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content for sex blogNow, when you have set up your sex blog, you will find that it is absolutely empty. In the beginning, all blogs look absolutely unattractive. Beginning blogs have no blog posts, images, and videos. Thus, there is nothing on a new blog to beautify and embellish it. You will find out that generating new content for your sex blog is the most sophisticated stage in sex blogging. Since there are thousands of different sex blogs on the Internet, your sex blog will need to produce something truly unique in order to captivate readers and build a recognizable brand. Usually, it takes several months to fill a blog with high-quality content. If you are super productive like me, it might take you a single month to produce a big volume of high-quality content. I wrote 250 amazing blog posts in a single month in order not to start my blog from an empty page. It took me 30 days and nearly 10 hours every day in order to write such a big amount of articles. You can do the same thing if you can. To do it, you will need to have a lot of free time, inspiration, creativity, and a very strong motivation.

A sex blog requires a lot of sexy content. Generating content for different types of blogs demands diverse methods and approaches. Since content differs from one blogging niche to another, you will need to implement everything that will be effective in your blogging niche. I have some good ideas on how to produce high-quality content for your sex blog. As you see, I have a lot of astounding blog posts on my blog dedicated to sex. All of them are different, but at the same time, all of these articles are related to sex.


If you plan to launch a sex blog, it will be probable that you have a lot of sexual experience. First of all, it is likely that you are not a virgin. Secondly, it is predictable that you are highly interested in sex. If so, it is foreseeable that you have an active sex life. All of us have a lot of sex stories happened in our life. For example, I have written a b log post telling my readers about my sex adventures with a nurse. Also, I have published a lot of posts telling about my teenage sex experiments. You can start filling your sex blog with your personal sex stories.

Remind yourself of something sexy happened in your life. Beautify your story with some splendid words and sexual concepts. Make your narration sexy and passionate. Insert some sexually provocative photos in your post. Publish your writing, and then, share it on the Web.


Even though dating is not sex, dating can be classified as the beginning stage of sex. Every sexual relationship begins from dating. Actually, people dated for marriage or for sex. This is why dating has a direct relation to sex. Men are interested in dating tips since being professional in dating will let them succeed with girls. Consequently, this will give them a lot of sexual opportunities. Being a professional seducer lets you get laid whenever and wherever you want. This is why dating tips are very important.

If you are a sex blogger, I bet you will have a lot of sex experience. Whether you are a man or a woman, you will have a lot of helpful to recommend your readers. You are already aware of the common mistakes people make while dating. Also, it is likely that you have some experience in international dating. You can transform your experience into words. If you have absolutely no experience, there will be another option for you. Read different blogs dedicated to dating tips. Read those blog posts, and then, write them in your words. You should never copy someone’s content. It is illegal and immoral. All of us read in order to write. At the same time, we should publish absolutely unique content.


Reviewing products related to sex is another way to get new content for your sex blog. People are interested in sex toys. Sex toys make sex more interesting and unusual. Therefore, you will find thousands of people reading your reviews about different dildos, condoms, vibrators, strapons, BDSM packages, and others. Also, reviewing sex products on your blog will let you make some income through affiliate sales.


On your sex blog, you can start reviewing brothels, saunas, escort services, or some individual prostitutes. Sometimes, if you have an opportunity, you can test all the above mentioned yourself. Otherwise, you can read other sex blogs, and then, convert their reviews in your unique words.


You can start reviewing escort services in your city. You will find out that most of them will offer their services for absolutely free if you write a good review praising their company. Further, when your sex blog starts generating some financial income, you will be able to review brothels and escort services in different countries of the world. Thus, you will always have some ideas in generating new content for your sex blog.


Sex blogs readers are highly interested in sex. Some of them read sex blogs in order to learn something new. Others simply entertain themselves while reading sex blogs. Usually, you will find that the majority of women are interested in mastering their oral job skills. Men also want to perform better in cunnilingus. Also, there are millions of people who adore anal sex. If you have some experience in sex, you can share your sex tips with your readers. For example, write about how to make anal sex more enjoyable, safe, and comfortable. You can write a blog post describing the best sex positions for female orgasm. Use your imagination, and you will find thousands of new ideas for your sex blog.


sex in different countriesAlthough travel is not going to be your sex blog’s niche, sex in different countries of the world has some relation to sex blogging. Even if you are not an avid sex traveler, on different blogs, you will be able to find a lot of information regarding global sex. People are interested in foreign people. Women dream of having sex with strangers. Men desire exotic women. Foreigners always seem to be better for us than local people. This is why ‘sex in different countries of the world’ is a tremendously popular topic.

These are some of the best ideas on how to generate high-quality content for your sex blog. Implementing some of them will be more comfortable and convenient for you. On the other hand, you will find that other methods are hardly applicable. When your sex blog is filled with some good content, you will see growing web traffic on your blog. This is the right time to start monetizing your sex blog. In the next blog post, you will see the most effective tips on how to monetize a sex blog.

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