five reassons to buy ebook readerNew technologies have completely changed our lives. Everything is becoming easier nowadays. There is no need to buy a DVD player to watch your favorite films on TV. Today Internet television lets you watch any preferred movie anytime you wish. People are not using digital disks anymore because with Wi-Fi technologies there is no in them. 

The same thing is happening with physical books. Nowadays readers prefer reading eBooks. Of course, there are some conservative people who still prefer reading physical books. Some of these people refer to the fact that they like a smell of real book papers and there are some other reasons why they favor real books over eBooks. From time to time I also read physical books. Let me clarify when I read physical books. Usually, I read them when I have no eBook reader and at the same time, there are lots of real books surrounding me. If you ask me why do I have a preference for an eBook reader over real physical books I will give you a detailed answer.


The Internet gives you an aptitude to find everything and simply download it or use it anyhow you wish.  There may be some books which are not published in your country or they are out of stock. The Internet gives you an ability to find your desired book, download it to your eBook device, and enjoy reading. With an eBook reader, you can read books in any language. You may be a multilingual person who fluently speaks five or ten languages. Thus you might want to read a particular book in a foreign language but this book may be unavailable in the bookstores of your country. So what would you do in this situation if you have no eBook reader? Having no eBook will limit you in your choice. Multilingual people are real. I am not talking about bilingual people because the percentage of bilingual people may be 50% and in some countries even more. For example, UAE (United Arab Emirates), all people there are at least bilingual. The local Arabs speak Arabic and English languages and other foreigners speak at least two or three additional languages. Well, the UAE is a crowded country. What if you live in Madrid and you want to read a book by your favorite author in Chinese? There is a 95% likelihood that you won’t be able to find the book in Chinese even if you visit all bookstores of Madrid. If you have an eBook reader you can download your desired book in any language in a few minutes. eBook readers give you the freedom to choose. There are some countries that limit publishing companies from distributing some kinds of books. For example, Iran.  The country's government fully controls what its citizens can read and what they cannot. Some worldwide known books aren’t available in Iran. When you have an eBook you have absolute freedom to read whatever you want and nobody will limit your choice.


How much time does it take for you to complete reading a book? If you have a good speed and read approximately 300 pages a day you may complete a book of 600 pages in two days. My speed is quite good and when I read a full day I may read even more than 300 pages. I can surely complete a 600 pages book in two days. What does that mean? It means if you are a real book lover and you don’t trip anywhere without a book you will have to take with you several books. If you read fast that means that you must carry with you more books. Let us imagine you are going to a 6 months trip somewhere to Southeast Asia. You will read at least three books a week. You have your business, you visit cafes, restaurants, chat with your friends and you cannot apply all your time to read books. Your free time will let you read at least three books a week. In a month you will finish twelve books. If your business trip lasts 6 months that means that you will need to have 72 books. I have a question. Are you able to carry these 72 books in your luggage or in a briefcase? Of course no. This is a ridiculous idea to carry such a big amount of real physical books with you! The situation completely changes when you have an eBook reader. You can store thousands of digital books in it and carry them with you. It won’t be complicated for you to store twenty thousand books in your pocket. The main advantage of eBook readers is their mobility. With an eBook reader, your electronic library will be portable.


Today eBook readers have become a necessary accessory of everyone who follows style and fashion trends. The device looks very appealing. It has a stylish design. The average size of an eBook reader is just the right one to carry it in your briefcase. Nowadays it is very fashionable to read books. 


With eBook readers, you save your time. You don’t need to spend your time going to a bookstore and searching for your desired books. With an eBook reader, the only thing you require is just to connect it to the Internet via Wi-Fi, type the name of your book and download it. eBook readers let you get your preferred digital book from any country and city of the world. Sometimes the bookstore may tell you that your desired book is out of stock and they will receive it after a week. In such situations, you will have to wait a week or more to buy your wanted physical book. Thus you waste your time waiting. At the same time, eBook readers demand a few minutes from you to download any preferred digital book to your device.


What do you do with a book which you have completely read? Some of you may tell that they read the same book many times and still enjoy it. A number of you will say that books simply embellish your bookshelves. Let me express my opinion. When I finish reading a book I never read it again. I have never read the same book twice. Well, I can watch the same film twice but I am not able to read the same book many times. People who read the same book twice or more times is a minority amongst book lovers. When I finish a book I don’t need it anymore. An average book with 600 pages costs at least 20 US dollars. So I think for me it is a mere waste of money to buy physical books. What is the reason for reading? The main perspective of reading is obtaining new knowledge. Yes, some of us read fiction books just to entertain ourselves and enjoy a story. No matter which of these two reasons you prefer I can confidently tell you that none of us buys a book to embellish our empty shelves. That means buying a physical book is a simple waste of money. What are you going to do with a book when you finish it? Nothing! It will just take some space on your shelve. 

eBook readers let you save your money. You can download most of the digital books for free on the Internet. There are some books which require our payment. Yet these books are cheaper than physical books. Book lovers can economy hundreds and even thousands of dollars if they use this amazing device.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.