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in EgyptSex in Egypt is a very popular topic on the Internet. People discuss it on Quora and other resources. Have you ever wondered why so many people are interested in Egyptian sex? Let me explain you some of the reasons:


 I have lived in Egypt for enough long period of time, and therefore, I know this region very well. This country is less conservative than some of the Arab countries. Of course, Lebanon and Morocco are more liberal than Egypt. However, Egypt is less strict than the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrein, and Oman. People in Egypt, mostly, do not wear national Arab clothes. Women in  this country usually dress in jeans, t-shirts, and other western attributes.

Egypt seems to be very liberal for travelers around the world and this is the main reason why SEX IN EGYPT is so popular in the cyberspace.


That is correct. For a boy who lives in Egypt from his childhood, an Egyptian woman is not a mystery. However, for a foreigner and travelers, Egyptian girls seem to be very attractive and gorgeous. They are mysterious because most of the western men have never even had a short conversation with some of them. Girls in Egypt are very shy, and therefore, it is very difficult to build a contact with them.


Too many boys from the USA and the EU are eager of having sex with an Arab girl. They do not pay much attention to her nationality. The most important factor is that she is an Arab girl. We are not interested in the things that surround us everywhere. People tend to seek for something exotic.

Arabian women seem to be very exotic for men around the globe.  

These are three main reasons why so many men around the world are interested in having sex with Egyptian girls. 

In the beginning of my narration, let me clarify for you that Egypt is very conservative and religious country. Thus, seduction in Egypt won’t be an easy task. Men in this country are very impulsive and emotional. You will recognize their angry eyes when you talk to the local girls. For Egyptian men, a woman is a holy person, and for that reason, they tend to think that western guys may spoil and pollute local girls. There is a multitude of other factors that complicate seduction in Egypt.  

Let me give you some exact tips on how to seduce girls in Egypt.


The art of seduction requires perfect patience. When I am talking about seduction in Egypt, I do not mean prostitutes. As you know, prostitution in Egypt is enough to spread. Those places where you can find some street girls are very well known. You don’t need to have anything except money in order to use services of prostitutes in Egypt. When I say “seduction”, I mean the long and patient process that will let you fully captivate a woman’s heart and body. 

Arabian Republic Egypt is a very religious place. Fornication is officially forbidden in this country. I have heard lots of stories from local men that some young women and men were imprisoned for committing an adultery in Egypt. Thus, you should understand that seduction in Egypt may be even dangerous to some extent. 

Secondly, you should remember that women in Egypt are very religious. Islam forbids them from any interaction with men before the marriage. Consequently, it will take you some time to persuade an Egyptian honey to make sex with you. 

Be patient and I hope that you will succeed.


Both Muslim, Christian girls, and Jewesses are Arab women, and consequently, it does not matter much with whom of them you will make sex. Muslims girls are very religious. All of them come from very strict and conservative families. Most of them pray five times a day. I have encountered many women in Egypt who knew the whole Holly Koran by heart. These girls do not merely call themselves “Muslims.” They know their religion very well, and accordingly, they afraid of making adultery very much. It will be a great shame for a Muslim Egyptian girl to lose her virginity before the marriage. Surgeries that recover virginity are not spread in Egypt. Making sex with young Muslim girls in Egypt is almost impossible. You may look for some mature women who are divorced. I know that you are interested in young girls, and therefore, I do not suggest you to waste your time trying to seduce a Muslim girl in Egypt. 

Christian girls and Jewesses are less religious and more open-minded than Muslim women. If you are a western man, you have great chances to build a good relationship with some of them in Egypt. It is very easy to seduce Christian women and Jewesses in Egypt. You will merely need to apply the common seduction methods that are used everywhere around the globe. It is more probable that you won’t be able to encounter a Jewess in Egypt because they are very rare in this region. The amount of Christians is bigger than the number of Jews in Egypt. 


It is very easy and you won’t need to make any efforts in order to identify a non-Muslim girl in Egypt. Every Muslim girl in Egypt wears a hijab and you will be convinced in this fact when you visit this wonderful country. I have never seen a Muslim woman without a hijab. There are some Muslim girls in Egypt, who fully close their faces like women in Saudi Arabia. However, the number of hijabi women in Egypt is greater. 

If you see a girl whose head is not covered by a hijab, you can be 100% sure that she is a Christian or a Jewess. Usually, these women are dressed in a western style. Jeans, skirts, and high heels are their usual accessories. 

Make a contact with one of them. It will be very easy for you to do it because these girls admire a western culture. You will definitely see that your communication will go very smoothly.


I do not suggest you start conversations with Egyptian women on the streets of Cairo. The society is very strict, and for that reason, girls won’t accept your communication. Trying to get to know someone in restaurants, cafes, and nightclubs may be a better idea.

Egyptians are very active users of Facebook and other social networks. Do not try to chat with girls on Facebook because it is a very bad idea. It won’t give you any results. Sign up to Badoo, change your location to Egypt and specify your city. This service will let you find thousands of gorgeous Egyptian women.  


I would like to suggest you to rent a flat because it is cheaper than staying at a hotel, but this is not the main reason why I tell you to get a flat in Egypt. Even if you have tens of Egyptian women who are ready for sex, you won’t be able to invite them to your hotel, unless you are staying at Hilton, Sheraton, or other luxurious hotels. If you are a rich traveler, you may stay at some of these hotels and continue you sexual hunting, because prostitutes and other women are very well welcomed in these places. The staff of an average hotel won’t let you in your hotel room with the girl who is not your wife. Usually, they demand certificates that prove your marital status. 

Secondly, seduction in Egypt is very time-consuming and you will need at least one month to seduce a couple of local girls. If you want to continue your further sexual hunting, staying at a hotel may be too expensive for you. 

It is very easy and cheap to rent a good flat in Egypt. When you have a flat in this country, you will be able to invite anyone you wish, and nobody will require or demand something from you. Just pay attention that your neighbors do not recognize the women who visit you in your flat.Otherwise, you may have serious problems.  

Condoms, lubricants, and other sexy attributes are sold in pharmacies. You won’t encounter any problems while buying yourself a condom or VIAGRA. No one will ask you for a certificate on this occasion.

I wish you a good luck! 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.