them with some muscles in order to enlarge them. After training for two months, she lost additional weight. She became thinner. Of course, she was dissatisfied with the result. Also, she has not packed any muscles during these two months. Finally, she gave up visiting the gym.


Muscles do not grow because of training. They grow because of anabolic hormones. If there are no anabolic hormones in your blood, no matter how you train and eat, you will never grow any muscles. As we know, testosterone is the main anabolic hormone for muscle building. Without testosterone, you will never pack any muscles. Even if your nutrition and training are ideal, you will have no muscles if you lack testosterone in your body. Of course, there are growth hormone and insulin that are also anabolic. However, let us agree that testosterone is the main muscle building hormone. Without it, training will be a mere waste of time.

As we know, women have approximately 7 times less testosterone than men. An average man produces 6-7 mg of testosterone every day. Thus, a man produces 42-49 mg of testosterone a week. Accordingly, an average woman produces 1 mg of testosterone a day. In a week, it will equal to 7 mg of testosterone.

Teenagers have the biggest amount of testosterone. According to a recent study, an average teenager produces 300 mg of testosterone a week. This amount equals to an average dosage of exogenous testosterone injected during a bulking cycle. This is why teenagers are extremely good at packing muscles very quickly. When a man is older than 25, testosterone levels start decreasing. After 30, a man's testosterone level has a 1% drop every year. Thus, as long as you age, your testosterone drops down. Therefore, even young men struggle to build some muscles.

There are a lot of young men in my gym. They train from day to day, regularly increase working weights, take proteins and mass gainers, and finally, they cannot build any muscles. They have no results. Thus, we can conclude that even 7 milligrams of testosterone a day is not sufficient to build muscles. So what should we say about a woman whose body produces 1 mg of testosterone every day? Will she be able to build any muscles? No. She will never build any muscles. This is why I say it is almost impossible for women to build muscles. Why do I say 'almost'? I use this word because women can build muscles with the help of anabolic steroids.

WOMEN AND ANABOLIC STEROIDS steroids are widely used in amateur and professional sports. Anabolic steroids are the most commonly used in bodybuilding. The majority of big guys you see in your gym have tried steroids at least once. Nobody will confess to it since anabolic steroids are illegal in several countries of the world.

Women can build muscles with the help of anabolic steroids. As you know, there are oral and injectable steroids. There are some differences among them. We cannot say that oral steroids are weaker than injectables. Also, the safety of anabolic steroids does not depend on their form of consumption. If you see a woman with muscles, you can be 100% sure that she used anabolic steroids to pack that muscle mass. There is no another way for a woman to build muscles. Only anabolic steroids are able to make a woman muscular.

I think after reading this blog post, women will become more knowledgeable about their muscle building abilities. Girls, if you afraid to become muscular by lifting weights in your gym, your fear is unreasonable. You will never build any muscles without the use of anabolic steroids. Girls, if you want to build some impressive muscles, don't waste your time training without anabolic steroids. Although I do not encourage anyone to use anabolic steroids, it is absolutely impossible for women to build muscles without using them. 

Written by Bahtiyar
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