I have already written a blog post dedicated to the advantages of being married. Have you read it? If not, you should do it after you finish reading this article. Marriage has loads of advantages. However, it is not free from negative sides and disadvantages. I am not married yet and I am not planning to marry someone in my near future. There is a multitude of different reasons that prevent me from getting married right now. The disadvantages of being married are very serious. If you plan to marry someone, you should keep in your mind that marriage is not an easy union. First of all, it is a great responsibility. In the beginning, you will be responsible for your spouse. When you have some children, your responsibility will increase and you will be more stressed. If you are not ready for that, I do not suggest you get married.

Do not think that I want to discourage you from building this holy union? Be realistic and do not assume that marriage is full of romantic emotions, passion, and love. These feelings diminish very soon after you start living together. I have prepared a list of the disadvantages of being married. Study it carefully and make the right decision. 


This is the major disadvantage of being married. You will lose your freedom if you marry someone. There are loads of types of freedom. A married man loses all of them. You won’t be able to travel whenever and wherever you want on your own. Women are aware of sex travel and they know that their husbands will betray them while traveling. Do you think that you say your wife that you are going on a 6 months journey and she will agree with your decision? She will not agree with these plans. You will have two options. You need to take your wife and your children with you. or you should forget about traveling. Are you ready for that? Traveling with a wife and children is not the best thing for a man. Do you imagine yourself in Thailand with your family? You won’t need your wife in Thailand because there are already millions of gorgeous women in that wonderful place. Today, you may be single, and therefore, you enjoy as many women as you want. You can change them every day. If you don’t come home at night, there is no one to meet you with a huge scandal. A single man is able to have his Playboy lifestyle. Marriage does not suit men who are very independent. Be ready to lose your freedom if you want to get married. 

Loss of freedom is one of the main disadvantages of being married to both men and women.   


Usually, I get stressed when imagining the level of responsibility a married man has in his life. When you are married, you will be responsible for your wife and children. I like playing with children, but I don’t want to have any. I have loads of nephews, and the time spent with them is really wonderful. However, I have never dreamt about having my own children. I think that there won’t be a day when I will change my mind. I know lots of people who had a very exciting life. They were traveling and enjoying their time. Now, when they have children, their life has completely changed. It is very boring and monotonous now. They are not able to travel anymore. These people spend all their life in a flat, amongst four walls. I am not a fan of this lifestyle, and therefore, marriage does not suit me. Be ready for being responsible. You should understand that you won’t be able to abandon your wife and children. You need to earn a lot of money to buy everything necessary for your wife and babies. If you prefer a relaxed and easy lifestyle, marriage is not for you. Your girlfriend may love you now, but her emotions will change as soon as you have your first babies. You will be put on the second-order when your first child appears on this earth. Your wife will spend all her time with the children. The main purpose why she needs you now is because it is necessary to have someone who will feed her and her children. This is how our life is built. Your passion and love will die very soon.  

Marriage is a great responsibility. There is nothing good in it. If you marry, you will merely complicate your life. I do not suggest you get married if you don’t want to care about anyone except yourself. 


Marriage is full of stress. Your current relationship with your wife may be satisfactory but it won’t last too long. Dating and living together are very diverse things. When you live together, you will easily get tired of each other. Her body won’t appear sexy to you if you see it every day. You will not get aroused when she is naked if you see her every day. Some men have a great relationship while dating, and consequently, they assume that they will have the same attitude in the marriage. It is wrong. Get rid of these things. There are many types of women. Some of them are rigid bitches. I don’t wish you to marry such women. Rigid women are hell for every man. She will never be satisfied with anything. These women demand more money than you are able to earn. Scandals will become your daily traditions. Do not get married with the intent to become happier. Your current life may be more stress-free. When you have your first children, your life will become more stressful. Oh my God, I just don’t want to imagine this boring and terrible life. Men and women were created for different purposes. Sometimes, I wonder how can a woman spend all her daily and night hours with her child. I think the reason for this love is her maternal instinct. Men do not have this instinct, and for that reason, we care less about children. Boys usually want to have a more adventurous life.  

Marriage makes your life stressful. If you are very sensitive, you should choose yourself a good spouse. Otherwise, forget about getting married because it won’t add anything to your life except stress and depressions. 

Marriage is not a union full of passion, sex, and love. Being married is not as awesome and wonderful as you assume. There is no doubt that some people are very happy in marriage. Explore yourself better and decide whether you are ready to build this holy union or not. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.