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armenian womenWhen you search for Armenian women in Google, you will find a couple of websites with a few articles about Armenian women. This is what I have just done. In addition, I found that the majority of blog posts about Armenian women are either copied or spun. To be honest, there is no much information about Armenian women on the Web. When you browse the Internet, you will find a bunch of websites writing the same things about Armenian women. I have had some experience dating and having sex with Armenian women. Therefore, I have a lot of things to say about sexy and gorgeous Armenian women.

Armenian women are tremendously popular around the world. Kim Kardashian is one of those people who made Armenian women famous. To be honest, I am not a fan of this woman. She might be beautiful. However, I am absolutely sure that her attractiveness and charisma are overestimated by the help of mass media. Kim Kardashian reminds me of a Barbie doll. Kim is a beautiful woman without any intellectual and cultural virtues. When you get rich, everyone will start talking about you. No matter how gorgeous or ugly you are, your money will definitely make you famous and popular. Since Kim Kardashian is a mix of Armenian and other nationalities, men and women started being interested in Armenian girls. Therefore, we can say that Kim Kardashian popularized Armenian women around the globe.

From ancient times, Armenian women were well-known with their gorgeous looks and domestic behavior. Yes, Armenian women might look wonderful and sexy. However, I can assure you that Armenian girls are not the best women for sex experiments and adventures. Armenian environment makes Armenian women some of the least sexually liberal and open-minded women in the world. Armenian women can be caring and loyal wives. However, it won’t be intellectually honest if I say that Armenian girls are hot-tempered, sexy, and available. No, these qualities do not suit Armenian women. I am not a woman’s beauty worshipper. I do not really care how beautiful a woman is. I was never looking for fantastically gorgeous women. There are a lot of other qualities that I value more in women. Mostly, I love hot-tempered and passionate women. I don’t like spoiled princesses. This is what exactly what I want to say about Armenian women. Most of them are spoiled princesses. Here is some valuable information that will let you know and understand Armenian girls better.


Usually, men make conclusions about Armenian women by looking at Kim Kardashian. This woman is famous for her porn videos uploaded on different porn sites. I am sure most of us have already watched Kim Kardashian sucking a black penis. Then, she gets her pussy licked, and the movie continues as usual. Kim is a sexually liberal woman. However, it will be wrong to compare her with Armenian women. First of all, Kim Kardashian is not a pure Armenian woman. She has a mix of different nationalities in her blood. Accordingly, her national mentality and genetic information differ from Armenian women. Secondly, Kim Kardashian lives in the world’s most liberal and democratic country. When you are in the USA, you can do almost everything. Unless you do not harm anyone, you can do whatever you want. There s no a strict society or taboos in the USA. Therefore, you should not compare natural Armenian girls, who live in conservative Armenian villages with American Kim Kardashian, who lives in the USA and possess dozens of millions of dollars in her bank accounts.

Armenian society is very conservative. You will find that the capital of Armenia is more liberal than other parts of this country. In Yerevan, Armenian girls might be more open-minded and sexually liberal. You will see this state in almost every country of the world. Cities are more modern and democratic than villages. What is more, you will find that capitals are always sexier and hotter than other cities in a country. Sometimes, Armenian families remind me of strict and conservative Caucasian societies. In these types of communities, women are protected. The cult of virginity is usually worshiped in Armenian families. Being a virgin is a must in Armenia. If an Armenian girl loses her virginity before getting married, it will be treated as she lost her dignity. Lust and promiscuity are considered to be disgraceful in Armenia.


In Armenia, parents have a great influence on their daughters. Armenian women always obey their fathers and mothers. Thus, if you want to date Armenian girls, you will need to get approved by their families. This is absolutely usual in Armenia. In the USA, it might look very weird to ask someone’s permission to date his daughter. In Armenia, it is a must. At the same time, I think that Yerevan Armenian girls are less obedient to their parents than Armenian village girls. This is why Armenian obedience is not an absolute fact. However, I can confidently assure you that Armenian girls will continue sticking to their families even if you marry them.


As I have told you, Armenian society is very religious and conservative. Moreover, Armenian women are genetically predisposed to marriage. Armenian girls are family-oriented. Armenian women are not as playful, naughty, and hot-tempered as Filipinas, Thai girls, and Latin women. I always say that genetics plays one of the major roles in a person’s behavior. In addition, strict and conservative customs of Armenia make a strong impact upon Armenian women’s behavior and mentality. This is why Armenian girls look for serious and reliable men.

armenian girls

To successfully date Armenian girls, you will need to assure them in your serious intentions. In Armenia, being serious does not mean being a loyal boyfriend. In this mountainous country, only family and marriage oriented men are accepted as serious. Therefore, you will need to assure your Armenian girls in your family building intentions. Tell her that you want to marry her. Say that you want kids from her. This approach to Armenian women might be effective. However, this does not guarantee that Armenian girls will agree to have sex with you. The majority of Armenian girls keep their virginity for their husbands. Hence, you chances to get laid with some of the non-prostitute Armenian girls are very low. Anyway, you should not lose your hope. Among a society, there are different types of people. Therefore, you will always find some sexy and horny Armenian girls who do not resemble that conservative image of Armenian girls.


Most of the Armenian women are raised and educated in traditional Armenian manners. Most of the Armenian women have conservative mothers. Accordingly, young Armenian women inherit traditional behavior and mentality of classic Armenian women. This makes Armenian girls very loyal wives and caring children. Armenian girls are not entertainment and showgirls. Girls from Armenia respect family values. Also, they are very obedient to their husbands. These qualities are in the blood of every Armenian girl.

Finally, Armenian women are some of the least available women in the world. Even though these women are not mentally restricted by any of the world’s ridiculous ideas, Armenian women are very conservative. They are not as easy as the majority of men may assume them to be. On the opposite side, Armenian girls are good for building a family. If you want to have a gorgeous, sexy, and loyal wife, Armenian girls will be the best women for this purpose. You will definitely make a wise decision if you marry a wonderful Armenian woman.

Written by Bahtiyar
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