Usually, men wonder why women do not want sex so much as men do. Women often question why men do not wish to get married. We forget one thing. Women and men were created with different purposes. The psychological structure of a man does not resemble the mentality of a woman. Women have marital instincts. It is the most powerful instinct every girl has in her heart. Men are mainly ruled by the instinct of reproduction. I do not generalize all men. However, men with huge amounts of testosterone are strongly influenced by the instinct of reproduction. The marriage does not matter much for them. These men want to have as much sex as possible. Being able to have numerous sexual partners is the most important priority of every playboy. 

I dedicate this article to women because they always wonder why their boyfriends do not want to marry. This post may be very helpful for men to understand themselves. I do not intend to list all the reasons that may prevent a man from getting married. However, I will strive to explain the most significant ones. 


This section definitely refers to me. I adore a playboy lifestyle because it perfectly suits my personal and humane qualities. Self-confident men prefer being playboys. They think themselves to be too good to dedicate their life to a single woman. Why should I forget about thousands of beautiful women around the world in order to spend his my whole life with one girl who will nearly lose her beauty? This is how every playboy thinks. Let me tell you about my situation. I have got money, I am handsome and attractive, I am fluent in 11 languages. Thus, I can have all gorgeous women around the world. My choice won’t be restricted by a particular nation or a country. My knowledge of several foreign languages lets me successfully interact with different women around the globe. It is better to make sex with 7 different sexy ladies than spend your nights with a single frigid bitch. This is how I think and I assume that every playboy has the same opinion and preferences. A playboy lifestyle is not available for everyone. It is necessary to have a good appearance and money in order to enjoy this leisure. Men who are less inclined to this lifestyle, get married very early. What is the main thing that constructs and predetermines our thinking and plans? This thing is our potential. It is clear that a billionaire thinks differently from a person who has a salary of 1000 $ monthly. Handsome men have diverse thinking from ugly men. When a man thinks of himself to be extraordinary, he chooses to have a playboy lifestyle. 

If your man does not want to get married, he may be a playboy. Your boyfriend wants to continue his lifestyle and this is the main reason why he does not want to marry you.


Marriage is a great responsibility. I am not married yet but I realize the level of responsibility I will have if I marry someone. There are different types of men in the world. Some men have created for the marriage and these men are ready to be responsible for their families. Another type of man enjoys a relaxed lifestyle and afraid of being responsible for someone or something. A man needs to earn a lot of money in order to feed his wife and children. Usually, men think that they will lose their calm and pleasurable life after marriage. This is how some men think. Women are more prone to building a family. I have had loads of girlfriends and most of them were aimed to build a family. Some girls told me that there is no reason to have any relationship if people do not intend to get married. This is how seriously women treat their relationships. Men do not care much about marriage. Everything is OK as long as they are sexually satisfied.

Fear of responsibility is one of the factors that prevent a man from getting married. 


It is clear that a man needs to have money in order to marry someone. The wedding itself costs much. Having a good salary or regular income are other significant factors. If a man is poor, he won’t be able to build a family. A wife and children require many things. Men can fell in love easily and, at this moment, some boys want to get married. Usually, young men do not have a sustainable financial status and this is one of the reasons that prevent men from marriage. A man may have a difficult life due to the lack of money and he does not want to sophisticate his life with additional difficulties. Life after marriage becomes more expensive. Men need to care about their wives and children. Thus, it is cheaper and easier to remain to be single. 


This is a common reason why many men are not married yet. Every man has his own prototype of the woman he wants to marry to. There are several requirements to her appearance, sexual temperament, intellect, behavior, education, and many other things. It is not easy to find your mate in this big world. Usually, it takes some time for a man to make his final choice. Your boyfriend may simply dislike you and this is the main reason why he does not want to marry you. I have dated hundreds of women with a single intent to make sex with them or to merely enjoy my time. Some of these women thought that I want to marry them. Do you think that I am a fool to reveal to them my real intentions? Most of the men do the same thing. A girl may think that a man wants to marry her but he is merely manipulating her by promising different serious things. I have dated a girl for nearly five years. She thought that we will build a family. From the beginning of my relationship, I knew that I will never marry her due to a multitude of different reasons. First of all, I was not fully satisfied with her beauty. There were several things that I did not like in her character. I dated her just to enjoy my time and that was the only intention I had in my mind. We are aware of how sensitive women are, and therefore, we do not tell girls the truth. Sometimes it is necessary to lie in order not to cause you some serious psychological injuries.

Make sure that your boyfriend truly likes you. 


All men are different, and all of them have diverse intentions, ideals, and objectives. There are men who are extremely ambitious. Usually, they dream of wealth and international fame. In fact, these men do not need women. They may need them to merely satisfy their EGO or sexual desires. This type of man does not care about building a family. Their ambitions are GODS for them. This man can forget about everything in this world. For example, right now, I am preoccupied with my blog. I start blogging early in the morning and finish writing in the evening. I do not have a girlfriend now and I am very happy. If I had a girlfriend I would not be able to dedicate all my time to my projects. It is so cool when no one is phoning you and asking for a date. Utterly ambitious men do not care much about women. They want money for the sake of money. These men dream of fame for the sake of fame. 

If you want to find yourself a husband, you should avoid men who are too ambitious. These men are not the best choice for a woman who wants to build a family. 

I have explained to you some of the most important factors that prevent men from getting married. Analyze your boyfriend and determine which of these reasons apply to him. Do not try to change someone because it is impossible to do it. I’d suggest you search for someone else if your boyfriend does not have the same intention as you. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.