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sex in dhakaDhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh. The city is very big and has a population of more than 18 million people. Dhaka has many sides. Whatever your travel intention is, you will definitely find it in Dhaka. Sex in Dhaka is available to all classes. Whether you are a rich man or a middle-class worker, you can easily find the desired prostitute in Dhaka. Finding girls for sex in Dhaka is not that easy due to different reasons and factors. Girls for sex in Dhaka demand a different approach. In this, awesome blog post, I will give you step-by-step instructions on how to seduce and find Bangladeshi girls for sex in Dhaka. 

If you have already read my blog post on sex travel in Bangladesh, you already know that prostitution is absolutely legal in this country. Since  Dhaka is the capital and the biggest city of Bangladesh, you will surely find a lot of opportunities for hook up in this city. Though sex with prostitutes in Dhaka is the easiest way to go if you want to taste Bangladeshi girls, I will also teach you how to find non-working girls for sex in Dhaka. 


Even though Bangladesh is a classic Muslim country, prostitution is absolutely legal in this place. I suppose that the government understands that a huge population of this country needs to survive somehow. The high unemployment rate, widespread corruption and poverty are among the reasons why prostitution is so common in Dhaka.

If you want to have sex with Bangladeshi prostitutes in Dhaka, then, you have two choices. You can find prostitutes in brothels. Usually, they are very old and even ancient building where thousands of women offer sex services. Of course, you won't get a luxurious room for sex there. Nevertheless, new sex experience will be guaranteed to you. Usually, you will find only cheap girls in old brothels. Gulsahan 2  is the best place to find cheap prostitutes. Cheap girls don't mean ugly girls. You will also find lots of good-looking women at very cheap prices. Whenever you visit Gulsahan 2, day or night, you will always have a big selection of prostitutes for your needs. In addition, here is an updated list of best places  in Dhaka to find hot prostitutes for sex: Romona Park, Ramna Park, Kakrial Bus Station, Shahah Bag, Kabadi Market, Goachia Market, Baldha Garden, Baily Street and Baily Road Theatre, Segyn Bagjcha Road, Manik Mia Avenue, Zia Ul Park, English Road, and Farmgate which is the largest and the most populous business center in Dhaka.

Elite and more expensive prostitutes in Dhaka advertise their services on the Internet.  Usually,  their flat will be situated in a good district of Dhaka. Cheap prostitutes in the suburbs of Dhaka will cost you from 2$ to 10$. You will see that the rates of elite prostitutes start from 20$ and higher. There are also a lot of Indian,  Thai, and Nepalese prostitutes in Dhaka. What is more, don't forget that Russian prostitutes are all over the world. You will easily find loads of Russian whores in Dhaka too. I  expect their rates to be high. 


daulatdia brothel100 km away from the city center of Dhaka, you will find the largest brothel town in the world called Daulatdia. Daulatdia is a house to more than 2000 prostitutes. They serve more than 3500 men a day. This is a truly huge brothel that every horny traveler should visit at least once in a lifetime. The village is very big. There, you will find a big variety of prostitutes of different ages. Whether you prefer young Bangladeshi girls for sex or more mature and experienced Bangladeshi whores, in Daulatdia, you will find whatever you wish. Daulatdia village is in very poor condition. You won't find any luxurious hotels there. However, if sex and new experience are your main goals, you will definitely enjoy your hot time in Daulatdia whorehouse. To fully enjoy sex with Bangladeshi whores in Daulatdia, you may want to stay there for a while. You will be able to find a good apartment for a very affordable price. If I was in Daulatdia, I would definitely stay there at least one week having sex with as many prostitutes as possible. 


Your second option is to find freelance prostitutes in Dhaka. You will easily find them in some popular bars, pubs, and nightclubs in the center of Dhaka. Although not all entertainment places in Dhaka have prostitutes, I will give a list of the best spots where you can find high-quality prostitutes. Hotels are also good to find freelance girls. Hotels that offer best prostitutes in Dhaka are located in Fakirapur, Mohakali, Jessore, Banishanta, Mymensing, Saidebad, Goalondo, and Fultola. Just make a stay in one of these hotels and ask a concierge about working girls. They will quickly invite some hot ladies to the hotel. Hotel staffs get a fee from escort services too. This is why they will be willing to assist you in your needs.


Not all of us accept sex with prostitutes. Neither do I. Sex with a non-working girl is more pleasurable. What is more, while having sex with a non-prostitute girl, you will always feel a sense of achievement. This is why this kind of sex is more beneficial for your health and self-estimation.

To seduce girls in Dhaka, you should pay attention to details. Look for somehow westernized girls. You will probably just waste your time with a girl who wears a hijab and is very religious. These girls may feel like a great fetish, however, it is extremely difficult and almost impossible to seduce strictly religious girls. While going to shopping malls, bars, and pubs, look up for some cute girls who are also paying attention at you. This might be the first sign of her interest. Then, be very patient and strategic. 

As of swinging clubs, strip clubs, and sex shops, they are almost non-existent in the country. Strip clubs are illegal and demand for sex toys in such a conservative society is extremely low. Good luck in your sex hunt in Dhaka. Leave your comments below. 

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