Coronavirus and Illuminati


Coronavirus and IlluminatiYou have already heard loads of theories and ideas regarding Covid-19, its origins, causes, and outcomes. At the same time, there is still too much information to be revealed. Usually, news TV channels and politicians don't talk about them. In this series related to Lumen 2030 project, I will tell you a lot of new things that will make you look differently at the world. 

What is Lumen 2030 project? This project started 5 years before the petrodollar system was established. In 1945, the USA and Saudi Arabia (the biggest exporter of oil in the world) made a petrodollar agreement. The main goal of the petrodollar system was that Saudi Arabia was obliged to sell its oil only for dollars. Thus, any government in the world that bought oil from Saudi Arabia government had to exchange its national currency for dollars. Otherwise, it would be impossible to buy oil from KSA. 

Thus, the Illuminati established the power of the currency they were independently printing in their private office. Till nowadays, United States Dollar is the strongest currency in the world. USD is the most powerful weapon Illuminati possesses to subdue any government in the world. What is more, the majority of foreign governments' leaders can be bribed by the power of the dollar. The dollar is something most of us worship. 

The establishment of the petrodollar system was one of the first steps the Illuminati made to gain its international power. Today, Illuminati are at the peak of their power. Most governments of the world are infinitely indebted to the Federal Reserve that prints US dollars and gives it as a credit to the US government. The amount of debt is thousands of times bigger than the money existing in circulation. Therefore, this debt slavery is infinite.  


In 1940, there was a great meeting of Illuminati leaders in Bavaria. Some of the most prominent families present at the meeting were Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Oppenheimer, Astor, Bundy, Collins, Todd, and others. There were close to 600 representatives of immensely wealthy aristocratic families who are till nowadays rule the world. They developed a systematic plan by the name 'Lumen 2030'. 

'Illuminati' means 'enlightened ones', and 'lumen' means light. The meaning of 'Lumen  2030' is that 'the enlightened people will bring complete light to the world by 2030.' The systematic plan Lumen 2030 included all the steps and strategies that the elite families had to carry out to achieve absolute global hegemony. This is not a type of 'boss and employee' domination, but it is a 'master and slave' kind of administration.


Coronavirus and Lumen 2030The creation of Covid-19 plays a crucial role in the Lumen 2030 project. The coronavirus itself has several stages. The first stage is a global pandemia that will spread in all corners of the world. The second stage is a global enforced vaccination which is the most important stage in the Covid-19 project. The vaccines used against Covid-19 will modify the genes and brain functionality of people. Vaccinated people will become zombies and obedient slaves. In later blog posts, I will tell you about secret ingredients of vaccines that will be used for forced vaccinations. 

There are 7.6 billion people in the world, and there are only approximately 500-600 families who plan to rule the majority of the world's population. Let's imagine that each of these 600 families consists of 100 people. It means 60 000 aristocrats plan to enslave 7.6 billion people. The ratio is crazy. The Illuminati are highly intelligent people, and therefore, they rule the world while we are still asleep. They can't start vaccinating everyone without any reasons and prefaces. These people act very strategically, slowly, and intelligently. The spread of Covid-19 is a preface and the main cause the Illuminati will use to interfere human genome and brain functionality. 


As per the Lumen 2030 agenda, the Illuminati will completely enslave the rest of the world by 2030. Those who can serve them will be left to live as slaves, and the rest of the world will be exterminated. Read about it in detail, in my next posts. We are nearing the end of our freedom. The first stage of the Coronavirus project is already passing. The next stage is enforced mandatory vaccination which few of us will be able to avoid. 

In my next blog posts, I will tell you more about the Lumen 2030 project, enforced vaccinations, and how you can stand against the all-powerful elite minority. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.