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domain authority influenceYou have already built you website, and now, you want some good web traffic. You already know about the best ways to drive some traffic to your blog. However, none of them gave you desired results and effects. Social Media Marketing needs some time until you build a huge crowd of followers. Also, there are a lot of paid way tools to drive some traffic to your blog. Advertising and promoting your website on popular web resources will cost you a lot of money. Therefore, today, you have only two traffic driving instruments. You can either be active on social networks or improve your SEO. The last one is one of the most popular things on the Internet. There are thousands or even millions of SEO companies that offer professional service to optimize a website. This means that SEO is very popular now. Ten years ago, SEO was tremendously popular. Today, its popularity grew even more. There is no way to make money online without good amounts of high-quality web traffic. Thus, all of the online entrepreneurs are concerned about traffic.

If you are truly interested in SEO, you have already heard about Domain Authority.   Domain Authority is a score (on a 100-point scale) developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engines. There are loads of discussions carried out around this term. Domain authority is one of the SEO abbreviations that cause loads of arguments between SEO specialists. While reading about Domain Authority, you will see that all SEO specialists have different opinions. Nevertheless, truth always exists.

When a new online entrepreneur hears about Domain Authority, he spends all of his efforts and time to increase it. This happens because most of the people do not really know what Domain Authority means. You may find thousands of questions on the Internet asking about the ways to improve Domain Authority. This is a full waste of time. In this post, I will prove that Domain Authority does not make any impact on website’s SEO.


Some newbies think that DA is one of Google’s algorithms. They think that Google uses Moz’s DA metric in their ranking system. This is a widely spread nonsense. Google has more than 200 algorithms. Some SEO specialists say that Google considers nearly 10 000 ranking factors. Both of these opinions might be true. However, I can self-assuredly say that Domain Authority is not one of the factors considered by Google. Oppositely, Moz considers a website’s performance on SERPs in order to give it a particular DA rank.

Some people say: “As soon as I increased my website’s DA, my Google rankings immediately improved.” This person thinks that DA of his website made an impact on his Google SERPs ranks. Let me explain this situation. The person made some good SEO efforts. For this reason, his overall SEO score improved. His website started to appear on Google more frequently. That is why Moz increased his DA by looking at his performance in SERPs.


Domain Authority and Alexa rank are very similar. Both of these metrics are famous and important. At the same time, both of them do not make any direct impact on a website’s SEO. Does Alexa improve your blog’s SEO? No, it doesn’t. Nevertheless, Alexa is still important. Alexa shows your traffic stats. At the same time, Domain Authority does not make any direct impact on a website’s SEO. Nevertheless, DA is still important. It predicts potential success of a website in SERPs. DA is used as the main sign showing the quality and authority of a website. Websites with high DA are more trusted. Also, these web resources have better positions in SERPs.

When you improve your website’s overall SEO score, DA will increase. Therefore, it is unnecessary to emphasize your efforts at your DA score. Forget about it. Build high-quality backlinks, and do a perfect on-page SEO. This will be enough to guarantee you a great success in SEO.

Written by Bahtiyar
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