sex travelTravel is a favorite hobby for millions of people worldwide. While traveling, people have different intentions and objectives. Some people travel to enlarge their horizons and knowledge. Others travel looking for potential business opportunities. Some types of travelers travel to interact with foreign nations and cultures. Some travelers have multiple travel purposes. Let me remind you that there are loads of travelers who travel for sex. Sex travel is highly popular nowadays. Millions of men and women travel to remote destinations in order to have some unforgettable sex. The majority of people who love sex travel are men. However, we should not deny that thousands of women also enjoy sex travel. 

I am one of the travelers who usually travel for sex purposes. I easily tire and bore of the things that surround me every day. For this reason, I am in need of new things. Usually, women in the same region have the same national mentality. In most cases, women of the same nationality have the same sexual temperament. Thus, making sex with women who belong to the same culture does not make much sense. You won’t discover anything new if you continue making sex with girls in a single region. Therefore, sex travel is a necessary activity for every playboy.

I think that sex travel is the most popular type of travel that exists in the world. Many people wonder about the reasons why sex travel is so tremendously appreciated by both men and women around the globe. In this writing, I am going to explain to you why sex travel is so utterly attractive. 


In your native land, you have a wife or a husband. At least, you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend. Therefore, you are always cautious about your naughty activities. If your wife discovers your betrayals, you will have huge scandals that may lead to your divorce. The relationship with your girlfriend won’t become better if she finds out that you make sex with other girls. In your native city, all your sexual adventures are highly risky and dangerous. If you have a family, divorce might be one of the most unwanted things for you. Even if a man betrays his wife, he strives to keep his dishonest actions in secret. Thus, making sex in your native brings you more stress and worries. 

Sex travel makes you feel again single. You are again young and free while traveling for sex. In foreign countries, you forget about your spouse. In this situation, you can fully relax and have as much high-quality sex as you wish. Sex travel makes you single again and this is why it is so attractive for both men and women. 


All people care about their personal reputations. Reputation is everything. Having a good reputation is crucial for the quality of a person’s life. Your reputation makes a direct impact on your career and family life. When your reputation is spoiled, you will see your life getting worse in all aspects. In some small regions and cities, all people know each other. Therefore, having sex in a small city is like making adultery in Iceland. There are approximately 350 000 people living in Iceland. Consequently, all citizens know each other very well. If you make sex with someone in Iceland, tomorrow, everyone will know about it. The same thing happens when you live in a small city. There are many people who might try gay sex. There may be some lesbians and gays who cannot satisfy their own fantasies in their native city. LGBT relationships are discriminated against in many regions of the world, and therefore, many members of these movements cannot feel free and liberal. For these people, sex travel is an ideal option. While they are abroad, they forget about their reputation and start doing everything they wish to do. Gay sex, group sex, sex with shemales, BDSM, and many other things are absolutely available in foreign countries. 

Sex travel lets people forget about their reputation. They do not need to care about people’s thoughts anymore. Thus, sex travel is a great option to satisfy your old and hidden sexual desires. 


In your native land, you might not find exactly what you wish. For example, it is impossible to find black women in Middle Asian countries. Go to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, and other Middle Asian countries. Try to find black girls there. I bet you won’t be able to do that. So what if you are tired of having sex with Asian girls and you want to have some black or Latin women? What should you do if you live in a boring region? In this situation, sex travel is a healing activity. While traveling for sex, you will find anyone you wish to have sex with. There are some particular destinations that were created for sex travel. Pattaya, Amsterdam, Manila, and Casablanca are some of them. 

Sex travel lets people make their sex life more interesting and exciting. People are easily bored by the same sexual objects, and therefore, sexual diversity is highly important for both men and women.        

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.