shopJust for the sake of clarity, a non-zero sum game is a game that can be either competitive or just for fun. We believe that is the case between online and offline retail business and, of course, shopping.

The advancement of online shopping has significantly changed the face of retailing and marketing. More and more retail franchises have extended their businesses to the internet, as they realize that purchasing items from an online platform like can be much more convenient in a lot of situations. This has increased their outreach and, of course, the bottom line. However, we can still imagine it causing a rift in management meetings when staff members discuss which area is the best to focus the budget on.

On the other end of the retail curve (where you and me as the buyers reside), online shopping has been more of a blessing than otherwise.

Even though most of us still shop both ways, largely for the sake of convenience and cutting cost, comparing the two is almost inevitable. Retail businesses also do this often to make sure they are playing their cards right.

E-commerce is fast growing and raking in a lot more money. But as true as it is, traditional commerce is still way bigger, as more than half of Americans’ shopping budget is still claimed by physical stores.

One may wonder, “Will the online commerce growth rate eventually ‘kill’ the brick and mortar stores?” Well, only the future will tell. As for now, both the buyers and the sellers are trying to maximize their benefit from this commercial dichotomy.

Research shows that the younger and middle-aged generations prefer to shop online, compared to the older ones who still prefer going to stores. We honestly don’t think either type of commerce will go away anytime soon, because there are different reasons different people use them.


For one, it saves you a lot of time. You definitely do not need to queue to pay for what you buy. You can select items and make payments in minutes. You will also save the time taken to walk or drive to the store. This also spells out convenience in capital letters.

As for the cases where you need to buy items from different categories, you will agree that it is faster to shop them all online on the same site than picking them from different stores, even if they are just a block away from each other.

You can also save some money off free shipping, great online discounts, and the ease of comparing prices to get the best bargain.

Furthermore, you can easily buy products that are not available in your immediate environment. If you’re not pressed with time, you can even buy things not available in your country.


The biggest problem with shopping online is that you don’t get to see the product, just an enhanced picture of it. This is especially unfavorable for items that require sizing; it is always better to test them out before making a buying decision.

Asides the fitting, some buyers prefer to touch and feel what they are paying for. Some people are only comfortable making a buying decision after experiencing the product, or at least see and touch it.

Shopping online for items that are needed urgently will not make that much of a sense considering the shipping time.

The infographics presented below will give you insightful facts on both styles of commerce, giving you a better understanding of both.


Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.