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thai girlsThai girls are the most popular girls in the world. Every man knows about Thai girls. Usually, Thai girls are associated with available sex, Asian prostitutes, available and horny girls, and another lustful stuff. Thai girls are the most famous women in the world. Thailand would not be so popular if there were no hot and sexy Thai girls. Being emotionally nurturing and seductive is in DNA of Thai girls. Millions of men visit Thailand every year. They are not attracted to Thai nature and picturesque landscapes. Men love Thai girls. This is a well-known fact. If there were no sexy Thai girls in the Land of Smiles, Thailand would become an abandoned country. Thus, Thai girls are the most precious treasures of Thailand.

Sometimes, I think that it is banal to write something about Thai girls. There are thousands of books and blogs dedicated to Thai girls. Therefore, an author might think that everything is already said about Thai girls. On the other hand, I can assure you that Thai women are not fully explored. The main problem is that Thai girls are always associated with prostitution. Yes, the number of prostitutes in Thailand is truly overwhelming. There are millions of Thai prostitutes in the Land of Smiles. At the same time, we should realize that there are huge numbers of Thai girls who are not involved in prostitution. You can find non-prostitute Thai girls almost everywhere. These Thai women work in malls, supermarkets, boutiques, beauty salons, different companies, and organizations. Some of them are highly educated. These Thai women are not less sexy and passionate than Thai prostitutes. For this reason, I decided to write a detailed blog post on how to date and seduce Thai girls. Hiring Thai prostitutes does not require any specific knowledge and skills. If you have some money, you will be able to buy any of Thai prostitutes whenever you want. It will be definitely banal if I write an article teaching men how to deal with Thai prostitutes. Making sex with non-prostitute Thai women is 1000 times more pleasurable than getting laid with Thai prostitutes. This is why I highly recommend dating and seducing nonworking Thai women.

Thai girls have a specific national mentality. As all Asian girls, Thai ladies do not resemble American or European women. All the differences between Asian and European girls are well known. Therefore, it makes no sense describing them. While dating non-prostitute Thai girls, you will find that they differ from Filipinas and Cambodian girls. Keep in mind that non-prostitute Thai women have less motivation to communicate you than Thai prostitutes do. While dealing with Thai prostitutes, you will find them to be almost ideal. They look available, sexy, horny, caring, and passionate. You should not forget that Thai prostitutes are strongly motivated to be good with you. The competition among Thai prostitutes is very high. There are millions of male tourists coming to Thailand every year. Almost every Thai prostitute wants to get as many clients as possible. Consequently, Thai prostitutes will do everything in order to provide men with the best sex service.

If you plan to seduce non-prostitute Thai women, you should not expect that they will resemble Thai prostitutes. Thai whores want your money. This is the main thing that motivates them to be good with you. While seducing non-working Thai women, you will need to treat them seriously. Thai women respect themselves. What is more, they appreciate caring and serious men. If non-working Thai girls were as available and easy as Thai prostitutes, it is likely that they would also become prostitutes. Thus, you will need to clearly differentiate between the Thai prostitute and non-prostitute mentalities. In this blog post, I will provide you with tons of useful and practical information on how to date and seduce Thai women. Before we start, let me tell you something about Thai women.


I would not say that Thai girls are superbly beautiful. A cute beauty might not be one of the major features of Thai girls. They are pretty. Thai girls are more attractive than Cambodian ladies. In addition, Thai girls have very sexy bodies. This is what I really like in Thai women. Usually, Thai women are not curvy. They are thin. If you are turned on by thin sexy girls, you will be satisfied in Thailand. It is very difficult to find an overweight Thai girl in Thailand. What is more, Thai women are not active visitors of sports clubs. Being thin is in the DNA of Thai girls.


thai girlsFeminism is unknown in Thailand. An average Thai person does not even know what feminism means. Usually, Asian people are not too emotional. On the other hand, this disadvantage is fully compensated by high emotional and emphatic abilities. Thai girls are very feminine. Their behavior thinking, life ideals, and principles are womanlike. A Thai girl does not aim at becoming wealthy, famous, and independent. These women have family values. As all feminine women, Thai women love masculine men. If you are one of them, you will need to visit the Land of Smiles as soon as possible.


Although Thai women are proud of their country very much, this does not prevent them from being open-minded. Thai girls are not xenophobes, nationalists, or racists. These qualities do not exist in the national mentality of Thai people. Oppositely, you will find that Thai women are very curious about the world. They love traveling, interacting foreigners, and learning new things. They do not belong those parochial types of people who think that their land is the center of the world. Thai women are very tolerated and understanding. Thai women are very adaptive and flexible. Hence, you may be sure that cultural or religious values will not build any borders between you and your Thai girl.


Thai girls do not love dominating. They are very passive. In love, in life, and in sex, Thai girls will prefer you to dominate over them. If you are a fan of sexually aggressive women, I would recommend you visiting Latin America. In Thailand, you will find both men and women to be very submissive and passive. Even if you look at Thai gays, you will see that most of them are bottom gays. Whether you want to marry a Thai girl or you want to have sex with her, she will submit you in almost everything.  


We are fans of Thailand because we find Thailand to be a male’s paradise. Thailand is full of sexy Thai girls who are ready to satisfy our sexual dreams and desires. This is how we exactly treat this wonderful country. While traveling in Thailand, we do not have to work in that country. We will visit this country only if we are fully packed with money. Some of Thailand expats have regular passive incomes. Thus, we visit Thailand because our life is good enough.

Thai women treat their motherland differently. Just by looking at the level of prostitution in Thailand, you will understand that poverty and unemployment are common in Thailand. Thai women would not become prostitutes if they had a wonderful life. They are involved in this shady business only because they have to survive. Sometimes, prostitution is the only available way to make a living in Thailand. For these reasons, you will find that a lot of Thai women hate their country. They assume that life in Western countries is much better than it is in Thailand. Therefore, loads of Thai women dream of leaving Thailand forever.


Generally, Thai girls are very open-minded. Buddhism does not restrict their sexual life. In fact, Buddhism is the most sexually liberal religion in the world. Gay sex, group sex, swingers’ sex, and other types of sexual entertainment are allowed in Buddhism. This is why Thai girls are the most sexually liberal women in the world. At the same time, you should remember that non-prostitute Thai girls respect themselves. They will require a serious attitude. It is probable that they will refuse to date you if you merely want to have sex with them. Even if sex is the only thing that motivates you to date Thai women, you should hide this intention. As all women, Thai women want to have a serious relationship with a reliable man. This is why you will need to prove one thing. Show her that you like her personality, character, her smile, eyes, and etc. Invite her to cafes, restaurants, cinemas, and other entertaining places. Let her know that you are truly interested in her. Help her when she needs your help. However, do not let her manipulate you. Be a good friend for your Thai girl, and this will seduce her.

Written by Bahtiyar
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