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russian girlsIn my previous blog posts, I have given you some useful information regarding Russian girls. Today, I will give you some of the most effective tips on how to easily and quickly seduce Russian girls. It is said that Russian girls are some of the most available girls in the world. This saying is absolutely true. I have lived in one of the countries that belonged to the former Soviet Union. More than 50 % of that country’s population consisted of Russians. Therefore, beginning from my childhood, I was always surrounded by hundreds of different Russian girls. Today. I am not interested in Russian girls anymore. I have had thousands of the sexiest Russian girls in my bed. My sexual appetite is already satisfied. At the same time, I realize there are millions of Western men who are eager of dating, making sex and marrying Russian girls. Also, there are loads of men from such Eastern countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, India, Chine, and others who are very interested in Russian girls. For these men, Russian girls are unreachable since they do not know how to approach them. In this blog post, you will find everything necessary in order to quickly seduce any of Russian girls.

Russian girls are very simple. I cannot say that Russian women are less complicated than American and European women. However, I can assure you that Russian girls will never be as difficult and problematic as Arab, or any other Muslim girls. Russian girls are not religiously or culturally obsessed. There is nothing in their mind that could prevent them from being sexually liberal and open-minded. Thus, there are no ideological, national, and cultural orders between you and Russian girls. Here is a list of best tips on how to promptly seduce Russian girls.


Looking too smart and insightful won’t benefit you while dating Russian girls. You will find that the majority of Russian girls are gold diggers. They look for some rich and stupid men. Being rich, and at the same time very stupid, are some of the qualities Russian women are looking for men. It will be very difficult to dig gold from a smart man. Therefore, Russian girls target rich fools. I do not recommend you getting rid of your intellect and brain. No, you do not need to do it. However, you can always act like a fool. Smile and laugh a lot. Give her some stupid jokes. Try not to keep silence for a long time since it may look very suspicious. When a person is silent, this means that he is thinking and analyzing. Consequently, a person is not a fool if he is able to analyze. Being talkative is the best thing you can do while dating Russian women. Generally, Russian women are not smart. They are too simple. Russian women can be easily fooled and manipulated.


Russian girls are very materialistic. Hence, your financial status will be the most important priority for any of the Russian women. The materialism of Russian girls does not resemble materialism of American women. Yes, Western women are very materialistic. However, they are less inclined to gold digging than Russian ladies. Some Russian women treat gold-digging as the only possible way to get rich and survive. Western girls are more independent than Russian women. Therefore, if you look like an available target for gold digging, your Russian girl will be easily fooled. Let her think that you are a naive man whose gold can be easily dug. This is a very effective trick I always use to seduce Russian ladies.


expensive carsRussian girls are financially avid women. You do not need to be a nice person to seduce Russian girls. You can simply buy any of them if you wish. Get an expensively looking car to date, Russian girls. Your car does not necessarily need to be Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Jaguar, and any other elite car brands. Russian women are not well experienced in cars. Just make sure that your car looks expensive and elegant. A gorgeous car will definitely impress your Russian ladies.


It is said that American women are very simple. This might be true. American women may be less demanding to their men than any other women around the world. This means that you may whatever you want while dating American women. The same habit will not work with Russian women. These girls are too scrupulous when it comes to external details. Your shoes must be always clean and neat. A Russian girl will definitely pay a lot of attention at the brand names of your watches, suits, t-shirts, jeans, wallets, and other clothes and accessories. This is why pack yourself very well before you start dating Russian girls. Being dressed very well is necessary to seduce Russian girls in a short period of time.


Remember that Russian is not a prosperous country. People in Russia is not rich. You can find a lot of rich people in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Therefore, there are millions of gorgeous Russian women who dream of abandoning Russia forever. These women love the USA, the European countries, and the rest of the world. For these provincial Russian ladies, Russian is the worst place in the world. Some of them want to marry Western men.

Whether you date Russian women, Latin girls, African girls, American girls, Asian girls, or any other women around the world, is always necessary to tell about your serious intentions. Being serious means being intended to marry a girl. Having a couple of hot nights is not considered to be serious. Therefore, your Russian girls need to be assured in your serious plans. Tell them about your dreams of a family, children, and etc. This method will definitely work with Russian girls.


drunk russian girls Drunk women are always more relaxed and open-minded. This tip can be applicable to women of any nations and races. Alcohol turns off self-criticism in a person. This is why we believe that a drunk person always tells what he thinks about. A drunk girl will do whatever she wants to do. Alcohol destroys all cultural, religious, ethic, and moral principles in a person. Drunk Russian women will do absolutely everything in bed.

Invite your Russian girlfriend to a restaurant. Let her drink some wine, champagne, whisky, tequila, vodka, or anything else. When she is already drunk, you can go wherever you want. She won’t insists on going home. Drive her to your flat, to a hotel, or anywhere else where you can make sex. You won’t need my instructions when your Russian girl is already drunk.

This is how you can easily and quickly seduce Russian women. Russian girls are very liberal and democratic. In sex, you will find that Russian girls love absolutely everything. Russian women love oral sex in both receiving and giving roles. A Russian girl will not refuse to have some anal sex. You can also practice some BDSM with Russian women. Wish you good luck seducing Russian girls.

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