flat dubaiMy trip to Dubai was my first travel experience. Before that time, I have already visited the countries that are considered to be neighbor areas of my country of living. However, these types of trips cannot be considered as international. Moreover, all of them resemble the country where I lived. Thus, I can self-assuredly conclude that my flight to Dubai was my first travel experience. I was only 19 years old when I made my first trip to this wonderful country. I traveled to Dubai for business purposes, however, I forgot about my business when I arrived at that awesome city. I had loads of positive emotions. New country, new people, new mentality, new buildings, new climate, everything was so new for me. That trip let me realize how parochial and boring my life is. Usually, we do not recognize the negative sides of our country if we do not travel. Travel is a reviving activity. It revives our souls, our mind, and our motivation. I can state that my flight to Dubai was a life-changing event in my life. 

In the beginning of my Dubai life, I lived in a hotel.   That was a 4 stars hotel situated in a good district of Dubai. The hotel had 15 floors. I can say that it was very luxurious. There was a great swimming pool on the roof of a hotel. However, it was impossible to swim in it during a day. The weather was too hot. I arrived in Dubai in August. July and August are the hottest months in Dubai. I had some business deals in Dubai, and for that reason, I did not abandon my hotel without any urgent needs. The weather was tremendously hot. It was better for me to stay in my hotel. My first trip to Dubai was very short. I departed after nearly three months. I fulfilled everything I needed, and therefore, there were no reasons to continue my stay in Dubai. That time, I was not so huge fan of traveling. At the age of 19, I was a mere boy dreaming about tons of money. I was too ambitious, and for that reason, I considered traveling to be something time-wasting and meaningless. That is why I left the city very soon. 

After three months, I received an invitation from Dubai businessmen, and I decided to go. The business was related to real estate in Dubai. This time, I booked another hotel. I won’t describe it in details. It was better than the first one. My second Dubai trip was more pleasurable, because it was my second international flight, and therefore I had no worries.  I had a lot of meetings during the first days of my second Dubai trip. I negotiated all agreements with my Arab business partners. The business was very serious, and for that reason, it was necessary for me to live in Dubai. Managing real estate business is not as easy as many people assume it to be. According to my estimations, I had to live at least 7 or 8 months in Dubai. Of course, I could depart from the country for a short period of time. However, that type of business required my regular control and participation. 

My first idea was to find a good flat. Staying at a hotel may be very pleasurable and convenient. However, for some reasons, I prefer living in a private flat. I do not like attentive concierges. While living in a flat, you are a temporary owner of that property, and therefore, you can use it anyhow you wish. You may invite girls and your friends to your flat. At hotels, all your actions are recorded by a hotel staff. Thus, your life in your hotel won’t be anonymous. There are many other reasons why I decided to rent a flat in Dubai. To be honest, Dubai is not rich by real estate agencies that could offer you high-quality services. You can be easily scammed by Pakistani or Indian realtors. Using services of real estate agencies is not the safest way to rent a flat in Dubai. I did immediately not come to this conclusion. I had to go through diverse difficulties and problems to realize that. First of all, let me tell you that the workers of those real estate agencies are not enough polite. I visited some of the agencies, and after my third visit, I completely lost the interest to use their services. 

The Internet is used worldwide for a huge variety of dissimilar purposes. I was stuck in the situation when I had nothing except the Internet to resolve my problem. I needed a flat. My offline activities did not give me any positive results. I wasted my time, and additionally, I had a bad experience of contacting with impolite real estate workers. I started browsing the Internet to find the service that will satisfy my needs. Google is the best assistant in this situation. I found a good company called HomeAway. HomeAway is the biggest online resource that lets people worldwide rent any property in any destination around the world. HomeAway is a German company offering its service to travelers around the globe. Whether you need a mansion, a flat, a penthouse, a farm, or anything else, HomeAway is definitely the best option for you. Whether you are a businessman, a traveler, or a person who want to have great vacations, HomeAway is the best online service that will let you find great lodgings in all countries of the world. HomeAway has a convenient website that is very easy to navigate. You choose your destination, and HomeAway will provide you with a huge variety of different lodgings available in that area. You set your dates, make a payment using HomeAway payment gateways, and everything is done. Your transactions are always secure with HomeAway. I liked HomeAway for its amazingly low prices. On HomeAway, you can rent a luxurious starting from 40 $ per day. There is no a hotel in the world that could suggest you the same low prices. Germans are very concrete, honest, and punctual people. Their honesty covers every single are of their life. Business is not exclusion. When you deal with a German company, you may be sure that its service will be incredible. HomeAway is a German company, and therefore, you can be sure that HomeAway will do everything to satisfy your capricious demands. 

I used HomeAway to find myself a cool flat in one of the luxurious districts in Dubai. The price was more than merely affordable. It was still cheaper for me to stay in a luxurious flat than staying in a 5 stars hotel. That was my first experience of using HomeAway for flat rental. Nowadays, when I need a flat or a mansion anywhere in the world, I use only HomeAway.

My dear reader, I publish my posts with the intent to make you trips, travels, and vacations pleasurable and safe. I give real recommendations and tips that will definitely enhance the quality of your travel.  If you need to rent a flat, a mansion for your naughty vacations, a penthouse for your business meetings, believe my words, HomeAway is the best option that can be found in the world. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.