wifeMarriage is one of the most significant events in a person’s life. I am not married yet for a couple of reasons. First of all, I appreciate my independence and freedom. I love traveling the world and enjoying my playboy lifestyle. Therefore, I do not even think about getting married. Living a family life is a great responsibility. A married man is responsible for his wife and children. I am aware of the reasons why people get married; however, I do not see any value in those reasons. Some people love children. I also love them, but I hate taking care of them. Caring for children is a very meticulous activity. Men like me have created absolutely different purposes. 

I do not claim that all men are the same. There are loads of men who were created for a calm family life. Consequently, these men have all the necessary qualities and inclinations to get married as soon as possible. These men are not playboys. A single woman will be enough for them to feel absolutely happy. For these men, I have prepared this awesome article. Further, I will talk about the most important factors needed to be considered while choosing a wife.   


When mothers choose wives for their sons, first of all, they pay utmost attention to the girl’s family. The family of your future wife is very important for a multitude of significant reasons. As you know, a good wife should have a good behavior and culture. So what is the first place where a girl gets her education and moral values? Of course, it is her family. A mother is a first teacher for her daughter. If your girlfriend’s mom is a whore, it is very likely that your girl has the same slutty life preferences. Usually, men love whores. This is why so many men use services of street girls. If you ask me whether I prefer a calm girl or a passionate bitch, I will choose the second option. Sex and family relationship are absolutely different. A girl might be a perfect wife, and at the same time, she may be the worse woman in bed. A good wife is not mandatory a good lover. Therefore, pay much attention to the family she comes from. A girl from a good family will be a perfect wife for you. 


Sexologists say that love and passion do not last too long. One day, your gorgeous wife will stop appearing so outstanding for you. You will be tired of her very soon.     Young men expect that their passion will last forever. It is not true. A man needs different sex stimulus in order to be sexually healthy. Having sex with the same girl for a long time might cause a man’s weakness. Sexologists are absolutely true when they make statements regarding love and passion. These feelings die very soon. However, there is a thing that still unites couples. This thing is common interests. No doubts, a couple should have similar interests and hobbies. I do not say that a wife and a husband must have 100% the same inclinations.  Nevertheless, their worldview should resemble each other. We hate the people who differ from us. At the same time, we find that the people with our interests, hobbies, and worldview are smarter than others. To have a harmony in a family life, spouses resemble each other as much as possible. 

Analyze your girlfriend’s worldview. If she is too different from you, you won’t have anything good in a couple. In the beginning, your family life might look wonderful. After some time, you will regret about your marriage. Marriage is a legal union of two different people, and therefore, these people should understand each other very well. Two individuals with different worldview and values are not able to comprehend each other’s thoughts. Thus, I advise you to explore your girlfriend deeper before you decide to marry her. 


Sex life is very important in a family life. I can even way that the quality of sex with your wife will influence the whole relationship in your couple. When one of the spouses is not satisfied, this dissatisfaction starts making its negative effect on your family’s happiness. You might have the same hobbies, interests, and worldview, however, if you do not like your wife in bed, you will wish to divorce as soon as possible. Both women and men should be sexually satisfied in family life.  

Taste your girlfriend before you marry her, big differences in sexual temperaments might make your life terrible. It is perfect when spouses have the same sexual temperament. 


No doubts, a good wife must have a soft, merciful character. Women with terrible characters are truly disgusting. Life with a cold hearted woman would be really awful. For this reason, analyze your girlfriend’s character very well. If you do not like something in her behavior, do not think that you will be able to change it. People never change. Do not hope to configure your future wife’s behavior as you wish. Believe me, it is absolutely impossible. 

Your girlfriend’s intellectual potential is not as important as her character. Choose a girlfriend with a good character and you will never lose. 


For me, cooking skills of my future wife are highly important. I do not need a wife who does not know how to cook. There are some types of women who do not like cooking. I have met some of them. I would never wish to marry any of them. Usually, women with high intellectual capabilities are not good wives. These women hate cooking because they think this activity to be time-wasting. Some women are fans of cooking. You should definitely marry a girl who enjoys cooking very much. 


A woman might stick to a man for a variety of different reasons. Some women need a good supplier of material goods. These women do not care much about your appearance, intellect, character, and other things. Your money is the most important thing for this type of women. This kind of girl will never truly love you. Therefore, I do not recommend you to marry her. Think about your girlfriend’s real intentions towards you. Does she love you or not? Does she want your money or it is not so important for her? Ask yourself different question while choosing a wife. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.