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indonesian girls Indonesian girls are some of the most unavailable Asian girls in the world. When I think about Indonesian girls, I realize that they were not created for sex tourism, escort services, entertainment, and other relaxing activities. Indonesian girls are beautiful and cute. I cannot say that Indonesian girls are more attractive than Filipinas and Thai girls. However, I can self-assuredly say that Indonesian girls have a unique and unrepeatable beauty. Indonesian girls are very charismatic. Sometimes, mature Indonesian girls remind me of children. These women are mentally and morally clean. It is very rare to find a rude gold-digger among Indonesian girls.

All of us love and admire Asian girls. It is clear that Asian women are more caring and emotionally warm than any of American or European women. This is the main reasons of a global male migration to Asian regions such as the Philippines, Thailand, and Cambodia. At the same time, the road to Indonesia is not well-paved by Western men. Therefore, Indonesian girls remain to be a great mystery for the majority of us. Getting laid with Indonesian women is not as easy as it is with Thai girls. Indonesian girls live in a different Asian country. That country has very strict moral and religious rules. This factor predetermines the national mentality and behavior of Indonesian girls. In this blog post, I will tell you about some of the major peculiarities of Indonesian girls. Also, I will try to give you some seduction tips that may probably work with Indonesian girls. While seducing women around the world, we will need to keep in mind loads of different factors. Consequently, not all seduction tips will be equally effective in diverse regions of the world. Indonesia does not resemble any other Asian country of the world. It has a unique political, religious, and cultural situation. I have explored this country very well. Keep reading this blog post, and you will learn how to succeed with cure Indonesian girls. Here is some useful information that will let you get to know Indonesian girls better.


Fortunately, feminism is not widely spread in Asia. Of course, there are a couple of hundreds of feminist activist in some Asian regions of the world. However, we can be sure that 99% of Asian girls do not suffer from this psychological disorder. Asian women do not betray their nature. Therefore, you may be sure that your Indonesian girls will be very feminine. Everything in Indonesian girls is womanlike. Indonesian women talk, walk, dress, and behave just like all natural women should do. This means that Indonesian women use everything in order to beautify and adorn themselves. You will never find Indonesian women wearing male jeans, ugly t-shirts, and other unattractive stuff. Feminism has not conquered Indonesia yet. What is more, it has not even come to Indonesia. Even if it comes, Indonesian religious leaders will do everything in order to stop the spread of feminism in Indonesia.

Since Indonesian women are still very feminine and weak, most of them look for strong men. When women are weak, the will never survive without men. Whether it is a financial or a physical weakness, natural women always need men. Therefore, almost every Indonesian girl is looking for a good life partner.


indonesian girls are religiousKeep in mind that Indonesian girls are tremendously religious. Indonesia has the biggest population of Muslims in the world. What is more, people in this country, treat religion very seriously. More than 95% of the Indonesian population consists of Sunni Muslims. In Indonesia, women are not less religious than men. I have been observing Indonesian people during a long period of time. Therefore, I have a lot of things to tell about them. Indonesian girls study Islam and try to obey every requirement of this religion. These women even travel for Islamic knowledge. I have met thousands of Indonesians in Egypt. All of them were studying at the world’s most prestigious university Al-Azhar situated in Cairo. This is why you should be assured that Indonesian Muslim girls do not resemble other Asian Muslim girls such as Uzbek and Tajik women.

When you come to Indonesia, you will see that most of the Indonesian women wear hijabs. Their clothes cover their bodies. Also, they never look at men. This is what Islam teaches them to do. Our societies make a very powerful impact on our thinking, lifestyle, behavior, and principles. In religious countries, women are truly unavailable and closed. In strict Muslim countries, dating is not considered to be something common and usual. What is more, it can be very dangerous to practice seduction in religious countries.

Finally, Islam is the most important thing for Indonesian girls. They study Islam, go to mosques, memorize verses of Quran, listen to religious audio lections, and of course, they afraid of sins. Thus, religion is very important for every Indonesian girl. This might be both an advantage and disadvantage for you. If you plan to seduce and make sex with Indonesian women, I guess it will be an almost impossible task. At the same time, religious girls make very good wives. Religious women are loyal to their husbands. If you marry a religious girl, you will be sure that she will never betray you when you are away. This is why Indonesian women are suitable for serious relationships.


Even though the majority of Indonesian women are superbly religious, there are still a lot of open-minded and available women in Indonesia. Not all Indonesian women are equally religious and obedient. This is why you should not give up too early. If you visit Indonesian nightclubs, restaurants, cafes, and other entertaining places, you will always find some sexy Indonesian women. These women accept and admire Western principles. Therefore, you will find them to be very open-minded. Here are some good tips on how to identify sexy Indonesian women.


In Islam, wearing a hijab is compulsory for every woman. Thus, if you find an Indonesian girl who does not wear a hijab, you should be sure that she does not obey her religion very well. This means that she might be available. Do not be sure that an Indonesian girl without a hijab is 100% available. A girl without a hijab is less religious than other Indonesian girls. Therefore, you might have some chances to succeed with these types of Indonesian women.


Being too sexy won’t work with Indonesian girls. Being frank and sexually direct are great virtues somewhere in the USA. In Indonesia, these qualities are not praised. Try to look more serious with Indonesian girls. This does not mean that you should not joke. Oppositely, Indonesian women are very funny, and they will like you if you can make them laugh. However, try not to mention sex in your conversation with Indonesian girls.

While dating Indonesian girls, you should not hurry up to get laid. These women are very complicated. You are very lucky if you will manage to find some open-minded Indonesian girls. Even though, it will still require a lot of time to completely seduce some of them. Consequently, you will need to be very patient with Indonesian girls. Anyway, we always need to be very patient in order to enjoy juicy fruits of our work. Indonesian girls worth it!

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