Empire of the Ants by Bernard Werber


Empire of the Ants by Bernard WerberWe think that our civilization is the most advanced and developed on the planet. Usually, we underestimate and disrespect animals and insects whose way of living is much more complicated than ours. Ants are some of those insects whose systems are extremely complex and sophisticated. ‘Empire of the Ants’ by Bernard Werber is one of the best books that will tell you a lot about the life of ants in a novelistic style. 

Bernard Werber is a French science fiction author of several international bestsellers. ‘Empire of the Ants’ is a science fiction novel telling about the life and civilization of ants in a science fiction manner. Jonathan Wells and his family have moved to a new apartment in Paris, rue des Sybarites. This flat is a flat of their uncle Edmond. The flat is old, rusty, and unclean. Nobody has lived there for a while. Jonathan Wells inherited the whole apartment but he was warned never to go down into the cellar. After some time, the family’ss dog disappears down the basement steps. Jonathan, his wife, and whole family follow down to find the dog thereby ignoring the warning regarding the cellar. This action will have loads of serious consequences. 

I read this book five years ago. The book is a real masterpiece. I highly rate this book because it combines several fiction genres in one work. If you love science and fiction, then, ‘Empire of the Ants’ is one of the first books you should consider reading. In a novelistic style, Bernard Werber tells a very captivating, interesting, and informative story about the empire of the ants. Sometimes, non-fiction books are boring. New knowledge and information is the main advantage of non-fiction books. However, it is perfect when an author can tell a non-fiction story through fictitious narration. 

I highly recommend this book to everyone interested in insects, and ants, specifically. The wold of ants is very complex and sophisticated. Among ants, there are different ranks such as soldiers, workers, and members of the ant elite. The civilization of ants is marvelous. If you want to learn something new about ants, and at the same time, be entertained, then, you will surely love ‘Empire of the Ants’ by Bernard Werber. 

Written by Bahtiyar
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