Life puts us in different situations. How often do you see dreams while sleeping? Some people see dreams every night, some have no dreams, and some see dreams from time to time. Even if you don’t have any dreams at night, it is clear that you have seen some dreams in your life. I need to clarify that. Can you control what you see in your dreams? Some specialists claim to be able to create their night dreams. I do not agree with them because it is impossible to control something when you are in an unconscious condition of mind. Your brain is off when you fell asleep. There may be some activities in your brain while sleeping, but this condition may be considered as the “POWER OFF’ regime of your brain. It is impossible to control something when you are OFF. I am talking about these issues because I want to compare our life with a dream that you cannot control. Sometimes you may see something very scary in your dream and you won’t be able to do anything with it. How often do you see yourself in prisons or in madhouses while sleeping? How often have you seen yourself being chased by someone in your night dreams? Everyone has had scary nightmares which sometimes have no difference from real events in our life. Life is the same as our night dreams. We cannot control our destiny and events that will happen to us in the future. I am aware of the fact that there are thousands of readers who won’t agree with my statement. I also appreciate and respect those people who do not accept my opinion. Destiny, fatalism, and free choice are not the themes of my today’s blog post. All I want to say is that it is necessary to be ready for every possible situation. One of these occasions is when you live in a society that you hate.

You must be sure that anything may happen to you. You should know that your life may change in a few minutes. Sometimes we are forced to do something that we dislike. Sometimes we are forced to live in places that we hate. How often have you been in such situations? I have faced such terrible situations. I was put in situations when due to some external circumstances I had to live in societies that I hate.  

I want to say that living amongst people who you dislike is very difficult. Have you ever been in this situation? Living with a society that you hate is really terrible. Some people may say that living in a horrible society is very easy and all you have to do is just to isolate yourself. These people are incorrect. There are many negative significant effects of living in a society that you hate. First of all, let us make us clear that the process of living in this situation becomes awful. Sometimes you may not wish to live and you want to die. Your life becomes terrible because it gives you only frustration and negative emotions. Let me give you a list of results when you live in a society which you hate.


You may not have any friends. Yeah, it is a common thing. Imagine yourself living with people whom you hate. Will you befriend one of them? If you are not insane, you won’t even approach them. Nobody befriends someone whom he disgusts. I usually want to befriend handsome people whom I like. I never feel any sympathy for people who are not interesting to me. People start wars against people whom they disgust. So it will be very unusual if you befriend someone whom you dislike. There are different things such as an adaptation but I don’t believe it. I’d rather be absolutely alone than speak with someone who is repulsive to me. I state that it is impossible to have friends in a society that you hate. You have lots of chances to have many enemies in such crowds and therefore forget about any friendship. 


You surely won’t respect a society that is really disgusting for you. When you hate people, those people start hating you too. Do not even think that someone may love you if you hate them. No, it is not viable. So when you disrespect someone, the whole society disrespects you. It is very easy for the whole society to be disrespected by a single individual, but it is very difficult for a single individual to be disrespected and hated by the whole society. I did not write this blog post in order to discourage you from living in a society that you hate. I am aware of the fact that sometimes we have no choice and we are forced to live somewhere where we currently live. This may happen due to a multitude of different factors and reasons which I won’t explain in this blog. The main idea is that occasionally we have no options to choose from. I do not tell you “Stop hating and start loving!”No, I won’t tell you this. If you hate someone or you hate a whole society, you must have some significant reasons to do it. Continue hating. It is your right. I will also tell you that there are some nations and countries whom I hate, and I have very noteworthy reasons to hate them all my life. I won’t stop hating them! It is our right to love or hate and nobody has a right to tell you what to do. 

You may have asked me why did I decide to write a blog post and write here about the results and effects of living in a society that you hate. I did it to let you know that living in such societies may be very dangerous for you, and if you have opportunities to abandon your hated society, you should do it as soon as possible  


If you hate a society, that means that you hate all people who belong to that society. Every society consists of men and women. When you hate a society, that society also hates you. When you hate a person, you receive the same emotions from him. Hence, finding yourself someone for sex will become impossible. I know that some of you may not agree with me, but if you think and consider deeply, you will understand that I am right.


That’s right. You won’t be able to develop yourself in a society that you hate. It is absolutely impossible to be successful in a place that is disgusting for you. First of all, let us clarify what are the things that motivate people to become successful. Usually, we want to achieve a particular status to become respected members of a particular society. I know some people who want to become deputies, ministers, or some other significant personalities. Why do they have such ambitions and intentions? They want it because they respect their society and they want to become respectable members of that society. That is the reason. So will you want to become a respectable member of a society that you hate? No, I think you won’t want that. You have more chances to become a government felon in the society that you hate. If you hate a society, you will ignore its rules, norms, culture, customs, traditions, and popular principles which are highly appreciated in that society. That means that we always ignore a society that we hate. So you won’t have any motivation to become a successful person in that society. At the same time, every business demands your communication skills. Will you be able to build a good communication with someone whom you hate? I don’t know your answer but let me tell you that I will never make business with someone whom I hate. 

The absence of career opportunities is one of the significant results caused by living in a society that you.


If you live in a society that you hate, you will always be in a bad mood. Nothing will make you happy. Humane communication is very important for our mood. We always happy when we have lots of friends and people whom we love. Living in a society that you hate will result in hatred. You will see hatred everywhere. You won’t even want to go outside your house. 

I have mentioned some of the most significant results and effects of living amongst the people whom you hate  This situation is really terrible. You need to get rid of it as soon as possible. You will lose all your life and happiness. Leave and abandon that terrible society, go abroad, and live with people whom you love and respect.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.