fetishes Sex is a very intimate topic for everyone. Usually, people prefer not to talk about their sexual fetishes. I do not resemble those people who keep their sexual desires, fantasies, and fetishes in secret. On my blog, I write about everything. A few hours ago, I published a wonderful story about my sexual adventures with a gorgeous nurse. Thus, I never feel shy to share my sexual fetishes with my readers. I find out that the majority of blogs on the Internet are tremendously boring. The biggest part of them writes about online business, travel, blogging, SEO, and other popular topics. I am sure that readers want to see something unusual. Personal blogs were always popular. A personal blog is a living diary. Especially, when a blogger writes about some delicate and intimate fetishes, these kinds of writing become extremely attractive. Today, I decided to write a good blog post where I will share my sexual fetishes. To be more accurate, I will tell you about the key stuff that turns me on in sex.

The English language does not resemble any other foreign language in the world. In English, word compositions are so unusual. When I say ‘turn me on’, I mean ‘cause my sexual arousal.’ In sex, both men and women need to be sexually excited. Usually, it takes much more time for a woman to become turned on. Men get hard as soon as they see a naked female body. Women need some sexy preludes in order to get fully aroused. In sex, when a prelude is over, it is always very important to have your partner sexually excited. Whether a man is doing cunnilingus or he is already inside her, he will need to do everything in order to make his girlfriend more sexually excited. At the same time, a woman should be also very active. Otherwise, a man might lose his sexual drive. It is always better when both men and women clearly know about the sexual preferences of their partners. In this situation, fiascos in sex will become very rare. Usually, people cannot satisfy their partners in sex when they are unfamiliar with their sexual interests. In sex, it is always necessary to be a good psychologist. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid being intrusive.

After this short preface to this wonderful blog post, let me tell you about the main fetishes that turn me on in bed. I had a lot of sex partners. At the same time, not all of them were able to turn me on. Here is a shortlist of the most sex driving fetishes that increase my sexual arousal in sex.


If I had to choose between a beautiful and a lusty woman, I would definitely prefer to make sex with a lusty one. Romance, love, and sex are absolutely different concepts. A woman might be very beautiful, but at the same time, she might not be able to turn me on in sex. I would like to separate all the women into two groups. The first group consists of lusty women. They might be beautiful or ugly; however, all of them are very lusty girls. Lust is their main quality. The second group of women consists of women who are not lusty. These ladies might be beautiful or ugly, but the element of lust is absent in their nature and sexual behavior.

I do not love romantic or tender sex. I think that romance and sex are absolutely different things. We should clearly separate these concepts. Tenderness in sex is always good. Nonetheless, I find that sex consisting of lust, passion, and tenderness is the best one. I had a lot of women. Some of them were tremendously gorgeous. Others were not ideally beautiful. Nevertheless, I find that lusty women are ideal sex partners. I am always turned on even when I simply speak with a lusty woman. I am sure that a good mistress should be an extremely lusty whore. A woman who wants to feel herself a whore in sex is the best sex partner for me. I do not like slow actions in sex. I love it when a woman is filled with lust. Her body is lusty, her movements are lusty, her voice is lusty, and everything in her is a full lust. Thus, lust is the most powerful fetishes that turn me on in sex.


I love hearing dirty words while making sex. Dirty words are definitely the opposite of something romantic. Dirty words make your sex more animalic. This is what exactly turns me on in sex. Having an animalic sex with a lusty girl is the best thing that can increase the level of endorphins in my blood. When a woman is sexually aroused, she will lose all that clean innocence and romantic appearance. Not all women speak dirty words in sex. Some of them feel shy to use them. I realized that highly passionate and lusty women always curse in sex. I really love it. As I have previously said, romantic sex is not for me. I prefer making sex in animalic style.

3) BDSM 

BDSMSadomasochistic games in sex turn me on very well. Whether it is a dominant or submissive role, I will love both of them. Using different sex toys is a very good option to turn both sex partners on. After a while, making sex with the same partner might become very boring. For this reason, it is always necessary to renew your sex scenario. BDSM is perfect for this purpose.


kissesI love it when a woman sucks my tongue. I love doing the same thing with women’s tongues. These passionate kisses cause my sexual arousal. I do not love slow kisses. It is very easy to identify the level of a woman’s passion for the way she kisses. If her kisses are very soft, slow, and tend, you should be sure that she will show you the same behavior in sex. These are the worst women in sex. I have had some of them in my bed. As a result, I saw no passion and lust from these ladies. A hot woman always gives very hot and voluptuous kisses. Passionate women love sucking your tongue. They insert their tongues deep in your mouth as well. Usually, I quickly identify a passionate and lusty woman by the way she kisses. What is more, I would like to say that kissing is the best way to find out a person’s passion. As I told you before, cold women have cold and soft kisses. They are incapable of doing anything more. Usually, these women show the same passive behavior in sex.


I always start making sex from hot and sweet cunnilingus. Making cunnilingus is one of the best ways to get sexually aroused very quickly. I think that nothing can be sweeter and more delicious than a woman’s vagina, vulvar lips, and tender clitoris. To be honest, it is a great pleasure to caress a woman below her belly. I do not understand those men and women who dislike cunnilingus. For me, cunnilingus is the prettiest and the most pleasurable part of whole sexual intercourse with a woman. Making cunnilingus always turns me on.

These are some of the fetishes that cause my sexual arousal in sex. I do not claim that the number of my sex fetishes is bordered by these 5 things. The exact amount of my aphrodisiacs is much bigger than the above-mentioned stuff. I hope to describe them in my further articles.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.