customer reviewsPositive customer reviews are extremely important if you want to boost your Amazon sales. Ask anyone who works in Amazon about the best way to increase your income on Amazon, and you will hear that positive customer reviews are the best tool to improve your online sales. Everyone who is dealing with Amazon has questioned himself and Google with the following question: “ What is the best way to receive customer reviews on Amazon?” You are motivated to make more money and you will do everything to sell more, and make more cash through your online business. Since customer reviews are the most effective way to boost your sales, let me give you some tips on how to receive these reviews, which may make your product the number one bestseller on Amazon.


Let me give you some particular examples. Let us imagine that you have written a book and you want to get some positive reviews on Amazon. Order yourself several copies of your book from CreateSpace or any other companies which can print your books. Make hundreds or even thousands of copies if you wish. The number of paperbacks will depend on the number of reviews you are planning to receive. If you have a limited budget you may be limited from printing too much of your physical books. When everything is ready, take a notebook and a pen. Write a list of your friends, neighbors, colleagues, everyone you know. Complete the list and then visit these people. Tell them about your book, it’s content. Give these books as gifts to people whom you visit, and kindly ask them to write reviews on Amazon. Amazon is a part of American culture and almost everyone has accounts on Amazon. I can assure you that 85% of these people will post awesome reviews which will definitely boost your sales. Wait a week and then make phone calls to everyone with whom you have given your books. Ask their opinions, critiques, and thoughts. At the end of every phone conversation remind them to post a review on Amazon. Soon you will see dozens and maybe hundreds of positive reviews that will praise your book. Thus your Amazon business will be boosted. If you follow these steps you will build a long-term regular income on Amazon. 


Every promotion means sales. If you promote your products no doubts that you will make some sales. Nobody assures you that you will sell millions of your goods and they will become bestsellers but you will surely sell something. If you make some sales there is no doubt that some of your buyers will post you some reviews on Amazon. It depends on the quality of your products whether you receive positive or negative reviews. The promotion of your product will guarantee you some feedback.   It will cost you some money to launch a good, effective promotion and this way is not the best tool to get reviews if your budget is limited.


There are several companies on the Internet that are ready to read your book and then post a review on Amazon. This service is not free. You will need to pay in order to get reviews. The most popular website in this field is www.therevieweffect.com. This company is approved by Amazon itself. So what are the terms and conditions of this service? You pay the company 70$ for thirty reviews, they give your book to its members for reading; members of the company read your book and post their reviews on Amazon. The reviews will be honest. You may pay for this service and receive several negative reviews instead. Thus you will pay someone to provide you with a failure. All reviews will show up on Amazon in two weeks. There are a lot of other services on the Internet which may provide you the same service. I advise you www.therevieweffect.com because it is the cheapest one, all reviews will be professional and effective. 

There are some individuals on www.goodreads.com who may offer you a review service. The will you do the same thing but the charges will be bigger. I have recently received a couple of such suggestions on GoodReads. One of them was 15$ for a single review. Multiply 15$ by 30 = 450$. Therefore www.therevieweffect.com is the best choice for everyone who wants to use this method. 


There is a list of Amazon’s Top Reviewers here https://www.amazon.com/review/top-reviewers. Some people recommend writing personal messages and ask to review your product.  Do you want to know my opinion? I think this is the worst way to receive customer reviews on Amazon. Why? So let me explain why I think so. First of all these people are very busy and every day they receive hundreds of requests to review different products. They won’t even spot your message in their messy mailboxes. If you read their profiles some of them ask not to send them review requests. Therefore I suggest you forget about this tool. Sometimes it may work and some of them may pity you by paying some attention to your requests. However, it is the worst tool you may use to receive your desired Amazon reviews.


Yes, Fiverr may help you somehow. Just post your buyer request and specify that you want Amazon reviews to be posted. You won’t receive too many offers because posting on reviews on Amazon is not similar to posting somewhere on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. There are a lot of reasons why Amazon can simply delete all the reviews. Therefore people on Fiverr do not want to deal with Amazon reviews. You will receive from 10 to 20 offers. Choose the most qualified one a negotiate the details. 

Receiving Amazon customer reviews is not the easiest thing. You have to choose amongst the above describe methods in order to receive effective reviews in a short time. You may just leave everything up and let time give you some reviews but this is not the right strategy if you really want to boost your sales and build a long-term income on Amazon.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.