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selling counterfeitsSooner or later, you will definitely start thinking about selling counterfeits online. Counterfeits are sold very well for a multitude of well-known reasons. First of all, not all counterfeits are of a bad quality. There are some replicas that are absolutely indistinguishable from the original items. Therefore, people are always eager of buying high-quality replicas by the lowest prices. This is the  main factor making counterfeits so popular among online shoppers. Secondly, while selling common dropshipping products on Amazon and EBAY, you have a very high competition among all the sellers. Since you are using one of the world’s most famous and popular dropshipping company, millions of other Amazon and EBAY sellers list the same items you do. Thus, you are not able to independently control, manage and set your price policy. While selling counterfeits, by default, you list absolutely unique items. Whilst selling uncommon and exclusive items, you have no competition. Hence, you are fully liberal in your price policy. You may sell the products by any prices you wish. This business style gives you unlimited financial opportunities.

These, and many other reasons and factors might make you think about launching counterfeits selling online store. I think that almost every online entrepreneur has had this thought in his mind. In this post, I will tell about some of the biggest disadvantages of selling counterfeits online. I hope this article will definitely change your illegal business intentions.


As you know advertisement and promotions are engines of any trade. Without these two things, you won’t be able to build a successful business. No matter what type of business you launch., you will definitely need to promote and advertise it. For better results, you will have to do it on a regular basis. Otherwise, it will take you a long period of time until your online business will be recognized. Therefore, do not underestimate the importance of promoting and advertising your online business.

Counterfeits selling online store is limited in its promoting abilities. Since the store sells counterfeits and it is absolutely illegal, other websites will refuse to promote or advertise it. Am I right? The same situation happens when you launch a porn site. You can promote a porn site only on the websites that allow adult content. Thus, only other porn sites will accept banners from of other porn sites. There are only a few counterfeits selling online stores on the Internet. Therefore, it will be tremendously difficult for you to find an online store that would accept your banners or other types of visual advertisement. Without advertising and promoting your counterfeits selling online store, you have no chances to succeed in the e-commerce business.


PayPal is one of the most popular online payment systems on t he Internet. Millions of sellers and buyers use this awesome payment gateway in their daily activity. It is well-known that Americans are the most active online shoppers in the world. And of course, all of them use PayPal to make purchases online.

PayPal is very strict when it deals with counterfeits selling companies. As you know, all buyer’s transactions are shown in PayPal. Thus, when PayPal spots some Louis Vuitton shoes sold by 30$, or Gucci t-shirt sold by 10$, it will permanently suspend your PayPal account. Hence, you won’t be able to use PayPal in your illegal business. As you know American buyers worry about their financial safety. Therefore, none of them will use any online payment solutions except PayPal. By excluding American shoppers from you business strategy, you will lose at least 50% of your potential profit. 


The Internet is an absolutely open and liberal area. Therefore, everyone can access your website. One day, some of the members of the brand companies, which product’s replicas you sell on your e-commerce website, may discover your illegal online store. In this situation, they will firstly warn you by an e-mail message. They will request you to stop selling counterfeits. If you do not obey, they will contact your hosting company and demand to suspend your website. If your hosting company is located in the USA or in the EU, it is 100% probable that your website will be suspended. Only if your website is hosted in offshore zones, you may avoid suspension. Otherwise, you will lose your online store. In some serious cases, you may  be sued.

Thus, while selling counterfeits online, you are always at a great risk to be discovered, suspended, and sometimes, sued.


Today, search engines are very smart. With counterfeits selling online store, you have no chances to be ranked on good positions in SE. Even if you improve and enhance your SEO, you will never be shown on search engines. Search engines strive to provide searchers with online stores that have a high authority. As you know, counterfeits selling online store will never be respected and appreciated. After some time, search engines will include you into their blacklists. Hence, you be fully excluded from search engines.

As you have seen, selling counterfeits online is a very problematic business. Its disadvantages are obvious. There are loads of options that let you sell legal items online. Dropship companies offer us millions of different types of products. You can also manufacture your personally designed clothes and products.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.