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affiliate networksPeople start blogging for different reasons. However, most of them want to monetize their new blogs as soon as possible. In most cases, it is impossible to monetize a blog in a short period of time. The quality and quantity of web traffic a blog receives is crucial for monetization purposes. For this reason, new bloggers need to work very hard in order to achieve some significant results. It is well-known that bloggers use diverse monetization options while launching their blogs. Some of the most popular ways to make money through blogging are CPM, CPC, and CPA ads. However, a new blog won’t be able to make any serious income through this monetization tools. Blogs, that receive thousands of visitors daily, can make some money through CPM, CPC, and CPA ads. A new blog won’t have any chances to use this option. New blogs have no sufficient amounts of web traffic. This is the main reasons why this monetization instrument is not applicable to new blogs. 

Nevertheless, some new blogs manage to earn some money at the beginning of their activity. So what are the tools used to mainly monetize new blogs? The most significant and important of them is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing lets new blogs start making money at the start of their blogging activity. You do not need to huge amounts of web traffic in order to start earning through affiliate marketing. As you see, I still do not have any CPM, CPC, and CPA banners on my blog. My blog is nearly 2,5 months old, and therefore, the amount of traffic my blog receives is not sufficient to use this monetization tool. Nevertheless, I activity promote affiliate products on my blog. Some of them are related to hosting and domain services, travel tours, hotels, car rentals, travel cards, online business services, and many other niches. I started affiliate marketing as soon as my blog was launched. As I said, affiliate marketing does not require big volumes of traffic, and consequently, even new blogs can start promoting affiliate services and products as soon as their blogs are launched. Today, I cooperate with four major affiliate networks. Below, I am going to describe the in details.


shareasaleShareASale is definitely the best affiliate network can be found on the Internet. I decided to start writing about it firstly because it is my favorite affiliate network. Most of the services promoted on my blog are taken from ShareASale affiliate network. To start promoting services and products from ShareASale, you merely need to register in the network. First, you fill all the required information about your blog. Then, you start to choose different merchants. If you are interested in particular products and services, you submit your application, and then, wait for a merchant’s reply. Merchants can either approve or decline your application. If you are approved, you can start promoting the merchant’s products or services on your blog. A huge variety of different banners, text, and image links are provided to affiliate marketers. I like ShareASale for the following reasons.

a) A huge variety of different services from web hosting, web tools, clothes, electronics to travel services.

b) A very convenient user interface and dashboard.

c) Best affiliate products and services can be found on the Internet.

ShareASale would be a good choice for travel blogs. A large amount of different hotels, travel services, car rental services, and other travel related products are available on ShareASale. Also, ShareASale provides affiliate marketers with a large amount of web hosting and web related items. F you are looking for the best affiliate network on the Internet, ShareASale will be your best option.


clickbankClickBank is one of the first affiliate networks I started cooperating with. To be honest, ClickBank is not the best option for travel bloggers. I have not found anything travel related on ClickBank. Actually, I found some, however, the products do not deserve to be promoted and advertised. I mean none of you will like travel products listed on ClickBank. Nevertheless, ClickBank has a big variety of different online business products. If your business is related to online business, making money on the Internet, ClickBank is definitely the best affiliate network available for your choice. Such services that let people earn money on Instagram, make money by taking online surveys, and many other things are available on ClickBank


CJ Affiliate is one of the best affiliate networks on the Internet. It has a huge multitude of different companies in its database. CJ Affiliate network is good for all types of blogs. Whether you launch a travel blog or a blog related to online business, you find many interesting things on CJ Affiliate. Car rental services, airline services, luxurious hotels, and many other travel products will be a very good option to monetize your travel blog. CJ Affiliate cooperates with the world’s largest hosting companies such as 1&1, Interserver, Bluehost,, and many other organizations. CJ affiliate is a good choice for all types of blogs.


rakutenRakuten affiliate network is also called as LinkShare. LinkShare is the fourth and the last affiliate network I use on my blog. This affiliate network is truly universal. No matter what your blog’s niche is, Rakuten will always provide you with the best products to promote. From web hosting to healthcare, LinkShare has all types of products. While starting affiliate marketing, do not forget to include LinkShare in the list of the most important affiliate networks for your business.

Right now, I cooperate with only four major affiliate networks. As I have previously mentioned, they are ShareASale, ClickBank, Cj Affiliate, and LinkShare. There are loads of other affiliate networks on the Internet. However, these four affiliate giants are sufficient for me. When my blog’s popularity grows, I will definitely start cooperating with more affiliate companies. At the same time, all the above-mentioned affiliate networks will absolutely sufficient for any types of blogs. Quality is always more important than quantity. Therefore, I prefer choosing only the best things available in the world.         

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.