dark mysteries of the vatican by


dark mysteries of the vatican by paul jeffers

Why is that the Vatican so greatly popular? Writers write books about the Vatican, film directors make films about the Vatican such as ‘Angels and Demons’, and many others. Discretion is the main factor making the Vatican so popular and mysterious. Even the CIA does not have access to the Vatican. Nobody monitors the financial operations of the Vatican. Money-laundering in banks of the Vatican became common nowadays. What is more, the Vatican has huge archives of secret materials such as unpublished encyclicals, documents, and mail. The Vatican is a city inside Rome. Rome is a city itself. Thus, the Vatican is a conclave. In most cases, government officials and leaders have access to any religious institutions and buildings. This is not the case in the Vatican. Even Italia’s president and agents of Italian special services cannot access the Vatican. Total discretion is what the Vatican is nowadays.

In the ‘DARK MYSTERIES OF THE VATICAN’, Haul Jeffers has mentioned some of the most notorious events, rumors, and accidents that have a connection with the Vatican. In other words, ‘DARK MYSTERY OF THE VATICAN is a dark history of the Vatican. In the book, Haul Jeffers mentions the connection of the Vatican to money laundering, anti-Semitism, cooperation, and official approval of Nazis, The Vatican’s ignorance towards genocides, Pope Pedophiles, and many other things. ‘DARK MYSTERIES OF THE VATICAN’ is a short history of the noble organization with its hidden and secret sides. I enjoyed reading this book.

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