successful girlSometimes, we are too critical of ourselves. We usually blame ourselves for being unsuccessful. There are times when we make mistakes. All of us have heard lots of critical words from people who surround us. Let us look at this deeper. Should you always blame yourself for your inability to succeed and does your life success entirely depend on you?

It is necessary to know that we are not Gods and we are not almighty. No one can fully control his destiny and external circumstances. There are three things that influence our destinies.


Our genes is the core of our abilities, born talents, born diseases, and inclinations. Some people are sure that we are absolutely free in our life choice and everyone can be successful. This is a common misconception. Our genes inherited from our parents make a major impact on our potential. There are certain limits set by your genes. Not everyone can become the best basketballer in the world. To be successful in this field of sport, you need to have a good height. Our height and physical abilities are predestined by our DNA. I have met lots of people who suffer from Epilepsia. The only reason why they have this disease is that their fathers also had this disease. People who suffer from this illness are limited in particular fields of business and life activities. That means there are several areas where they will never have any success. Some people have born intellectual talents. Some are born to be beautiful. If you were born with an ugly voice, will you be able to make your voice beautiful? You definitely won’t be able to do it. All you are able to do is to make your voice stronger. If your voice is ugly, it will be ugly all your life. What are the limits which people with ugly voices face in their lives? They can never become successful singers. Thus, they are predestined to be unsuccessful in particular business areas. Therefore, never blame anyone because you don’t know whether a person has a chance to develop his potential or not.


We are not absolutely free because we do not choose the place where we were born. There is no need to prove that some countries in the world can offer you more opportunities to develop your potential and surely there are different countries that may limit and restrict your individual talents. Tell me why doesn’t North Korea have any world-wide known singers and actors? I am sure that there are loads of talented people in North Korea, but the problem is that the government restricts people in different activities. This means that you cannot blame yourself for being unsuccessful if you were born in a terrible country or your homeland is ruled by a stupid dictator. Your achievement does not fully depend on you. Why does the USA have the biggest number of worldwide known celebrities in the world? People can develop and express themselves in the USA because the government gives them such opportunities.


There are some circumstances that cannot be predicted by logical analysis. Unpredictable circumstances can suddenly change your life. You never know what new life opportunities will open for you and you never know when your business projects will be ruined by something that is out of your control. No one can fully control his own life. We see how billionaires become bankrupts in a couple of months. 

When you have some life or business troubles, never blame yourself and do not get depressed. Remember that your success does not fully depend on your efforts and actions. There are lots of external factors that influence your life.  So what should we do in order to succeed if our success does not fully depend on ourselves? We have to make efforts, build concrete plans relying on the current situation, and be very lucky.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.