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cuban girlsCuban girls are internationally adored and desired. Even though Cuba is considered to be a poor country, Cuban women are very well-known far away from its borders. For tourists, poverty in Cuba is exotic. Of course, the majority of Cuban people might be tired of their country and government. However, you will see that international travelers recognize everything beautiful in poor Cuban landscapes. I will not make a great discovery if I say that most of the male tourists travel to Cuba for sex. Cuban girls are said to be the hottest and the most passionate women in the world. Comparing to the women from South America, Cuban women are curvier and more voluptuous. Though Cuba does not produce any porn, Cuban girls are always associated with something sexy and lusty. Sex in Cuba has been the most discussable topics on the Web and outside of it.

In this blog post, I will not tell you that long story regarding the history of Cuba. All of us know that Cuba is one of the most isolated countries in the world. If we count North Korea as the most radical and inaccessible country of the world, Cuba will be the second one. Cuba is not as aggressive and potentially aggressive as North Korea. Anyway, there are some similarities between these two countries. Both of them are communistic, and both of them are isolated to some extent. For American citizens, accessing Cuba might be a little bit problematic. If you are not from the USA, you won’t have any problems in getting Cuban visa.

sex in cubaAs I have previously mentioned, mostly, Cuba is attractive because of sexy Cuban women. Almost every playboy wants to visit Cuba and make sex with passionate Cuban women. Even if this country is poor and dangerous to some degree, millions of sex tourists visit this picturesque island every year. Cuba is an ideal place for a budget sex travel. I cannot say that sex in Cuba is widely spread and open. No, it is not. Of course, local Cuban men enjoy their beloved Cuban girls. For tourists, it is necessary to be packed with some essential information on how to get laid in Cuba. Before I start giving you some of the most effective tips on how to organize amazing sex in Cuba, let us get to know Cuban women better.


Cuban women are exceptionally beautiful. Among all Latin women of all Latin nations, you will never find anyone more gorgeous than Cuban. Cuban girls are always featured in video clips of different music stars. Their indescribably impressible appearance makes them commonly adored and desired. Cuban girls are a mix of Spanish, African, and European origins. This amazing mix of different types of blood makes Cuban girls so hot and passionate. You will always see that Cuban girls are very well-packed with voluptuous butts and breasts. Their lips are juicy. When Cuban girls walk, everything in their body will call you to a hot sexual intercourse. Finally, if you are a fan of curvy women, Cuban women will be definitely what you were looking for. You will never forget your Cuban sex with some of the hottest Caribbean angles.


As all Latin women, Cuban girls are very open-minded and friendly. They love foreigners. Although Cuban girls are Christians, you will find them to be not too religious and dogmatic. Some of them might be visiting churches. However, fear of fornication will never stop them from being hot and sexy. Therefore, sex in Cuba is always unforgettable. Cuban girls have no misconceptions and prejudices in their mind. This is why you will always find them to be open for new acquaintances. As you know, Latin women are always emotionally warm and caring. You will find that Cuban girls are the most sensuous of them.


Education in Cuba is at a very high level. Although the country is considered to be very poor and undeveloped, Cuba manages to provide its citizens with high-quality free healthcare and education. Nowadays, the level of illiteracy in Cuba is less than 2%. It is a great progress. Cuban government spends most of its budget on education and healthcare. You will be amazed to hear that Cuban women comprise 68% of all professionals and technicians in Cuba. Cuban women are careerists. Even though the country has no professional and career opportunities, Cuban girls strive to do everything in order to get the best education and job.

All the above-mentioned facts mean that you will never be bored with Cuban girls. These women are intellectually developed and erudite. You will always find some captivating topics to discuss with some of your Cuban girlfriends.


You will find out that the majority of Cuban girls are ready for sex with a tourist. The country is poor. The level of unemployment in Cuba is very high. Therefore, it is very likely that sex with Cuban girls won’t be absolutely free. Be aware that there are several types of Cuban girls in Cuba. I would like to divide all Cuban girls into three categories.


These are young Cuban girls. Some of them are indescribably beautiful and gorgeous. Others might have an average appearance. Usually, young Cuban girls attend universities, different dance, and music courses. Music in Cuba is extremely popular. Therefore, be ready to demonstrate your professional dancing and singing skills.

It is very easy to understand what young Cuban girls feel. They are disappointed to be born in one of the poorest countries of the world. They have heard a lot of words about that good and rich life American and European people have. Usually, Cuban youth are not satisfied by living in Cuba. They would like to abandon that country as soon as possible. Consequently, you will find that young Cuban girls are very open to Western tourists. They will like to practice their English with you. Young Cuban women are very curious about the world.

It won’t be difficult to make sex with some of these young Cuban girls. While dating young Cuban girls, you will need to implement usual seduction skills. Give more compliments, impress them with your wide international worldview, invite her to a café, and you can use your imagination further. Spend some days with her on a Cuban beach. After a few days, she will be yours.


While looking for sex in Cuba, you will meet a lot of mature divorced Cuban women. Usually, these women have some children. They do not look for some new sex adventures ad experiments. They want to feed their children. Thus, one of the reasons why such Cuban woman might make sex with you is because she urgently needs some money. If you like these options, you can use it. You will enjoy her, and moreover, you will financially help her and her little children.


Although prostitution in Cuba is officially forbidden, you will meet thousands of prostitutes in Cuba. Yes, their activity is illegal. The government knows about it. At the same time, Cuban officials understand that Cuban tourism will not survive without Cuban prostitution. You will see the same thing happening in Dubai. UAE is considered to be a Muslim country where prostitution is strictly forbidden. At the same time, you will find thousands of prostitutes from all over the world in Dubai. Both UAE and Cuban governments understand that any tourism cannot exist without prostitution, and therefore, prostitution blossoms in both regions.

Finding a Cuban prostitute in Cuba won’t be difficult. In the evenings, you will find that the biggest streets, bars, discos, and other entertaining places are crowded with Cuban prostitutes. At first, you may not understand that these Cuban girls are prostitutes are prostitutes. Usually, Cuban prostitutes look like similar Cuban women. They do not dress too sexy. Their manners are not sexually provocative.

Having sex in Cuba does not resemble making sex in other places of the world. First, Cuban girls are too sexy to award you with boring sex. Secondly, you will find a lot of unusual and unique places to spend some hot nights with some of the hottest Cuban girls.

Written by Bahtiyar
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