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russian womenI was born in one of the former Soviet Union countries. In fact, all countries that belonged to the Soviet Union are filled with Russian women. Russian girls were in my kindergarten. Further, they were studying together with me at my high-school. I had a lot of sexy Russian girls who were my neighbors. I have lived in a country that had 30% of Russian people in its population. Therefore, I am very well acquainted with Russian women. Even if you try to find some more detailed information regarding Russian women on the Web, you won’t be able to do it. I am an absolute expert in Russian women. I had hundred of Russian girlfriends. I made sex with all of my Russian women. Also, I have had a lot of serious relationships with Russian women. Therefore, I know absolutely everything about Russian women.

For me, Russian women are usual women. I have dated hundred of Russian beginning from my early childhood. I can even say that I am a little bit tired of Russian women. Anyway, I am not too eager of having sexual intercourse with Russian women. We always want something that we do not have. When your appetite is satisfied, you will get tired of looking at the same food all the time. Thus, for me, Russian women are like air. As air, Russian women are everywhere. Therefore, I do not see anything exclusive in Russian women.

At the same time, I realize that there are millions of Western men who dream about getting laid with Russian girls. Also, there are a lot of Eastern men such as Arabs, Turkish men, Chinese, and Japanese guys who can only dream about having some connections with Russian girls. Whilst, Russian men dream about making sex with some horny American women, American and European men want to get laid with some sexy Russian girls. Well, Russian women are very easy to be seduced. Russian girls are some of the most available women in the world. Their mentality and worldview make them very convenient and quick to get laid with. In this blog post, I will give you some brilliant tips on how to get laid with Russian girls. I will start by giving you some dating tips. Soon, I will mention the major sexual preferences of Russian ladies.


Russian women do not resemble those naive girls from Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, and Cambodia. Men adore Asian women for being selfless. If you search for selfless Russian women, you will merely waste your time. Russian girls do not belong to that category of women who are not interested in wealth. Be ready for that. A Russian woman wants to be dressed very well. Russian pretties love expensive clothes and accessories. Feminism is not spread in Russia. Therefore, Russian girls still remain to be women. Russian girls will never pay for themselves in cafes, pubs, cinemas, and restaurants. What is more, if their gentlemen do not pay their bills, they will treat it as a very bad sign. You will find that the majority of Russian girls are gold diggers. Finding a rich man with huge financial assets is the main dream of almost every Russian woman.

On the other hand, you will be able to find some Russian girls who are not too interested in materialistic goods. These women will value their temperament, character, and manners. The number of these Russian girls is very low. Hence, you will need to prepare yourself for some financial requirements in order to get laid with Russian girls.


Russian women are not as simple and humble as American girls. To get laid with Russian ladies, you will need to look gorgeously elegant. Russian girls love well-dressed men. Your Russian girlfriend will pay attention to the brand names of your clothes, shoes, and accessories. It is preferable to wear exclusive and expensive clothes while dating Russian girls. Forget about shorts and t-shirts if you want to seduce Russian women. A simple dressing style might be OK when you date to some European women. Russian girls are too demanding. Therefore, try to look your best in order to satisfy your Russian mistress. Her satisfaction means your sexual pleasure. Therefore, remember that all your benefits will benefit you.


russian womenRussian women are very sentimental. These girls love flowers, love verses, tender songs, beautiful compliments, and sentimental words. Russian girls have not lost their femininity. This is one of the reasons why Eastern men are so interested in Russian girls. European and American women are too independent. Some of them do not need men at all. This factor leads to a huge spread of lesbianism.

Thus, if you want to have a successful relationship with Russian girls, you will need to satisfy her sentimental wants. Buy her blossoming flowers, give her millions of splendid compliments, compose romantic verses, and use your imagination to guess her desires.


Being a gentleman is not popular in the West anymore. American and European women do not expect their men to be gentlemen. In fact, they do not need their chivalry at all. Russian girls are educated differently. If you want to succeed with Russian girls, you will need to improve your manners. Being a gentleman is the best way to seduce Russian girls. Whether you are talking, walking, eating, or doing anything else with Russian girls, you will need to be very chivalrous.


In the USA, it is usual and absolutely normal to call a woman as ‘baby’, ‘shawty’, and other words. If you translate ‘baby’ into the Russian language, and then, call your Russian woman as ‘detka’, she will get insulted. Also, try to avoid any sexual hints at the beginning of your communication. In Latin America, it might be a good gesture to praise your woman’s butt or breast. If you do the same thing while talking to Russian girls, it is very probable that your conversation will be the last one. Russian girls love romantic compliments praising their eyes, smile, figure, and so on. Try not to mention anything that is below her neck. Otherwise, she might get insulted by your compliments.


If you do everything correctly, it will not take a lot of time to get laid with Russian women. They are enough easy and quick to make sex with. Russian women are not enough religious. Committing adultery is not a big sin for Russian women. Whilst some Muslim women might avoid adultery because of religious factors, Russian women do not care about it much. Russian girls are democratic and liberal.

russian womenIn sex, Russian women love everything. Of course, sexual preferences differ from one Russian woman to another. Some of them won’t like anal sex. On the other hand, you will find loads of Russian women who are fans of anal sex. Nonetheless, you will find that all Russian women accept oral sex. These girls are very good at oral stimulation. Also, they like being licked very much. While comparing Russian girls with Asian girls, I won’t be able to say that Russian women are more passionate and hotter than Asian women. Asian girls are more sensitive and emotionally warm than Russian girls. To describe Russian girls in bed, I will use one word – LUSTY. Yeah, Russian ladies are very lusty in sex. Feeling like a whore in sex is the highest point of pleasure for a Russian girl. I bet you won’t regret your sex experience with Russian queens.

Written by Bahtiyar
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