dicators handbook by bruce bueno de mesquita


dicators handbook by bruce bueno de mesquita‘THE DICTATOR’S HANDBOOK’ is a very simple, and at the same time, very practical and informative sociological book explaining the subjects of dictatorship and democracy. In the book, Bruce Bueno De Mesquita gives a very detailed explanation on how dictatorships function. The author made tremendously profound research exploring and analyzing different dictatorships around the world. In ‘THE DICTATOR’S HANDBOOK’, the author analyzes autocratic regimes in Africa, Asia, and other regions of the world.

When you see the heading ‘THE DICTATOR’S HANDBOOK’, you might think that the book will teach you how to seize the political power, and then, to remain to stay at the power. No, this book does not give any practical recommendations. Thus, if you want to become a dictator, you will need to look for another manual. Bruce Bueno De Mesquita explains how brute villains seize the political power, get an unlimited access to financial resources of a country, and then, enrich a group of a devoted coalition. In all dictatorships, only a dictator, and his small coalition benefit. The remaining part of a dictatorial country’s population is always impoverished and suppressed. ‘THE DICTATOR’S HANDBOOK’ explains these processes in meticulous details. The book is very informative and practical. I strongly recommend this book to enhance your understanding and knowledge of dictatorship and sociology as well.

Written by Bahtiyar
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