Got Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new here, you will surely have a lot of questions in your mind. We have prepared a list of common questions and answers that will tell you about our service.

BW Overview

Bahtiyar World is a global social network with internationaal marketplace, popular forum, community, job boards, and blog. Thousands of people of ddifferent ages are using BW every day. We don’t sell your information to third parties (Facebook surely sells it). We don’t intrude your privacy. Bahtiyar World is the most secure, safe, and trustworthy social network on the Internet. 

BW is a global social network that is available to people around the world for absolutely free. You can join and use our network to contact people, build online communities, participate in forum discussions, buy and sell internationally, and do a lot of other stuff for absolutely free. 

No, there aren’t any age restrictions to use Bahtiayr World. We never discriminate anyone. Even if you are a kid, you have a right to use BW whenever you want.

Sure, you can use Bahtiyar World anywhere in the world. While building our platform, we did everything to make it globally available. From China to Mexico, thousands of people are already actively engaging in BW network.

Yes, you can easily search for a specific person on Bahtiyar World if you know her/his name or username. Just click the search icon and type tthe credentials.

Getting Started

Creating an account on Bahtiayr World is very simple. Just click ‘Sign up’, fill in the forms, cconfirm your emmail, and yourr account will be automatically activated.

Editing your profile is a very simple process. Click on your profile username or avatar, then, click ‘edit’. Thence, you will have all the tools to change your username, date of birth, city, upload your photos, and do other stuff.

New members are always welcome on Bahtiyar World. You can send our website link to your friends through WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, Email, and other communication tools.