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sex in manilaIf you ask me about the sexiest city in the world, I will tell you that Manila is definitely the hottest playground in this world. Manila is the capital city of the Philippines. It is the most popular sex playground in the world. If you say ‘Bangkok’ or ‘Pattaya’, I will get associations with prostitutes and drugs. When you say ‘Manila’, this word reminds me of friendly, sexy, and gorgeous Filipinas ready for sex anywhere and anytime. Manila is a paradise for men. You have already heard a lot of good word regarding Manila in this small paragraph. Further, I will explain why Manila is the best city for sex travel in the world. Keep reading and I will give you the best and the most effective tips on how to find and seduce gorgeous girls for sex in Manila. Yeah, sex in Manila is our main goal. 

The Philippines is one of the most corrupted countries in the world. I am not talking about human rights here. The main problem of the Philippines is filthy politicians who steal government money. This is the main reason why the majority of people in the Philippines live in poverty. All wealth is centralized in hand of the governing elite. Since Manila is the capital of the Philippines, you should understand that this city is the financial center of the country. Even though the population of the country might be poor, there are still loads of wealthy people in this city. 

In my opinion, Manila is far better for sex travel than Bangkok, Pattaya, or any other city in the world. You ask me why? Let me answer your question. First, when a person travels to a particular city to find girls for sex there, he will usually want to pick up clean girls who are not involved in prostitution. This is my approach. I never travel for sex in order to have sex with prostitutes. I usually want to pick up some normal girls who don’t trade their bodies for money. When you come to Bangkok or Pattaya, you will see that the majority of women there are involved in prostitution. They have no other options. Prostitution is the only way to survive. Thus, when you have sex with a girl in Pattaya or Bangkok, it is more likely that you will have sex with a freelance prostitute or a girl who works in a brothel. At the same time, it also possible to find a non-working girl for sex in Bangkok or Pattaya. However, it will be very difficult. In other words, I can say that 99% of women you have sex in these two cities are interested in your money. 

In Manila, you will see an absolutely different situation. There are loads of prostitutes in Manila too. However, you should know that the majority of women you meet in Manila are really interested in you. Girls in Manila are very curious about foreigners. Since they have no opportunity to travel around the world, a foreigner traveling in their country will definitely attract a lot of attention of local girls. Of course, money always matters. However, this is not the case in Manila. If a girl in Manila really likes you, she will have sex with you even if you are broke. Money doesn’t buy everything in Manila.  Hence, you will need to act a little bit differently if you want to find and seduce girls for sex in Manila.


To find and get girls for sex in Manila, you don’t have to invent a long and thorough seduction plan. It is not Moscow where you have to wear fake masks and drive expensive cars to get the attention of local girls. There are absolutely different rules in Manila.

Filipinas are very open-minded and friendly girls. Even though the poverty in the country is really overwhelming, Filipinas are not money-obsessed. They can still enjoy their life even without much money to spend. These girls are very simple and easygoing. Even though the Philippines is a frequent winner of the Miss Universe international competition, even the most beautiful girls in Manila are not proud, nor arrogant as girls from other cities of the world. I think that if all humanism around the world has disappeared and there is one piece of it remaining somewhere, I would say that the Philippines is that awesome place. 

Approaching Filipinas in Manila does not require specific skills, nor tricks. Be as honest as possible. Fake things and hype do not work here. Oppositely, acting someone who you aren’t might spoil everything in Manila. Filipinas like frank, kind, and honest guys. Be who you are, and you will definitely have a lot of sex in Manila.


daytime tips sex in manilaWhen it comes to the best places for finding girls for sex in Manila during the daytime, there are no strict rules. You can find gorgeous girls for sex in Manila absolutely everywhere in the city. Manila is not a city where you should follow some formal rules and etiquette. No, you can talk to girls in Manila wherever you meet them. Whether it is a street, a small shop, a supermarket, a park, you should boldly approach girls and start a friendly communication. 99% of the girls you approach in Manila will be glad to meet you. The remaining 1% might be busy, and therefore, not willing to communicate with you. 

Even though you can find and meet girls for sex in Manila absolutely everywhere in the city, there are still some specific places that are more suitable for this purpose. These places are parks, cafes, and shopping malls. Here is the list of the best shopping malls to find the horniest girls for sex in Manila.

  • Green Belt
  • Century City
  • Glorietta
  • Power Plant
  • SM Makati
  • Century City

The majority of these malls are located in the same neighborhood. You should visit these malls during the daytime. You will see loads of horny and sexy Filipinas hanging out in the malls and waiting for some tourists to hook up. Manila is one of the most popular touristic cities in the world. Millions of tourists visit Manila every year. The majority of them are men looking for sex in this Asian city. Local girls are also aware of the fact that they are extremely popular among male sex tourists. Hence, most of them want to meet a handsome foreigner and have fun with him.


nighttime tips for sex in manilaOf course, nightclubs are the best places to meet the sexiest women in Manila. Since only the most sexually liberal and open-minded girls visit nightclubs. On the other hand,  while looking for girls in nightclubs, you have a very bad chance to meet a freelance prostitute who is religiously hiding her real profession. If you are not into hookers, then, you should be very careful and attentive while talking to Filipinas in Manila. Keep in mind that STDs are very frequent in the region. 

Put on some cool clothes, take a shower, and go to the most popular nightclubs to find the sexiest and the most beautiful women for sex in Manila. At the same time, I don’t recommend looking too flashy. Remember that Manila is a very criminal city. There are loads of violent gangs in the city. Never forget about your security. I tell you to look great. However, you shouldn’t look like a millionaire traveler. Better keep your expensive watch in your hotel room. If you are good-looking enough, then, your looks will be your main asset since women in Manila are not madly into money. Finally, here is the list of the best nightclubs to find the horniest and the most open-minded girls for sex in Manila. 

  • Exklusiv at 1917 Adriatico St in Malate
  • Jardin Gardens in Resorts World Casino in Pasay 162 Sales Rd
  • Palace Pool Club at 9th Avenue on 36th St Corner
  • Prime Upscale Club at 22 Sct. Madriñan St
  • House in Resorts World Casino in Pasay
  • Vanity at 212 Tomas Morato Ave
  • Black Market at 2723 Sabio St
  • Guilly’s at 27 Tomas Morato Ave
  • Chaos at City Of Dreams Manila in Paranaque
  • Royal at 5343 St., General Luna
  • Time at 7840 Makati Ave
  • Valkyrie at 36 9th Avenue
  • Finders Keepers on Sabio St in Makati
  • Haze on 26th St
  • Prive Luxury Club at the corner of 7th & 28th St
  • Yes Please on 38th St. Uptown &11th Ave in BGC
  • Revel at 11th Ave on the corner of 38th St

These are some of the best clubs where you will definitely find someone gorgeous to get laid in Manila. You should know that there are loads of girls on the streets of Manila. Most of them are prostitutes.  If you want a hooker, you can easily get them.


The Philippines is one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world. If you are gay or bisexual, you will definitely have a great sex experience in this country. Manila is the most gay-friendly city in the Philippines. There are loads of gays and bisexuals in this sexy city. Nobody even tries to hide his sexual orientation. In this city, everything is public. A guy can kiss another guy publicly on a street in Manila. Since the Philippinian society is very open-minded, gay relationships are treated absolutely normally in Manila. There are loads of gay saunas and nightclubs where you can find someone very hot and horny for sex in Manila. 

If you are into transsexuals, you will find loads of beautiful ladyboys in Manila. Most of them are looking for a handsome foreigner to have some fun with. Ladyboys in Manila are really gorgeous. Apart from their cute faces, they have very voluptuous bodies. If you are into sexy ladyboys, you will definitely find some of the sexiest FTM transgenders in Manila.


Online dating apps are widely used in Manila. Badoo is the most popular online dating app in the Philippines. I have been using Badoo for many years, and I know that almost every hot girl in Manila uses Badoo.

Whether you are into gays, bisexuals, or transsexuals, you can find people of all sexual orientations and genders using Badoo.
You will surely love and enjoy your sex travel journey in Manila. Your trip will be unrepeatable and unforgettable. Don’t forget to mention your sex travel experience in the comments below.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.