being marriedI think you may have already read about the advantages of being married, and now, you are eager to marry someone as soon as possible. Do not be in a hurry. Learn about the disadvantages of being married and then make your final decision. The disadvantages of living in a couple are really outrageous, and therefore, many people around the world prefer being single. Everything in our life has two sides. One of them is a positive side and the second is negative. I have already explained to you some of the most significant advantages of being married, and now, I want you to learn about its negative sides.


If you are an utterly independent and individualistic person, marriage may not fit you. When you marry, you will lose your freedom. Let me tell you that you will become a BOOS for your wife, and your wife will become your BOSS. It is a rule and a custom of marriage. If you dislike it, do not hurry to marry. There are two types of freedom. Physical and psychological freedom. Your physical freedom will be fully lost when you are married. You won’t be able to simply abandon your house or start traveling without your spouse. The marriage means responsibility, and therefore, your life will be limited.  You won’t be able to travel alone. There are a lot of gorgeous women around the world and you won’t be able to enjoy them if you get married. You will stick to your woman and she will become your owner.

Loss of your freedom is one of the most outrageous disadvantages of being married.


I apologize for my usage of uncensored words but this is exactly how you may call your future wife after some time. I really pity men who are fools and have no enough insight and wisdom to spot frigid women. These men become more unhappy when they marry them. There are lots of signs that let you identify frigid women. Most of them are less emotional. You do not need to have sex with a frigid girl to understand her frigidity. Have a conversation with her, pay attention to her words, and emotionality. Frigid women are usually emotionally very cold and you will be able to feel it. Have you ever had sex with a frigid girl? I have had one and it was really terrible. It is better to have sex with a toy than to make it with a frigid woman. If this woman becomes your wife, your life will be really terrible. I know some men who have frigid wives and I do not envy them. These women smile very rarely. They are always unsatisfied with everything. Sex is not the only field where they are not satisfied. A frigid woman hates her life and everything that surrounds her. Avoid these girls and do not be a fool to marry one of them.

Your life will become disgusting when you are married to a frigid woman. If you are already married to her, I am sure that you usually use the uncensored word from my article to name her. Being married may be very disadvantageous if you marry a frigid bitch.


This is the main disadvantage of being married. Marriage makes your life more stressful. You will have more responsibilities, and thus, your stress level will increase. Women are very demanding. What do men demand from women? Usually, we demand love, good sex, fidelity, and that is all that we want. Let me tell you something that your woman will demand from you. Attention, love, good sex, tons of money, expensive gifts, fidelity, and many other things. It is Ok if we exclude tons of money and expensive gifts from this list. Do you earn a lot of money? Are you able to buy your wife a ring with a huge diamond? If you cannot do it, I suggest you not to hurry with your marriage. Women are psychological warriors.     They perfectly know the weak sides of men and they use them to manipulate. Your wife will always remind you about money and her whims. You will always need to satisfy her shopping desires. If you do not do it, you won’t see her smile for a long period of time. If you lose your job, she will expel you from your own house. Love and passion disappear after some time. Your girlfriend may be very kind and cute with you now. She does not show you her real character. You will see it when you marry her. Every woman wants to wear expensive clothes and live in a large mansion. If you are not able to provide these things, your wife will stress you every day.

If you are afraid of stress, I suggest you forget about getting married. Women are very demanding. The main purpose why they need a man is because they need a supplier of materialistic goods. Women are narcists and they love themselves the most. Her love will never be sincere and free. Your current life may be free of depressions and stress. Enjoy it and do not complicate it with the marriage.


Men are visually attracted to women. It is a well-known and internationally recognized fact. A man loves a woman because she is beautiful. If there are other beautiful and available women on the horizon, a man will chase another victim. Men can be easily manipulated by beauty and sexual instinct. Usually, women use these things to exploit their men. Ask yourself why do you want to marry your girlfriend? Do you adore her beauty? If this is the main reason of your plans, you should not marry her. Remember that everything is temporary in our life. Beauty does not last too long. After her thirties, she will have loads of ages on her face and you won’t find her so attractive. Passion fades quicker than beauty. Usually, I lose my interest in a girl after a single sexual act. You may be different, but after at least ten sexual acts with your gorgeous goddess, you will lose some of your interest. Do not be fooled by these deceiving things. Pay more attention to her behavior and character. These factors are more important if you want to build a strong family.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.