malaysian girlsMalaysian girls are the most conservative and religious South East Asian girls in the world. Seducing Malaysian girls for sex in Malaysian is not as easy as seducing Filipinas or Thai girls. Malaysia is the most religiously strict Asian country in the world. Its laws and government ideology have a total control over Malaysian population. Malaysian religious authorities have a great influence in Malaysia. These are some of the main reasons why Malaysian girls are unavailable and difficult to date with. Before I start giving you the tips on how to find Malaysian girls for sex in Malaysia, let me give you some good information regarding Malaysia and the national mentality of Malaysian people.
If you want to see an Asian Saudi Arabia, I am sure that Malaysia will be its best replica. Nowadays, Malaysia is the second richest South East Asian country in the world. Singapore was a part of Malaysia some time ago. Currently, Singapore is the richest South East Asian country in the world. What does make Saudi Arabia different from other Arab countries? Here is the answer. Saudi Arabia is the richest Arab country in the world. In addition, Saudi Arabia Muslims are the most orthodox Muslims and Arabs in the world. You will see the same tendency if you look at Malaysia. Malaysia is almost the richest Asian country in the world. What is more, Malaysians are the most orthodox Asian Muslims around the globe. Malaysia does not resemble other Asian countries. Also, you should never compare Islam in Malaysia with Islam in  Central Asian countries. Some people say that Malaysia is the most boring Asian country in the world. I would definitely agree with this opinion. Usually, religious governments restrict entertainment opportunities of their citizens. The same thing is present in Malaysia. If you want to have sex and fun, Malaysia is the worst country you can choose among all other Asian countries in the world. Also, Malaysian girls are the least available Asian girls. To be honest, sex travel in Malaysia is not the best idea that could come to your mind.

If you are reading this article, you must be very interested in finding sexy Malaysian girls for sex in Malaysia. Even though Malaysia is extremely religious and conservative, you will be able to find some good options to make sex with Malaysian girls in Malaysia. Remember that local people do not often support their governments. Therefore, there are a lot of Malaysian girls who want to be absolutely liberal. These women demand physical, psychological, financial, and sexual freedom. Of course, sexually and mentally liberal Malaysian girls cannot openly express their opinion since the government is very strict. However, let me assure you that there are a lot of hidden hot Malaysian girls ready for sex in Malaysia. In this blog post, I will teach you how to find passionate Malaysian girls for sex.


As you know, Malaysian has a very large population. The current population of Malaysia is 31, 004,243 as of Saturday, February 11, 2017. This is a huge number. Malaysian population consists of different ethnicities and nationalities. Approximately 60% of Malaysians are ethnic Malaysians. Approximately 30% of Malaysians are Chinese Malaysians. Other 10% are spread among Malaysians of European origin. As you understand, different Malaysian ethnic groups have dissimilar religions. Ethnic Malaysians are Sunni Muslims. Chinese Malaysians are commonly Buddhists. Also, there is a big number of Hinduists among Chinese Malaysian people. You can also find a lot of Catholic Christians among them.


Religion makes a very strong impact on people’s worldview, thinking, principles, and lifestyle. Actually, religion is the most influential thing that exists in the world. Everything associated with religion is powerful too. For example, if you look at the most influential books, you will find that Qoran, Bible, Torah, and other holy books are leading. If you ask me about the most sexually illiberal and intolerant religion, I will tell you that this religion is Islam. Let us be direct and honest. I am a Muslim and I love Islam. Therefore, you should treat my words correctly. Yes, Islam might be one of the most sexually liberal religions when it comes to the sexual relationship between a wife and her husband. Premarital sexual relationships are strictly prohibited in Islam. Also, it is well-known that Islam does not accept gay, lesbian, and other types of untraditional sexual orientations. Therefore, you should not expect that an orthodox Muslim country will be able to offer you a large sexual diversity. It is very difficult to find sexually open-minded girls in orthodox Muslim countries. Malaysia belongs to them. Hence, if you try to seduce Muslim Malaysian girls for sex, you will definitely waste your time. A girl in some of the Central Asian countries might call herself Muslim while she does not wear a hijab, does not pray, and know nothing about Islam at all. These types of Muslim girls might be very liberal when it comes to sex. For them, a premarital sexual intercourse is a common thing. You will not find the same tendency in Muslim Malaysian girls. Malaysian Muslim girls treat their religion very seriously. Believe me or not, I know these girls very well. Most of them study the Arabic language, and Qoran. All of them wear hijabs. What is more, more than 80% of Muslim Malaysian girls have their faces fully covered by a burqa. It is almost impossible to approach Malaysian Muslim girls in Malaysia.


Generally, Malaysian Muslim girls look for potential husbands. Their lifestyle is predetermined and predestined in their DNA. Malaysian Muslim girls want to get married and raise their children till the day they face death. This is a classic life plan of an average Malaysian Muslim girl. These women do not look for casual dating. Malaysian girls are not obsessed with sex. What is more, some of them go through female circumcision. This procedure severely decreases their libido. In fact, female circumcision is always done with a sole purpose of reducing women’s passion and lust. Hence, I would not recommend expecting Malaysian Muslim girls to be hot–tempered and sexy.

If you are not Muslim, Malaysian Muslim girls will not even look at you. These girls do not even date Malaysian Muslim men. Dating is something unknown in Malaysia. The only words Malaysian Muslim girls know is ‘getting married’. It is clear that they will target Malaysian Muslim men as potential husbands. Secondly, if you are not Muslim, you and your Muslim Malaysian girlfriend will be officially forbidden to get married if you don’t convert to Islam.


Muslim men are usually very jealous of their women. Trying to get laid in strict orthodox Muslims countries might be very dangerous for you if done wrong. Do not even try to approach Muslim Malaysian girls on streets and other public places. You already know how conservative Muslim people treat American and Europeans. In delicate words, they do not love you much. Therefore, approaching Muslim Malaysian girls in public places will look insulting. Malaysian Muslims are extremely sensitive. This is another serious reason not to waste your time with Muslim Malaysian girls.


sexy malaysian girlsChinese Malaysian girls are usually Buddhist. Buddhism is what makes Thailand so sexy and promiscuous. There are no sexual restrictions in Buddhism. As long as people do not harm each other, everything is allowed in Buddhism. Therefore, Chinese Malaysian girls are always sexually liberal. These girls have no reasons to be parochial, and shy. What is more, the majority of Chinese Malaysian girls love Western men. Getting laid with some of them won’t be difficult.

There are no specific tips on how to identify a Chinese Malaysian girl. It is very easy. It is just like to identify a Christian Egyptian girl in Egypt. In Egypt, all Muslim girls wear hijab. If you see a girl without hijab, you can be 100% sure that she is Christian. Use the same method to identify Chinese Malaysian girls. If a Malaysian girl does not wear hijab, it is more than probable that she is Chinese Malaysian. You can find Chinese Malaysian girls in nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and other entertainment places. Dating websites are good too. Use Badoo for this purpose. For me, Badoo is the most convenient online dating website and app to find sexy girls everywhere around the globe.


Even though Malaysia is the most religious and conservative South East Asian country in the world, there is a big number of student prostitutes studying at universities of Kuala Lumpur. Not all cities of Malaysia are equally developed and modern. Therefore, when a Malaysian girl comes to the capital of Malaysia to study, she will see a lot of things that will seduce her. Kuala Lumpur girls are usually more glamorous and lavish than Malaysian girls from other cities. Kuala Lumpur girls wear better clothes, drive expensive cars, use high-quality makeup, visit restaurants, and other beautiful places. Thus, a non-Kuala Lumpur girl has a lot of reasons to be envious. She wants to have the same good life. Unfortunately, the quantity of money we have always predetermine the quality of our life. Hence, non-Kuala Lumpur girls start searching for different income sources. In this situation, part-time prostitution is the best way to earn some extra money to enjoy life.

Usually, Malaysian student prostitutes find local businessmen who are ready to give them some money in order to get regular sex dates. If you are a Western traveler, it is very likely that you have some money to share it with a sexy Malaysian student. These women also visit nightclubs, restaurants, and other entertainment places. You will find them on the Web too. There a lot of different Malaysian dating websites on the Web.

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