realityThe quality of your life is not always as you want it to be. Sometimes, life becomes so disgusting that you want to escape from your reality. In this situation, you are unable to change anything in your life. When your life circumstances become unbearable, you have the only option to protect your mental health. This option is to escape from your reality. If you are a mature person, you have definitely been to such occasions when your life became truly terrible. When you are unable to change anything in your life, you have to be patient. Being patient is necessary when you are stuck in difficult life situations.

Even though you are enough sober, long time frustrations and depressions can severely harm and damage your mental health. In most cases, psychological problems cause physical health problems. For example, high-stress levels may cause diabetes. For this reason, we must be very careful and attentive with our mood. When your life situations are not those you always dreamed about, you will definitely hate your reality. Some people say that it is better to accept your reality even if you hate it. I would not recommend doing this. When I hate my reality, I merely escape from it. This lets me be in a good mood, have positive thinking. When you hate something happening in your life, you have two choices. You can accept your reality, or you can escape from it. I prefer the second option. In this post, I will give you some effective tips that will let you run away from the reality you hate.


This is the best way to escape from your hateful reality. Books are my best friends. A few years ago, I had very tough time. Only books were with me. That time, books were the one ones that talked with me. Even when you are surrounded by the people whom you hate and disgust, books will help you to escape to other worlds, centuries, and geographical locations. Reading is considered to be the best treatment against stress and depressions. My favorite writer is Alexander Dumas. I have read almost all of his famous books. During my tough time, Dumas was the only friend I had in my life during a long period of time. I was reading his adventurous stories. Thus, I used to escape from the reality I did not want to be in. Louis Stevenson is another writer whom I love very much. His writing is really awesome. He is one of my favorite writers. Let me mention Honore de Balzac and Victor Hugo. These writers are great professionals. Whilst Balzac is a realist, Hugo prefers wrote a lot of books romances dedicated to romanticism. Anyway, both of them are genius writers.

Thus, reading is the best healer. Whenever you hate something in your life, do everything in order to solve your real problems. Moreover, treat everything happening to you as a nightmare that will not last long. Good books will help you to escape from your hateful reality.


To dream, you need nothing than your imagination. Close your eyes, and start imagining everything you want to have in your life. Even if you are incarcerated in some of the worst prisons of the world, your imagination will make you free. Your fantasy has no limits. Close your eyes, and then, imagine yourself on a wonderful island populated with good, kind, and generous people. As soon as you do it, you will start feeling better. Life is like a lottery. Today, you might be lucky enjoying a sweet cocktail at some of the most luxurious hotels of the world. Tomorrow, everything might change. None of us is protected from unpredictable life circumstances. Prepare yourself for ever possible life situation.

People, who do not dream, are the saddest in the world. To be honest, our life is too gray and boring. Without dreaming, it will become worse.


Sometimes, your hateful reality is connected with the places you are residing in. It may be a country or a city. In some cases, we are forced to live in the placed we hate. Usually, when we hate a particular country, we disgust its government, climate, population, and many other things. If this is your situation, your problems are caused by your current geographical situation. In this situation, I would like to recommend avoiding everything that reminds you about your present location. When we watch local TV, we usually see some government faces that we repulse. If you hate the country you are residing in, you will definitely want to migrate somewhere else. Therefore, try to fill your life with images, landscapes, and pictures of the places that you love. Local TV channels will remind you of that boring country you are living right now. When you watch local channels, you will see a lot of government members whom you hate. This will add you a lot of stress and negative emotions.

Do not local TV channels if you want to escape from your hateful reality. I never watch political channels. Politics is the worst thing we have in our life. It is always negative. God has cursed politics.


I have a large experience of surviving in the places that I hated very much. Sometimes, everything around you starts annoying you. I have been to this situation, and therefore, I know how to survive. A person with high intellectual capabilities easily fed ups of silly people. Monotony depresses intelligent people. If you are already tired of the society you are living in, you can isolate yourself anytime you wish. Of course, lonely life might be difficult. However, it is better to be lonely than being among stupid people.

If you are stuck in some life situations that you hate, you should not expect that your problems will be resolved without your participation. Do everything in order to fix your problems. Escaping from your reality does not mean escaping from your real problems. Sometimes, you need to escape from your reality when it becomes unbearably difficult and stressing. Nevertheless, do not try to escape from the real problem you have. Otherwise, their number will enlarge.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.