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blogging nicheBlogging has a lot of attractive sides. While blogging, you express your thoughts, ideas, and worldview with the entire world. Blogging develops you as a professional in your industry. What is more, today, blogging has become one of the best ways to make money online. One of the advantages of blogging as a business is that it does not require any financial investments. To start blogging, you do not need to have a capital. The only thing you invest in blogging is your knowledge, experience, talents, skills, and creativity. Thus, blogging is affordable for everyone. 

Before buying a domain name, web hosting, and building a website, you have to do the most important thing. You need to choose your blogging niche. Blogging niche is the main theme of your blog. Nobody told that a blog must have a single topic. Your blog can cover different topics. Look at my blog. Mainly, I write about online business, travel, personal development, sex, psychology, philosophy, SEO, affiliate marketing, and many other things. Hence, my blog covers loads of different themes and topics. I did not choose a single to write about. I am a universal person with a huge variety of different interests. Therefore, I have too many things to tell my readers. This is the reason why I decided to write about dissimilar things. Nevertheless, you can find a lot of blogs on the internet that are strictly dedicated to a single topic. These blogs cover a single theme. This style of blogging has own advantages and benefits.

Choosing your blogging niche is the main stage of your whole blogging project. This step must come before you buy a domain name, choose a web design for your future blog, and many other things. To choose the right blogging niche, you will have to consider many factors and aspects. Today, I will simplify this task by giving you some effective tips and recommendations on how to choose the best blogging niche for your future blog.


I never tire of repeating that it is necessary to write about the things that are interesting for you. For example, I do not write about technologies, medicine, politics, flowers, and many other things, because they are not interesting for me. I am not interested in politics, and therefore, I do not write about it. You can never succeed by writing about the things that do not bother you. What is more, it is crucial for you to write about your passion in order to succeed. To perform well in blogging, you should write on a regular basis. As you understand, it is absolutely impossible to write about disinteresting things for a long period of time. Blogging must be a pleasurable activity for you. Otherwise, you will not last long in this industry. All successful bloggers write about their passions.

Before choosing your blogging niche, think about the things that are interesting for you. To be honest, it is possible to succeed in every blogging sphere. You can become a millionaire blogger even if your blog is dedicated to flower, furniture, and jewelry. You do not necessarily need to write about online business and travel in order to monetize your blog. Your blog may consist of several blogging niches. If you have several interests and hobbies you are capable of writing about, you may start writing about them. Do not restrict yourself by sticking to a single blogging niche if you have much more things to write about. Do the same thing I did on my blog. I manage to successfully write about travel, online business, seduction, SEO, and many other things. Do the same thing if you can. Remember that you should write about passion in order to succeed in blogging.


Look at your experience, education, and knowledge. It is impossible to write about the thing you know nothing about. Can you write about space, stars, and planets, if you have knowledge in these niches? I am sure you won’t be able to fulfill it. As you see, I write about online business. Before I started writing about it, I had several years of active experience in diverse types of online businesses. If I had no experience in online business, I would not decide writing about it. If you have no knowledge to share with your readers, you won’t be able to continue writing for a long time. You still may write a couple of good articles. Nevertheless, after a few months, your knowledge will be fully exhausted. You will have nothing to write about. In this situation, new bloggers give up blogging. More knowledge and experience you have – more successful will be your blogging activity. As you already know, to succeed in blogging, you will need to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. Of course, to do that, you should have a good knowledge and experience in your blogging niche. If you look at the best travel blogger, you will find out that he has the largest experience in traveling. We see the same thing while looking at other blogging spheres. You can easily monetize your knowledge by blogging about the thing you are good at.

Sometimes, people start blogging, and then, they recognize that they have no enough knowledge to teach people. This is one of the frequent problems new bloggers encounter in the beginning of their blogging career. To choose the right blogging niche, you need to select among the things you are qualified at.


There are near to 300 million of blogs on the Internet. Most of them duplicate each other. Too many blogs write about online business, affiliate marketing, and SEO. The number of travel blogs is tremendously high. Readers are tired of the same information, recommendations, and hacks. People are looking for something unusual. You will never impress someone by giving good online business tips. The Internet is full of these recommendations. Do you want to write about your vacations in the Philippines? Thousands of travel bloggers have told everything about the Philippines several years before you. Are you thinking to write about SEO? There are loads of SEO blogs you won’t be able to compete with.

To choose the right blogging niche, you should select from rare and unique topics. Whilst there are millions of blogs dedicated to online business, there are still thousands of blogging niches that are not covered yet. Look at them. Maybe you will find something appropriate for yourself.


I write some articles dedicated to SEO. However, I do not even hope to compete with famous SEO blogs. I am not an SEO specialist, and therefore, I am sure that I won’t succeed in this industry. I know something about backlinks, ranking algorithms and factors, interlinking, on-page SEO, and many other SEO related topics. Even though, I do not consider my SEO knowledge to be sufficient in order to get a leading position in this blogging niche. The articles related to SEO merely add some diversity to my blog. If I chose SEO as the main niche of my blog, I would fail very soon. The competition in this blogging niche is extremely high.

While choosing your blogging niche, look at the competition. If you have enough knowledge, experience, and skills to compete with the main players in your potential blogging niche, you can start covering that niche. Otherwise, if you are not confident in yourself, I would like suggesting not to jump higher than you can.


Blogging has become a good way to make money online. If your blog becomes popular, you can make money in several ways. Placing CPM, CPA, and CPC ads are some of the monetization opportunities. And of course, we should not forget about affiliate marketing. If you look at income reports of famous bloggers, you will find out that the most part of their profit comes from affiliate marketing. To successfully sell affiliate products, your blogging niche must suit to the services and items you are going to sell through your blog. For example, online educational courses won’t be effectively sold on the blogs strictly dedicated to nightlife. At the same time, sex toys, condoms, and other intimate products won’t give any conversions on the blogs that are mainly dedicated to religion. That is why affiliate marketing is not equally effective on different blogging niches.

Before choosing your blogging niche, think about the things you will be able to sell on your blog. If your main purpose is to make money by blogging, you should choose a blogging niche that will be potentially very profitable.

Choosing a blogging niche for your future blogging project is a very important step. By choosing the right blogging niche, you predetermine your success in the blogging industry. Take into the consideration all the above-mentioned recommendations, and make the most suitable decision.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.