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beginning bloggersAccording to the latest data, there are nearly 300 million of blogs on the Internet. Moreover, thousands of new blogs open every day. Millions of bloggers around the globe publish their posts on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. All of them have different intentions. Some of them are involved in this movement for financial purposes. Others solely express their thoughts with the world. However, there is one thing uniting all of them. All the bloggers want to be heard. When you spend a lot of time writing, and editing your content, it will be very frustrating if your work is not recognized. If a person publishes own writing on his personal blog, he must be writing for someone. It is clear. Beginning bloggers are always concerned about a number of people visiting their blogs. For this reason, all of the bloggers strive to use all the available tools and instruments to drive as much web traffic as possible. At the same time, all of the above-mentioned things are not the only issues that unite beginning blogger. I have been to this stage. I also was a beginner in the beginning of my blogging activity. Today, I already have a sustainable blog with a large amount of materials and regular readers. In this post, I will give some useful tips to beginning bloggers. I hope that the below-mentioned recommendations will simplify your daily blogging activity.


This is the most important advice ever given to beginning bloggers. If you have read some of my previous articles, you already know that blogging is not the fastest way to make money online. Oppositely, it is the most time-consuming and difficult money-making tool. Of course, you might think that there are loads of famous bloggers who make tons of money blogging. Yes, I agree. Some bloggers make a very serious income by blogging. However, the percentage of money-spinning blogs is only 1%. 99% of bloggers do not earn any money by blogging. Therefore, be patient. Success in this industry does not come as soon as your blog is started. It will take you long months until you will start making some money from your blog. High patience is necessary for everything related to your blogging activity. Whether you are writing your posts, editing them, editing images for your articles, enhancing your SEO performance, running affiliate marketing campaigns, be patient. Blogging is a tremendously scrupulous activity. Without patience, you will never succeed in this sphere. Being patient is one of the most important recommendations ever given to beginning bloggers.


Beginning bloggers are always eager of getting as much web traffic as possible in the shortest time. Web traffic is crucial for monetization purposes. However, it does not come very soon. There are loads of different traffic-driving tools on the Internet. Nevertheless, none of them will be effective in the beginning. As you already know, SEO requires some time. A new blog will never receive huge amounts of web traffic from search engines. It will take at least six months for a newly launched blog to start getting some traffic from SE. My blog is only 2,5 months old today. Therefore, I do not expect any traffic from SE. Of course, I improve and work on my SEO; however, I perfectly know that SEO takes some time. Google and other search engines do not trust new blogs. As you know DA (Domain Authority) is crucial for website’s rankings. And as you know, DA metrics does not grow in a few days or months. It takes a long time for DA to increase. New bloggers must understand that web traffic will not come soon. Of course, if your budget lets you spend thousands of dollars on the advertisement, you might get huge web traffic very soon. But is you do not have any financial resources to promote your website, do not expect a good traffic during first 6 months of your blogging activity.


Beginning bloggers understand how SEO work, and therefore, they do everything in order to improve SEO of their websites. A high-quality on-page SEO, building backlinks, and many other SEO related activities are practiced by professional and beginning bloggers. What I would like to say is that SEO results do not come immediately. Even if you build thousands of high-quality backlinks, it will take some time until your blog will become more powerful. Search engines function according to specific algorithms and systems, and consequently, we are unable to change the way they work. If you look at the best SEO performing blogs, you will recognize that most of them are enough old. A new blog has very low chances to get good ranks on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. Therefore, prepare yourself for a hard and very long work.


For beginning bloggers, it might seem very hard to add new content on a regular basis. Some professional bloggers advise not to write on a regular daily basis. They think that the bloggers will be exhausted. However, if you have a lot of free time and you do not know how to spend it effectively, blogging will be a good option for you. I see nothing wrong in writing regularly. Publishing three or four goo articles every day is not a difficult task. Beginning bloggers are in need of fresh content. Since your blog is new, you will definitely need to write as many posts as you are able. A blog with a huge amount of content has more chances to be successful. Having a lot of materials on your blog is also crucial for your blog’s SEO score.


This is one of the most meaningful recommendations I would like to give to beginning bloggers. Let me tell you what happens when a new blogger starts blogging. As soon as he has added a good amount of materials on his blog, he starts comparing own results with the results of famous and popular blogs. I was doing just the same thing. In some occasions, these types of comparisons might be beneficial, because it develops and improves a bloggers performance. However, in some cases, these comparisons can make you desperate. Success in blogging depends on a multitude of different reasons. High-quality content is not the only responsible factor. I can self-assuredly say that time holds a foremost significance for blogging success. Do you know any new blogs that are already popular and famous? To be honest, I do not know any new and already successful blogs. It is physically impossible to make your blog successful and money-spinning in a few months. Therefore, beginning blogger must always remember that they are beginners.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.