The Internet is overloaded with tons of opportunities to make money online. Some of these variations are very effective and some of them are very risky. At the same time, several kinds of online enterprises require more investments and time. To develop a particular cyber business you will need to spend several months and sometimes it may take a longer time. It all depends on your potential, business strategy, and available budget. The main aim of my blog post is to give you efficient and exact answers to different questions and problems which require a lot of considerations and analysis. I am a professional in the online business. I have made six figures cash by launching my business online. I am not praising myself, neither I feel any pride for my success. There were several factors that let me achieve that level of success and I am aware of the fact that my potential is not the only factor that guaranteed me my income. We always need to be very lucky. How many online stores do currently exist on the Internet? You will agree with me that there are millions of online shops who want to make some money online. The rule of 1% is also applicable in this situation. According to this rule, only 1% of all existing online stores will make some considerable income. According to my data, there are nearly 12-24 million online stores. Let us take the average of these estimated numbers and it will equal 18 million online stores. If we apply the rule of 1%, we will see that only 180 000 make some money online. That means that 17 820 000 online stores are out of the game. In this post, I won’t talk particularly about the online store business. I will analyze all types of online businesses and try to identify which one of them is the fastest money generator. 

There is a multitude of different online commerce activities on the Internet. Let me mention some of them and analyze which one of them is capable of giving you some financial profit in a short period of time.  


A personal web store may be very profitable. How much time will you need to launch a successful store that will give you a serious income? It does not take too much time to build an online store, buy a domain name, purchase SSL, and fill your store with items for sale. These procedures may take you a few days. 

What is the most important while starting your personal web store? The most important factors needed to be considered are your brand and trust. In order to sell something from your online store, buyers should believe and trust you. You will need a lot of time to build your brand and deserve the trust of your customers. It is not a matter of a few weeks. If you have enough money to promote and advertise your website, you will need at least one year to become a trustworthy online shop. It does not matter how rich you are and it has no importance how much money you have to invest in order to make your store famous and popular. Time is the most significant thing.

Launching your personal web store is not the fastest way to make money online. It will take you at least a year to become a trustworthy website and generate some significant income.  


There are loads of bloggers who make more than a hundred thousand dollars every month by blogging. This type of business can be extremely profitable on very rare occasions. There are different ways of how bloggers make money online. Some of them are: selling spaces for banners, placing ads, affiliate marketing, selling personal services, and products. The majority of bloggers who make a serious income by blogging are launching their business for a long period of time. Daren Rowse, for example, spent several years to see some income from his blog activity. Usually, it takes a lot of time to make your blog very popular and famous. This type of online business requires huge amounts of web traffic. However, your success or failure is absolutely unpredictable. Blogging is more convenient than online stores since blogging does not require any significant investments and almost everyone can start blogging without any additional costs and expenses. Look at these statistics

There are nearly 160 million blogs on the Internet. So how many of them generate profit? How many of them are visible on Google? Unfortunately, I could not find any data on how many of these 160 million blogs earn some money. According to my estimations, there may be nearly 200 blogs that earn some money. Even if you look at some official statistics, those bloggers who are in the 20tth place, earn less than a thousand dollars every month. 

Blogging is not the easiest way to make money online. It will take you much time to see some financial income from your blog. You still need to spend several years blogging in order to make money online. However, if you have high-quality content that potentially may be interesting for your readers, and you have enough money to drive traffic to your blog, you may see some commercial results very soon. There is a likelihood that your current situation resembles this because if you had enough funds you would not think to launch a blog in order to make money. Is it clear? You would probably decide to open your personal online store to increase your existing profit. Usually, people think about blogging to make money when they have no enough cash to launch another business.

Blogging is a type of online activity that requires a lot of time. You will spend several years before you see your first online money 


I have tried this business using their demo version called Meta Trader 5. I perfectly understand this business and how people manage to make money using it. You need to know when a particular currency will go up or down in its cost. This is key to making a profit using Forex. So how can you make exact predictions in order to make money? There are different tools and analytical schemes that claim to help you. What is my opinion regarding this? I can confidently tell you that there is nothing that can help you to predict the prices of different currencies. Why do currencies increase and decrease in their prices? They change their costs because of the different events that happen in the world. For example, the King of Saudi Arabia may tell something controversial regarding oil or American bonds and in a result, you will see a significant descend in USD price. You need to know what will happen in the future in order to make some predictions on the currency market. So if you are not a Nostradamus or someone like him, you won’t have any success in this business.

Let me stop analyzing this business and tell you whether this business is a fast or slow money generator. 

First of all, it is necessary to say that it is impossible to be evolved in the Forex trade without making any investments. You need to invest some money in order to trade. If you are lucky enough, you may make some good money in a few seconds. Your success entirely depends on your luck. Can you tell me whether a casino is a fast money generator or not? You cannot, because playing in a casino is similar to Forex trading.

Let me conclude that Forex trading may give you some good income if you are lucky enough. This business may be very profitable but it is unpredictable. 


There are thousands of people who make living by selling and offering their services on Fiverr and other freelance sites. This business is very easy to start because you won’t need to make any investments except your own knowledge and skills.

You will need to get enough positive reviews in order to make successful sales on Fiverr and it is not the easiest task. Competition on these online websites is very high. If you offer your web developments, translation or any other similar services, you should be aware of the fact that there are thousands of people who provide buyers with the same services. You have very pity chances to receive any orders. 

Selling professional services is not the fastest money generator. It requires a lot of time in order to deliver several orders and receive positive reviews. Your rating is a key factor that can guarantee you some sales. No matter how fast your business is, you have no chance to build real wealth by launching this business.

If you urgently need money, I confidently state that this business is one of the slowest money generators on the Internet.


Online business on Amazon and eBay are the most effective and profitable commerce activities. I have great experience trading on eBay and Amazon. These markets are the fastest income generators in the whole network. You will have some limitations on eBay when you start, but after a month of your successful trade, these limits will be lifted and you will able to sell as many items as you wish.

This type of business does not require any investments. If you don’t have any items for sale, you may use dropshipping companies. Amazon and other similar companies have tons of web traffic and your products will be easily recognized by your potential buyers. You don’t need to build your own brand and reputation. eBay and Amazon have done all the work for you. 

No doubts that trading on Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, iOffer, and other online trade markets is very effective and it does not require much time to build a sustainable business in this field. 


YouTube is the second most visited website on the Internet after Google. Thousands of people around the world make business on YouTube. The only thing you will need is just to upload several videos, place ads on your screen, and receive millions of views. Every thousand views will give you one dollar. Hundred thousand views will give you a hundred dollars. One million views will equal a thousand dollars. If you are good enough at math, you will be able to make further calculations.

So how much time will you need to promote your videos? If your video is disgusting and there isn’t anything unique in it, you won’t have any success.

Your income will depend on the popularity of your videos. So can we tell that YouTube is a fast money generator? Yes, in some cases it may be very fast but it does not guarantee you anything. However, it is more effective than blogging and Forex trading.


We have made a detailed review of the most popular online businesses on the Internet. I have explained you the advantages and disadvantages of every possible online business. It is time to conclude which of these online activities is the fastest way to make money online.

Trading on famous online stores like Amazon and eBay is the promptest way to make good money online. This method is more effective and faster than blogging, selling your services, Forex trading, and YouTube business. Trading on popular web stores is the absolute winner of my review!

Wish you good luck in making money online! 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.