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somatic narcissistsNarcissism is a very popular topic nowadays. Quora's narcissists-related questions and answers are always trending. Sometimes, self-confident people are confused with narcissists. You can think of yourself as of a narcissist, however, you might be just a self-confident person. Narcissism is a very complicated term. Selfishness and self-obsession are not the only indicators of narcissists. Only a professional psychologist can properly understand and explain what NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) is.

Recently, I have found out that there are two main types of narcissists. There are somatic and cerebral narcissists. In this blog post, I will try to explain these two categories of narcissists. As always, I will try to explain in the easiest and the simplest way possible.


narcissistic girlA somatic narcissist is a person who is mainly obsessed with soma (from ancient Greek, soma means body. Thus, somatic narcissists are madly in love with their bodies. In other words, we can say that somatic narcissists use their bodies and appearance in their narcissistic goals.

It will be wrong to say that somatic narcissists use their bodies in order to compensate their low self-estimation. As known, not all narcissists have low self-estimation. There are narcissists whose self-estimation is superbly high. These groups of narcissists feel absolutely differently.

Somatic narcissists use their good-looks to achieve and satisfy their narcissistic goals. These people regularly visit gyms. follow strict diets, look at a mirror dozens of times a day, love doing selfies, and etc. Mainly, somatic narcissists emphasize their efforts on their physical appearance. This is not to say that somatic narcissists are intellectually underdeveloped. Some of them are intellectually high. Others have nothing but their good-looks to be proud of.

You can find somatic narcissists among models, fitness enthusiasts, Instagram celebrities, singers, musicians, actors, YouTubers, sportsmen, and many other professionals. Somatic narcissists mostly rely on their appearance, beauty, style, elegance, glamorous looks, and etc.

Women make the major share of somatic narcissists. It is true that women are more emotional than men. At the same time, there are definitely fewer scholars and science among women. This is due to lack of their analytical and logical skills. Also, women are commonly more attractive than men. These are the reasons why women tend to be somatic narcissists. It is almost impossible for a woman to establish herself as a celebrity in intellectual fields.


cerebral narcissistsA cerebral narcissist fully relies upon his Cerebro ( from Spanish and Portugues 'Cerebro' – brain). This type of narcissists puts intelligence and knowledge in the first place. Cerebral narcissists treat somatic narcissists as fools. In fact, somatic narcissists are mostly empty people. They remind me of Barbie dolls – they are beautiful, however, they are stupid.

I cannot say that cerebral narcissists do not pay attention to their looks. Nonetheless, I can say for sure these narcissists are not madly obsessed with their looks as somatic narcissists. A cerebral narcissist realizes that body is a material thing that will fade with time. On the opposite side, our knowledge, soul, and life experience are eternal. Cerebral narcissists acknowledge this fact, and therefore, they pay foremost attention to their intellectual state.

When I see an ugly female psychologist, I think that she chose that intellectual job because she could never find herself in a profession that requires a good-looking appearance, charisma, and charm. In fact, most of the women-psychologists are not good-looking. On the other hand, I don't want to overgeneralize all cerebral narcissists. Some of them are very good-looking. A beautiful cerebral narcissist acknowledges that a good-look is something not worthy of being proud of. This is why he dedicates his work to master his intellectual skills.


narcissismThere are narcissists who are both cerebral and somatic. These people are obsessed with both their appearance and intellectual capabilities. If you see a gorgeous person who is highly intelligent and educated, you can suspect him of being an all-in-one narcissist. This type of narcissists appreciates both physical appearance, knowledge, intelligence, and education.

There is a very tiny difference between a self-confident person and a narcissist. Therefore, it is wrong to call yourself a narcissist only if you love yourself. Narcissism is a more complex term. It requires a more thorough definition than just self-obsession. For this reason, I am not sure whether I am a narcissist or simply a self-confident person. If I am a narcissist, then, I belong to the group of All-in-One narcissists since I am equally proud of my intellectual and physical accomplishments.

Written by Bahtiyar
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