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posting commentsBefore I started blogging, I was assuming that blogging means writing and publishing content on a blog. That time, I knew nothing about blogging. This is why my assumptions were so wrong. After a few months of a regular blogging, I understood that blogging is a wide system of different mechanism contacted to each other. Every day, I strive to give the most useful and effective information regarding some of the parts of blogging. Today, I decided to dedicate this article to posting professional comments.

You might think that posting comments have nothing to do with the blogging business. If you think so, I will bet that you know nothing about blogging. In fact, posting comments on popular websites and blogs has a huge multitude of different benefits. If you plan to start blogging professionally, you will have to include comments posting as a necessary element of your blogging strategy.

Before I start giving you tips that will teach you to post professional comments, I will tell you some of the major benefits of posting comments. If you want a person to do something, you will definitely need to motivate him. I want you not to underestimate the importance of posting professional comments on popular blogs. This activity will benefit your blogging business. Therefore, let me give you some good motivational information that will positively shift your opinion regarding posting comments. Also, I will give you some of the most powerful recommendations on how to professionally post your comments.


In most cases, bloggers post comments in order to build backlinks pointing back to their websites. When you start posting your comments on a blog, you will be required to insert your website’s URL. Further, when your comments are published and approved, this URL will become a backlink pointing to your website. Mostly, these types of comments give you nofollow backlinks. In 99 of 100 cases, your comments will provide you with nofollow backlinks. Sometimes, you may also get dofollow backlinks by commenting. There are no SEO benefits if you get nofollow backlinks by posting comments. What is more, a big number of nofollow backlinks may harm your website’s SEO. Usually, blogs that have an over exceeding number of nofollow backlinks might be suspected in spam. Therefore, pay attention at the quantity of nofollow backlinks your blog gets.

If your main objective is to get some high-quality dofollow backlinks, posting might not satisfy your needs. At the same time, there are loads of different blogs that give dofollow backlinks to your URL while commenting. Before you start writing your comments, check out other comments’ links in the code. If they are marked as ‘nofollow’, you should not waste your time by posting your comments. I suggest this only if you are solely aimed at building dofollow backlinks. If you have other objectives, posting comments will be always beneficial.


When you post some comments on popular blogs, you will see a lot of people coming to your blog through those links. This means that people start being interested in your personality. Some of these visitors might become your regular readers. Usually, popular blogs have huge volumes of web traffic. Therefore, posting comments on these widely visited blogs will expose and promote your blog to some extent. Of course, posting comments will never make such effects as promotional content or advertisement. Nonetheless, comments can still brand your blog to some degree.

If you plan to promote your blog by posting comments, you should choose dozens of popular blogs. Famous blogs are already well-known. If you do not know any of them, you will be able to find them on Google. Every blogging niche has its leaders. Find those leaders and start commenting on their blogs. Keep in mind that your comments should not look spammy. Do not insert any links in your text. If you have entered your blog’s URL in the required blank, this will be absolutely sufficient to get a backlink to your website. If you insert your URL in your comments, it is very likely that they won’t be approved. When I see such comments on my blog, I immediately mark them as spam. What is more, try not to look like you are promoting yourself or your blog. Before posting your comments, you will need to carefully read the article on that page. Your comments should include some information that is related to the topic of that page’s blog post. If you ignore these issues, it is very probable that you won’t have your comments published.


Posting comments may become a very good tool to drive some web traffic to your blog. Of course, comments will never provide your blog with huge volumes of web traffic. Nonetheless, they will still send dozens of visitors to your blog.

Choose some of the most popular blogs on the Internet. Start posting your comments. At the same time, do not try to spam those web resources. Spamming can get you entirely blocked from commenting on the Web. Post a few comments on each of those websites. Try to write long and meaningful comments. If people like them, they will definitely decide to visit your blog. If you write something simple and invaluable, it is very probable that readers will simply ignore your link.


business partners If you do not believe that posting comments can make you new friends and business partners, I will bet that you are new to blogging. Moreover, it is very probable that you have never posted comments. Bloggers are very active users of the Internet. In fact, bloggers spend the majority of their daily time in front of their laptops. They live in the cyberspace. They spend hours by writing new content for their blogs. Usually, every blogger checks his inbox several times a day. Bloggers always reply to comments. In reality, it is very pleasurable to see someone leaving good comments under your blog posts. Also, it is a great pleasure to answer them.

I have made several friends and business partners by simply posting comments. One of them is a travel blogger. I posted a comment on her blog. Then, she replied me. After some comments on her website, we started chatting via emails. Thus, this communication went further. You never know what will happen when you post your comments on popular blogs.


Actually, I planned to write two separate articles about comments. In one of these blog posts, I was planning to write about the main benefits of posting comments. In the second post, I was going to give you effective recommendations on how to post your comments professionally. Finally, I decided to combine these separate articles into a single blog post. I think that my decision was very wise. Below, I will share some of the best recommendations on how to post your comments professionally so that they will be approved and published.


If you have a personal blog, you will also have a domain name that is associated with your website. For example, my domain name is I can create as many emails with associated with this domain name as I want. My main email is [email protected] I always use this email in my blogging business. Also, this email is associated with my gravatar.

You may have a lot of emails. You can use them whenever you want. However, for a professional commenting, it is will be better to use an email that is associated with your blog’s domain name. These emails look more credible.


real photo While posting comments, you should avoid any anonymity. Being anonymous might be good in other situation. If you decide to start posting professional comments, you will need to have your personal gravatar. Upload a good image of you on your gravatar. When you post a comment using your gravatar, your photo will be automatically displayed on a website.

When I see comments made by a person without a gravatar, I usually send these comments to trash. If I see that a comment is additionally spammy, I always mark it as spam. I do not want to spoil my blog’s design. Blank spaces always look terrible. Therefore, I am very likely to approve comments posted by a person who has a photo.

Posting comments is very important to an overall success of your blogging business. You should never underestimate the importance of posting comments. As you have already seen, posting comments has a wide variation of diverse benefits and advantages. Also, I tried to give you the most helpful tips on how to post your comments professionally. I hope this article will help you in your blogging projects.

Written by Bahtiyar
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