Handsome men don't date beautiful women


Handsome men don't date beautiful womenHow often do you see a handsome man with an unattractive woman or a gorgeous woman with an ugly man? This happens constantly. Have you ever wondered about its reasons? If we try to think more logically and rationally, we will conclude that a gorgeous man should date a gorgeous girl. This should happen according to our considerations and logical analysis. There are loads of reasons why handsome men don't date gorgeous women. 


This is one of the reasons why gorgeous men do not date beautiful women. Handsome men are aware of their personal attractiveness and feel very proud of it. These men won’t devote themselves to anyone. Sometimes, handsome men think that their appearance is more wonderful than the looks of beautiful women. Gorgeous men are very cocky. At the same, time a beautiful woman knows about her own good appearance and she is also proud of it. She expects that men should humiliate themselves in front of her. This is what every beautiful woman expects and wants from every man. This means that these types of women need someone with a low self-estimation. A handsome man will never put himself in this position, but an ugly man with a low self-estimation may treat a beautiful girl like a Goddess. Gorgeous men are very self-confident and they also want someone who will appreciate and value their outstanding appearance. A gorgeous man wants to be an icon for a girl. Usually, these men are very spoiled by women’s attention.

What happens when two proud people date? Nothing good will happen. Both of them are cocky and think of themselves to be the best. A gorgeous man won’t pay much attention to a beautiful girl’s appearance. On the other hand, a gorgeous woman will be preoccupied with her own appearance. Both of them are narcissists, and therefore, they are not able to love or adore their partners. 

An unattractive girl may love a gorgeous man, and he will be satisfied. Gorgeous women may find devotion only from a man who is not much attractive, and consequently, they prefer dating someone less attractive.


What does narcissism mean? I will avoid different psychological words and will try to explain it in a few simple words. A narcissist is a person who loves himself so much that sometimes he may be even attracted to himself sexually. Usually, these people spend a lot of their free time in front of a mirror. They are amazed and stunned by their own appearance. These people do not need any beauty. Their personal beauty is sufficient for them. You will find that gorgeous men and women do not look for someone beautiful. They need another thing. Both attractive women and men want to be adored by someone. A gorgeous man is aware of the fact that a beautiful lady loves herself very much and she won’t be able to love someone else. A beautiful girl understands that handsome men are very self-confident and some of them won’t even pay any attention to their gorgeous appearance.  These people need to satisfy their egoism.  A handsome man will feel very happy with an unattractive woman who is very devoted to him. The same thing happens with a beautiful woman. 


Have you ever seen a short man going out with a tall lady? Have you ever witnessed that some ugly woman strive to date gorgeous men? Have you ever spotted that short men are very eager for power and wealth? Have you ever thought about the things that motivate these people? All of them compensate for something absent in their own personality. Usually, a short girl is conscious of her disadvantage and she looks for very tall men. Poor people look for someone rich. Usually, we are conscious of the advantages and disadvantages we have. Some of our actions are aimed to compensate for our negative physical and mental sides. Does a gorgeous man need a beautiful woman? No, he doesn't. Every handsome man is a narcissist. He is in love with himself. This man is very proud of himself, and as a result, he is not looking for someone to compensate for his disadvantages. Ugly women want to have gorgeous men. These women need to have a good-looking partner because they do not have this quality in their personality. A handsome man may feel very comfortable with an ugly woman. The same thing happens when a beautiful woman dates an unattractive man. Beautiful men and beautiful women do not need each other. They feel well without having a good-looking partner.  

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.