monetize a blogMost of the bloggers build their blogs with the purpose of making money online. Almost every blogger wants to monetize his blog. A few millionaire bloggers inspired bloggers worldwide. Therefore, every single blogger strives to make tons of money blogging. Blogs are extremely popular on the Internet. Most of the Internet users read blogs. If you type a word in Google search, you will be definitely directed to one of the blogs on the Internet. There are 290 million blogs on the Internet. The amount of blogs on the cyberspace is bigger than the number of porn sites and online stores. We can say that 80% of all content on the Internet is generated by blogs. If you are an active user of the Internet, every day, you visit at least dozens of different. Some of these blogs are very well-known for you, and you also visit new blogs on a regular base. 

Any type of online area that has a big amount of live Internet users, can be potentially monetized. Affiliate marketing is one of the ways to make money from the page that is seen by loads of people on a daily basis. Most of the bloggers sell their personal services on their blogs. Another good idea is to integrate your personal online store to your blog and start selling your products. That is what I am planning to do. Amazon and eBay have huge traffic, and for that reason, these online marketplaces are the best online resources for trading. However, if your website has enough traffic, you can make a sustainable business by selling from your personal online store. In this article, I won’t discuss the ways how bloggers make money online. I will analyze all blog monetization pros and cons, and at the end, I will tell you whether it is easy or difficult to monetize a blog. 


To start a blog, you should have some content. Your content should be original and it cannot repeat or duplicate texts on other blogs. There are loads of different reasons why your content should be 100% original. The first of them is SEO purposes. Search Engine penalize digital thieves, and therefore, forget about the easy way of generating your content. There are hundreds of diverse posts on my blog, and none of them was copied from someone’s blog. Many bloggers recommend to visit other blogs, read their articles, and thus, generate new ideas for your blog. I do not follow these suggestions. My imagination functions very well, and for that reason, I do not need to visit other blogs. My content is 100% original. It takes a long time to write an awesome article covering all sides of your topic. A good post will require a couple of hours writing. Do not hope to write your posts in twenty or thirty minutes. It is absolutely impossible. If you want to have regular readers, you should give them high-quality content, and consequently, you will need to work very hard to fulfill this task. 


I found out that writing your articles is the fastest stage in the whole process of blogging. It takes me less time to write my posts than editing them. First of all, you will need to use special editors that will enhance your grammar and writing style. Most popular of them is Grammarly. Even Grammarly won’t find all the mistakes made in your writing. For that reason, you will need to carefully read your posts, and manually correct all grammar and spelling mistakes. This takes a lot of time. You will discover that editing your text is more time-consuming than writing. 


You cannot merely take all photos from Google and paste them in your articles. There are several types of images can be found on Google. Most of them are protected by copyright. Usually, these photos have an awesome quality. People may use them for non-commercial use. However, you are forbidden from using them on your blog. Since your blog can be potentially monetized, your use will be considered as a commercial. If you insert some of these copyright protected images in your posts, one day, you will receive emails or phone calls from its owners. In these occasions, digital thieves are required to pay a good compensation for the user of stolen photos. You may read about this problem on the Internet. I heard a story of the blogger who paid 700$ for a single photo that was stolen from her from Google. You may always configure your Google search to find the photos that are allowed for commercial use. However, you will find that their number is very limited and most of them are of a very poor quality. 

These factors make it very difficult to find beautiful and suitable images for your blog posts. You can always buy premium photos if you have enough money to do that. 

Thus, finding photos for your articles is another problem that makes blogging so sophisticated. 


After you have passed all the above-mentioned procedures, you can publish your posts. So what happens when you publish them? Nothing happens. Your website gets another a new post and that is all. Do not think that merely publishing your content will drive millions of people to your blog. That will never happen. Most of the bloggers make money in two ways. They are affiliate marketing, and CPC, CPA, and CPM ads. To make money using these tools, your blog should have thousands of visitors every day. First of all, you are concerned about the content you produce. Secondly, your head will be preoccupied with your traffic. You will consider the ways that may drive some traffic to your website. My blog is nearly 22 days old. At this time, I have enough blog posts and my blog is absolutely ready to be presented to my potential readers. Nowadays, I am concerned about the traffic. You have three main tools to drive traffic to your blog. They are SEO, Social Media Marketing, and advertising on popular websites. All of these methods are sophisticated.

I can conclude that the main factor that is mostly responsible for the monetization opportunities of your blog is your traffic. You can monetize your blog even if you have a single article. The most important thing in this procedure is your traffic. You need to drive thousands and maybe millions of people to your blog. Thus, you will be able to make money blogging. Even though your writing is better than the masterpieces of Shakespeare, you won’t make a single cent if you have no readers visiting your blog. Your content, its originality, and uniqueness are secondary factors. Web traffic is the main mechanism in the procedure of blog monetization. 

Hence, to monetize your blog, you will need to work in multiple directions. First of all, you will need to configure your SEO. Google uses more than 200 algorithms in website ranking. Your SEO work will require more time than blogging itself. It is necessary to make on-page SEO, build high-quality backlinks, improve your PR (Page Rank) and DA (Domain Authority). These are a few SEO areas on where you will be required to work very hard. Forget about hiring someone on Fiverr and other freelance resources. It will be a mere waste of your time and money. Cooperation with respectable and serious SEO companies is the best solution in this situation.

Social Media Marketing is not a less sophisticated activity than SEO. Do not hope that merely posting and sharing your articles on Facebook, Twitter, Google + will drive tons of people to your website. No, it will not happen. I know it by my own experience. I share and publish my posts on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google +, however, these social networks do not give me any satisfactory results. 

Advertising on popular websites is not the cheapest thing. If you are a rich man, you may spend a couple of thousands advertising and promote your blog on famous resources that have the same niche. If you are a beginner and you started blogging to make money, you may forget about this option, because it won’t be affordable for you. 


New bloggers are inspired by the public income reports of famous bloggers. Newbie bloggers hope to make thousands of dollars by blogging. Most of them are unaware that only 1% of bloggers make some money by blogging. Most of the bloggers do not make any profit through their blogs. Blogging is the most difficult way to make money online. If you urgently need money, I would advise you to start selling on Amazon and eBay. These online trade markets will make you rich very soon. Blogging is not a quick and easy option to become wealthy.  

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.