Women who have little breasts usually feel uncomfortable. They are not confident in their beauty and have doubts about whether they are attractive to men or not. It is clear that in the world where a big breast is propagandized and advertised, every woman who has a little breast will be frustrated with the size. Famous women with large breasts are adored, loved, and welcomed in the entertainment, cinema, music, and any other business industries. A large women’s breast has become a standard of beauty and sexuality. There are lots of women celebrities who have become famous just because of the large size of their breasts. Some of the names are Pamella Anderson, Christina Hendricks, Kim Kardashian, Sofia Vergara, Katy Perry, Courtney Stodden, and others. These women have their own talents which let them succeed in their professional fields, but you will spot that the mass media is emphasizing attention on huge sizes of their breasts. 

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If you are reading this article, you may be one of these women who has a small breast and you are disappointed and unsatisfied with your size. So let me tell you something that may encourage you. No one has a right to say that something is beautiful and something is ugly. Beautiful is something that you suppose and think to be beautiful and ugly is something that looks ugly to you. Every person has personal interests and preferences. Something that may be ugly for me is beautiful for you. Jessica may think that Joseph is a very sexy and attractive man, but Ashley thinks that Joseph is the ugliest man in the world. Do you like beardy men? You may dislike them. It has been ten years since I have not shaved my beard and I am not planning to shave it. This is my style. I enjoy it and I don’t care what someone thinks about my beard. So do you like beardy men? I suppose that you don’t. The majority of women do not like beards and some of them are even afraid of beardy men. At the same time, there is a type of woman who is a fan of beardy men. Such women hate men who have no beards. Do you like Brad Pitt? You may like or dislike him, but I don’t think him to be so sexy and attractive as television convinces us. There are thousands of men who are sexier and more attractive than Pitt, Beckham, or George Clooney. The main problem is that these men are not famous and nobody advertises and promotes their names. So when all television networks, social networks, Hollywood, and all the Internet space praise and adores women with big breasts, an average girl with small breasts may feel herself not enough beautiful.

I have a lot of friends who do not like women with large breasts. These men really dislike women with a huge size. They prefer women with an average size. I have a friend who prefers very thin girls whose breasts cannot even be classified as small. These kinds of girls do not have breasts at all. For me, a woman with a tiny breast is very attractive and sexy. I really like women with miniature breasts and they look very seductive. It is a kind of a fetish for me. I may go too far if I start describing my sexual fantasies in this post. As a passionate man, I can tell that nothing can be compared with the pleasure of kissing small, tender breasts. I can assure you that women with small breasts look more tender and weak than women with huge breasts. This factor makes small-breasted women more attractive to men. Every man wants to be a protector, defender of a woman and nothing can be better if a woman seems to be very subtle and tender. From the sexual point of view girls with small breasts are very foxy. Women with small breasts are very seductive. There is a specific category in the porn industry called “small tits.” Visit a couple of porn sites and see how small-breasted women are popular amongst men.

Be confident in your beauty and sexuality. Remember that no one can be attractive to everyone. There is no strict standard that identifies something as beautiful or ugly!

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.