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fantasy sportsTo excel at fantasy sports you require extensive knowledge of real sports. This knowledge is vital for choosing a winning team. As a result, fantasy players watch more live games and consume more sports news than mere sports fans.

According to fantasy sports giant FanDuel, 40% of players currently consume more content after becoming players, and 61% read more about sports because of fantasy sports.

This in turn has seen a rise in ticket sales for sports leagues and more spending on their premium viewing products. Also, with fans watching the games until the end since their money is on the line, viewership has increased thus providing more revenue for sports TVs from adverts. The online gambling industry is also profiting from Fantasy Sports, with numerous betting sites now offering the ability to wager your money on an upcoming Fantasy Sports game.

In fact, this improved fans involvement is what convinced the NBA to strike a deal with FanDuel, as more consumption of its content would bring in extra money for the league. MLB, NHL, and MLS have also entered into the fantasy sports business by purchasing stakes in it. MLB actually got involved before NBA in 2013 when it bought a small stake in DraftKings.

With the increasing popularity of fantasy sports that has seen millions of people getting involved in, many sports TVs have scrambled to gain from this growth by airing fantasy sports programs and TV shows with pundits and players discussing the latest trends and making forecasts. notes the example of the unreal sports show launched by ESPN with Matthew Berry in 2017. ESPN has also partnered with industry giants DraftKings to provide stats and increase viewership on its channel. Whereas, CBS sports struck a partnership with FanDuel where it shows Daily Fantasy sports every day.

While many people are quite happy with this positive impact, some feel that it has negatively changed the way players watch games. Which team wins or loses is no longer of importance to them even when a team they support is playing.

They are more concerned about the individual performance of the players they selected in their fantasy team and the spreads. The enjoyment associated with watching live games has thus died as players anxiously watch the games while awaiting the final results.

For more on fantasy sports and how it’s influencing the real sports industry, as well as other businesses, read the infographic below:growth of fantasy sports

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