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proudDo you like proud people? I do not like them. Proud people are disliked by most of the people around the globe. This quality is not an advantage. Usually, people try to stay away from proud people. Communication with a proud person won’t give you anything more than frustration, bad mood, and negative emotions. I do not interact with proud people. Pride is the feeling that does not let you succeed in your life. Why are we motivated to achieve something? Usually, we strive to achieve something when we are not fully satisfied with our progress. This unsatisfaction is a very powerful stimulator that makes us do efforts and achieve our aims. We want to be proud of our achievements, and therefore, we want to be successful. Proud people are already proud and they do not need anything to compensate the absence of self-confidence. They are already very confident and they do not need to have something external to make them feel very well. That is the main reason why proud people are not successful. A woman who lives in a desert may be very proud of the fact that she is a descendant of a great prophet, king, or any other valuable person. She may have no money, no beauty, no authority, but she still thinks that she is better than all people around the world. Do you think that she wants some external success in order to feel comfortable? No, she does not require anything. She is already a superb personality. The reasons why people are proud may be real and sometimes they are imaginable. People who have nothing to be proud of, imagine and create themselves different fairytales in order to sense extraordinary. I know several nations that do not have any achievements except different violent revolutions, rebellions, and other bad behaviors. These nations do not have anything real to be proud about, and therefore, some of them created different ideas and myths stating that they are a superb race or an extraordinary nation. They compensate the absence of their achievements by versatile dreams which keep them feel very confident and comfortable. This was an example of imaginable factors that make people proud of themselves. Let me give you the list of the most common factors that make people proud.


This is the most powerful factor that makes people proud. Rich people think themselves to be better than poor people. That statement is true.  Being wealthy gives you a multitude of different advantage and benefits that are unavailable to a poor person. Being dressed in glamorous and expensive clothes make you feel outstanding and more advanced than people who dress simply. Driving a good car that costs six figures make you feel like a GOD. The amount of money you have gives you a certain level of confidence. If you have millions of dollars in your bank account, you feel yourself very powerful. You consider other people less gifted, educated, smart, and ambitious.  Usually, rich people put themselves above other people who have no huge amounts of money.

Wealth is the strongest factor that makes people proud of themselves. If you are a millionaire, remind yourself of people who have billions of dollars and you will understand that you may be considered as a poor person. Everything is clear when we compare. If we compare a person who has 20 million dollars with Bill Gates who has 80 billion USD, we will find that the first person is very poor. If we compare a person who has a net worth of 50 million dollars with a person who has a monthly salary of 5 thousand dollars, we will see that the first person is truly rich. Everything is relative in our life. When you earn a couple of millions, try to remember about people who have billions of dollars and you won’t have any reasons to be proud of your wealth.


This factor is widely spread among different nations. Let me tell you that Arabs are very inclined to be proud of their descendence. All Arabs have the list of their descendants and some of them are tremendously proud when they have someone very powerful and authoritative in their pedigree. Being a descendant of the prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) is a great pride for every Arab. I have met lots of Arabs in my life and I have discussed these issues with them. An Arab may be extremely poor, but he will be very proud if he is a descendant of the Prophet (S.A.W.). Members of the royal family in the Saudi Arabia are very proud of the fact that they belong to this powerful family. The same thing exists in some aristocratic families in Europe. As far as I know, there is no aristocracy in the USA, but these famous clans as Rothschilds, Morgans, Rockefellers, and others may be considered as aristocratic families. Being a member of an aristocratic family may make a person very proud.  

I am not inclined to be proud of my pedigree because I don’t have anyone great in it. Even if I had, I would not be proud of it. Your pedigree is something that is not dependent on you. If you are from a famous family, you were lucky to be born in it. Did you make any personal efforts to belong to that family? Of course, you didn’t you. You had a great luck to be born in it, and for that reason, you do not have any reasons to be proud of it. 

Being a descendant of a great person or a family makes some people very proud. There are particular nations who are more inclined to this sort of pride.  


This factor that makes people proud is very common and widely spread amongst scientists, professors, genius people, polyglots, and other people who have high intellectual capabilities. There are people who think that knowledge is more precious, valuable, and helpful than money. I agree with this saying. In some cases, your knowledge will be more precious than gold. However, it is necessary to have money in order to live. Knowledge enriches our spiritual world. You may become very wealthy but still remain to be stupid. Obtaining a new knowledge is very important because it develops your personality. Money does not do the same thing.  Wealth degenerates some weak personalities. Having an access to all possible pleasures may make you a hedonist. There is nothing good in being a hedonist. Usually, these people have severe addictions and they are not able to continue their life without new doses of pleasure. 

Being knowledgeable certainly, makes some people very proud of themselves. Smart people think themselves to be better and more developed than rich people. There are lots of smart people amongst the  wealthy ones, but the majority of rich people are not too clever. Look at Paris Hilton. Do you think that she is clever? No, smartness is not her quality. But she is rich. She is richer than thousands of professors and intellectual people around the world. It is not necessary to be very smart in order to get rich. Sometimes you may be born rich.   

Being smart and knowledgeable is considered to be a privilege of a pity amount of people around the world. Extraordinary people are aware of the fact that they are rare, and therefore, this factor makes them proud of their talents.


eing beautiful and very attractive spoils too many souls. Usually, these people are very proud of their appearance. A person may be very rich and smart, but if he looks very ugly, he will be conscious of that fact. This disadvantage won’t let him feel too proud of his privileges. Beautiful people think themselves to be better than unattractive personalities. That is true. Look at some gorgeous girls. Most of them have no brains. Yeah, that may sound very funny. Most of these dolls say stupid things and they are dummies, but the level of their pride is extremely high. They are aware of their seductive appearance and they consider it to be enough to become very proud. This type of people pays more attention to appearance, style, and external things. Frequently, they do not care about their spiritual level and knowledge. They think that knowledge is something unnecessary and ancient. 


People who belong to one of these groups are extremely proud of themselves. Generally, these factors are imaginable. People create different ridiculous ideas in order to compensate the absence of some real achievements. Racism, cynophobia, and nationalism have no scientific proofs. Their ideas are ridiculous. Do you remember what some racists were telling about black people? They were stating that black people are animals and they won’t ever be successful. Look at black people now. They are very successful. There are loads of black millionaires in the world. Even the president of the USA is a black man. So were racists right? No, they were completely wrong. 

These silly ideas make people very proud. In these occasions, a person does not need to achieve anything in order to be proud of himself.  Nationalism, cynophobia, and racism are very comfortable for weak people who need to compensate their inferiority complex

There are loads of other factors that make people proud and I did not intend to mention them all. Usually, I do not want to make my narration too long. Follow my next posts and I will surely continue this topic.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.