The buyer’s feedback system is a great tool that helps other buyers to choose the right products. At the same time, this system may be very frustrating for those sellers who intend to manipulate buyers. Web stores which provide buyers protected and very accurate feedback system usually have very high reputations. Amazon has the most powerful and protected feedback system. It is actually very hard and yet impossible to manipulate buyer’s opinions on Amazon. There is a whole big department on Amazon, which scans and checks all reviews posted by customers. When they discover something suspicious all reviews may be erased in a few moments. No matter whether reviews are real or fake this department won’t explain anything. You will just see their template message which explains that reviews contradict their rules. Other online stores do not yet care about reviews posted by clients. eBay’s buyer’s review system may be easily manipulated by sellers. You may open different accounts, buy your products, and then post positive reviews. I think no one does it because it is really very easy to get some positive feedbacks on eBay. Self-review posting is really tiresome. I am just analyzing the potential probability of different manipulations.

Let me return to the topic. Usually, when I buy something on eBay I look at the seller’s rating, his positive and negative feedback. I never read sellers’ positive reviews because all of them are the same. I emphasize my attention to his negative reviews. Negative reviews are always specific and buyers make us clear what kind of problems they faced with this seller. For example, yesterday I saw a seller who was selling sterling silver rings for a funny price of 2 US dollars. All of us know that a sterling silver ring can’t be sold at such a ridiculous cost. The amount of silver in the ring must cost much more than the whole ring. I opened that seller’s account and read negative reviews from his buyers. All of them said that the buyer was selling them stainless steel rings and that the buyer is a scammer. It was clear to me that the buyer was a liar when I saw his prices and I read his feedbacks because of my personal interest. I want to state that reviews are the first things a buyer pays his attention to before he makes a final decision to buy a product. One of Amazon’s managers told me that he hasn’t seen anything more efficient to boost your sales than positive customer reviews. So let us go deep and study your question.  Negative reviews on eBay from time to time may negatively influence your trade and sometimes they don’t matter much. Usually when I see a buyer who has 10 thousand positive reviews and 100 negative reviews I just don’t pay attention to the negative reviews. I will confidently buy from this seller. The most important thing is the percentage of your total rating. If it is 99%, 98%, 97%, 96% you have no reasons to worry about your progress. But if your rating is under 90% it may make some suspicions in the minds of your potential buyers. Negative feedbacks are inevitable due to different unpredictable problems. Items may be damaged during the process of shipping or they may be lost with the help of a shipping company. There are some different situations which we cannot control. If you have already received some negative feedback from your customers don’t worry, just try to do your best. 

As I have explained eBay feedback systems still matters much. It can pressure your trade success. The most important is your total positive rating. If it is lower than 90% or even less you will definitely have something to worry about.

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Written by Bahtiyar
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