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dubai girlsDubai is one of the most popular cities of the 21st century. Usually, Dubai is associated with rich Arabs, oil business, financial markets, skyscrapers, luxurious hotels, and sexy girls. Whilst Dubai is considered to be a Muslim country, the level of prostitution in the city is extremely high. Millions of male tourists visit Dubai to makes sex with some sexy Dubai girls. Dubai girls are popular everywhere. Even though Dubai girls are not frankly visible, everyone knows they are horny and lusty. This is why Dubai is considered to be one of the most controversial cities of the world. In Dubai, you can find everything you want. If you are a strict orthodox Muslim, you will discover thousands of mosques in Dubai. If you look for brothels, massage salons, saunas, and hotels for sex, Dubai will provide you with absolutely everything. Even LGBT community people are able to satisfy their sexual desires in Dubai.

In this blog post, I will give you some effective tips on how to find Dubai girls for sex. Dubai girls are all girls who live in Dubai. Thus, not all Dubai girls are available for sex. You will find that more than 50% of Dubai population consists of Indians. As you know, Indians are some of the most religious people in the world. Therefore, you should never expect any explicitly sexy behavior from Indians. At the same time, Dubai has thousands of Indian prostitutes. Let us understand that not all Dubai girls are sexy, horny, lusty, and available. This is why it will be necessary to make some searches in order to find some sexy Dubai girls to get laid in Dubai.

I was only 19 years old when I first visited Dubai. Dubai seemed to be very unusual for me. Dubai seems to be very strict outside. On the other hand, you will find that Dubai is one of the lustiest cities in the world when you see it from inside. You will need to be more insightful while traveling for sex in Dubai. Dubai girls use special body language. After some time of living and traveling in Dubai, you will learn how to distinguish that stealthy sexy language. In this article, you will get some of the best theoretical knowledge on how to find horny Dubai girls ready for sex.


There is a great diversity among Dubai girls. This is the first thing you should understand in order to become professional in making sex in Dubai. I can divide Dubai girls into several groups. They are: a) local Dubai girls, b) working Dubai girls, c) Dubai female tourists, e) Dubai prostitutes. These are three main groups of Dubai girls. Further, I will describe each of these groups. You will learn about their sexual availability and many other informative things.


local dubai girlsTo have a successful sex hunt in Dubai, at first, you will need to forget about local Dubai girls. This is the most important and useful tip I want to give you regarding making sex in Dubai. There are many different reasons why trying to seduce local Dubai girls will be a simple waste of your time. Here are some of them.


Even though Dubai men may be visiting different sex playgrounds such as the Philippines, Thailand, and etc., local Dubai girls are still religiously strict. Remember that local Dubai Arab girls come from very religious families. Young Emirate men might be naughty and playful to some extent. However, their elder generation consists of orthodox Muslims who strictly obey all dogmas of Islam. Therefore, local Dubai women are raised in religious strictness and obedience. For local Dubai girls, Western men are kafirs (non-believers). Consequently, they will treat you in the way that is appropriate to their religion. Keep this fact in your mind. Fornication is prohibited in Islam. This creates a very strong and almost undestroyable barrier between you and local Dubai girls.


I have lived in Arab countries for several years. I know Arab women very well. To compare Arab girls with Western women, I will say that Arab girls are not as horny, sexy, sexually liberal, and open-minded as American or European women. The world knows about it, and therefore, I won’t explain you the factors that make Arab girls so closed. Local Dubai girls are also Arabs. Their national mentality has a few slight differences from Arab women living in other countries of the world.


Fornication in UAE is officially forbidden. Shariah laws are applicable to local people. Foreigners might be imprisoned for a particular period of time, and then, sent to the country of their citizenship without having any further chances to enter the country again. If a local Dubai girl is caught by four mature men while committing fornication, she will be publically executed. If she was married, the death penalty may be applied to her. This is why every local Dubai girl afraid of making sex with foreigners in Dubai. It is better for her to get married and have every day sex with her beloved Arab husband.

Dubai girls intend to marry some of the local Dubai men. They want to build families. As you know, local Dubai people are very rich. Consequently, none of the local Dubai girls is waiting for rich American or European men. These girls are financially packed. What is more, local Dubai men can give them whatever they wish to have. Thus, local Dubai girls have no motivation to date you.

I am sure the above give information has convinced you that by trying to seduce local Dubai girls you will merely waste your precious time. Do not give up since there are still a lot of different options on how to find sexy Dubai girls to make sex in Dubai.


Working Dubai girls are foreign girls who came to Dubai in order to work. These girls work in malls, metros, cafes, supermarkets, boutiques, travel agencies, financial companies, and many other organizations. You might think that these Dubai girls are very easy to be seduced. In the beginning, it might seem so. Further, you will acknowledge that your assumptions were absolutely wrong. Here are some of the main reasons why working Dubai women are not always sexy and available.


These Dubai girls came to Dubai because they have no work in their homelands. Otherwise, they would never leave their parents, relatives, and friends to come for a work in a remote country. Mainly, these Dubai girls come from middle-class families. More than half of them belong to poor families. They did not come to Dubai for sex and fun. Usually, working Dubai girls send money to their families abroad. Secondly, working Dubai girls work a lot. This is why they are always tired. Most of them work 24 hours a day. The remaining 12 hours are spent on sleeping. These facts are tested. When I was in Dubai, I contacted loads of working Dubai girls. All of them were always busy and tired.


Working Dubai girls are interested in money. This is the only thing that concerns them. They spend half of their life in Dubai to work. The remaining half is dedicated to sleep. In other words, working Dubai girls have no time to think about sex. In addition, you will find that most of them are married. If no, the majority of working Dubai girls lives with boyfriends who come from the country of their own origin.


If you do not live in Dubai, it is probable that you won’t have enough time to seduce working Dubai girls. Getting to know them, dating, and other stuff will require a lot of time. If you are a traveler in Dubai, it will be better for you to use some quicker options to find Dubai girls for sex.

These are some of the reasons why seduction will not always work with working Dubai girls. These women do not have an awesome life. Working Dubai girls are always stressed, and sometimes, they are severely depressed.


Finding some single tourist women is the best way to get laid in Dubai. There are millions of female tourists in Dubai. The come from Russia, the USA, the EU, Turkey, Scandinavian countries, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and many other regions of the world. Single tourist women come to Dubai to have some fun. They want to relax and roll in Dubai. Making sex with local Arabs is not a good option for Western women. Therefore, they will prefer having some fun with such sex adventures seeker like you. If you do not want to make sex with Dubai prostitutes, targeting single female tourists will be the best option for you.

Single female tourists do not necessarily travel alone. These women might be in a group of tourists. They can be even surrounded by some Western male tourist. Just make sure that she is single, and then, use all the effective seduction tips to conquer her.


Prostitution in Dubai is illegal. However, it actively exists and develops. Everyone knows that there are thousands of prostitutes in Dubai. Sometimes, Dubai is mainly associated with international prostitution. Sheikh Muhammad ibn Maktum understands that Dubai tourism will not survive without prostitution, and therefore, he unofficially allows it to exist.

It is not difficult to find Dubai prostitutes. In most cases, they will be searching for you in Dubai. Sometimes, you may get a business card from a girl on some of Dubai streets. Usually, these business cards claim about massage services. Even in Ramadan (a holy month for Muslims), I got loads of such sex business card on the streets of Dubai. The card will always have a telephone number. Sometimes, it will have an address. Anyway, if you call them, you will easily find out how to get to their apartments. Even though the business card claims about massage, you will get a full sex service package if you order it.

If you do not want to be a passive sex seeker in Dubai, you can start looking for Dubai prostitutes in different places. Astoria hotel is the most famous and popular places where prostitutes look for potential clients. Here are some more places in Dubai where you can find prostitutes of all nationalities Sharjah’s apartment, Nelson’s Bar in Media Rotana HotelTecom,  Red Square Moscow Hotel, Any Mujra club, SeaShells Inn, Hyde Park Bur Dubai, and others.

Finally, Dubai is not the best city for sex. Looking for sex in Dubai is similar to searching for sex in New York, Hong Kong, London, and any other business cities of the world. Sex life in developed regions of the world is not as good as it is in the Third World. If you look for the quality and quantity of sex, it will be much better to visit the Philippines or Thailand. These countries were created for sex travel. Nevertheless, you will definitely have to make sex with some local Dubai girls, Dubai prostitutes, and female Dubai tourists in order to proudly call yourself ‘The International Playboy’.

Written by Bahtiyar
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