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fat and clean bulkingThere are two main phases in bodybuilding: bulking and cutting. So when you 'bulk', you will try to build as many muscles as possible. When you 'cut', you will want to get rid of excess fat, and at the same time, preserve your muscles. Thus, bulking and cutting are two stages in bodybuilding that everyone should pass through in order to achieve an ideal body. In bodybuilding, an ideal body is a body that has a lot of muscles with no excessive fat. Proportions also play a major role in this sport.

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Nothing is perfect. You always have to pay for everything you get. Muscle is not an exclusion. Thus, when you build muscles, you will definitely get some fat deposits. It is an inevitable thing. There is no day without night, no black without white, no good without evil, no wealth without poverty, and etc. We love muscles. However, the bulking phase does not come free of different cons. One of them is fat.


I see loads of men in my gym who fear of fat while bulking. Some of them even try to bulk cleanly while on steroid cycles. All these guys are wasting their money, physical and psychological efforts, and time while trying to bulk cleanly. I really laugh when someone tries to build while restricting himself in calories. If someone does it, you should know for sure that this person is wasting everything. Clean bulking is impossible. Let me explain why.

You know that your body needs calories in order to build muscles. To be more scientifically accurate, the body needs 2500 calories in order to build only 500 grams of muscles. If your bodyweight is 11 kilograms, you will need 2.5K calories to merely maintain your bodyweight. Thus, with the bodyweight of 100 kilograms, you will need 2.5K calories for your body to function properly, and in addition, 2.5K to build more muscles. Muscles building requires calorie surplus. When you build muscles, you will always need more calories than your body burns for the energy. This is the only way your body builds muscles. Ifthereareno enough calories due to undereating, you won't pack any muscles. What is more, you will lose some of your hardly-earned muscles due to the calorie deficit.

We know that carbohydrates serve as the main source of calories. Bread, macaroni, oatmeals, peanut butter, chocolate potatoes, almonds, and many other products contain a lot of carbohydrates. People who want to lose weight usually avoid these products due to their high calorific value. On the opposite side, bodybuilders need to build muscles, and therefore, they supply their bodies with energy that comes from calories. There is no way to exactly count calories in your diet. We all count calories. However, these numbers are approximate. Thus, when you are in the bulking phase, you will always need to eat more than your body needs. This excess of calories will lead to muscle building, and at the same time, you will get some fat on your body. This is absolutely inevitable. There is no a person in this world who can build serious muscle mass without getting at least a few pounds of fat. This is something you should agree with and accept. Otherwise, you will waste your time as those dull guys who want to avoid fat while bulking.

Some people think that by decreasing calories intake they will get less fat. That is true. However, at the same time, that calorie deficit will restrict the muscle building process. When your body is in a calorie deficit, where will it take additional energy to build muscles?!


I am currently in the bulking phase. I try to build as many muscles as possible. I have also gained a few pound of fat on my belly. I know this and I don't worry at all. I don't care if I gain some fat while bulking. All successful bodybuilders have the same attitude towards fat deposits they get while bulking. I know that this phase will finish one day, and then, I will start cutting fat while preserving my muscles. Additional fat on my belly does not make me ugly. I really love this fat. It looks sexy. I am absolutely confident in my attractiveness and seductiveness.

If you want to build muscles, you should accept that fat is inevitable during the bulking phase. If you have abs now, prepare yourself to cover these abs with some layers of fat you will get while bulking. Don't afraid of it. There is nothing abominable in having some fat on your body.

Written by Bahtiyar
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