gamblingWill you believe me if I tell you that I have never visited a casino? I have never gambled and I have never felt a wish to try gambling. I do not understand people who consider a casino to be a good place to earn some money. So if you have some money to play in a casino, why don’t you invest that money in a new business? This is the most frequent question I want to ask people who regularly visit casinos. 

Have you ever wondered why casinos do not have clocks? Managers of the gambling centers want their clients to forget about the reality. The atmosphere and aura in casinos are excellent. When a person starts playing, he feels like a millionaire from Hollywood films. These may be some of the reasons why so many people around the world are addicted to gambling. It is well known that casinos pay special attention to the people who always win. These people are included in the black list that is spread amongst all casinos in that region. I have talked with the person who has spent many years working in one of the gambling centers. He has revealed me some of the secrets every gambling center has. First of all, casinos are created to make a profit. Everything in it is controlled by a special system. This system works according to special algorithms.  Casino managers are not fools and they will never rely on luck or some similar fantastic conceptions. Gamblers usually hope to be very lucky and earn some easy money. However, bosses of this business control everything. It is impossible to cheat the system. 

This blog post does not resemble my other articles. I just want to reveal my thoughts about gambling in this article. So can anybody tell me why do people hope to make money in casinos? There may be the special type of people who are more inclined gambling. These people are very risky and I think that they are not enough smart. Do you know someone who has made a fortune by gambling? I don’t really know anyone who has managed to do it. I have found lots of websites that teach people gambling. I do not think that their advice is practical. 

Who are the people that love gambling? I have divided these people into three groups


Gamblers of this type are well experienced in this field. They have already won huge amounts of money. Most of them work in groups. I think that you have already watched some films dedicated to professional gamblers. There is no need to explain to you how they work. Their schemes are very sophisticated. Casino managers know these people, and usually, they are included in the blacklists of people who frequently win the system. Doors of some gambling centers are closed for them. These gamblers do not believe in a lucky chance or a destiny. Their strategy is well-planned and organized.


These people know nothing about gambling. They earn some money with a hard work. Poor fools are too stupid to invest the money in some profitable enterprises. They wish very fast and easy money. This is the main reasons why they lose all their possession in a matter of a few minutes. These people are not the best victims of casinos because their assets are very limited. Poor fools do not lose millions of dollars because they do not have such amounts of money. This type of gamblers has exceedingly high self-estimation and utter confidence in their luck. These qualities predestine their gambling inclinations.


These gamblers are the most favorite clients of every casino. Gambling centers were created for them. These players have millions of dollars and they earn them with a great ease. Most of them are celebrities and the people involved in show business. Some of them are spoilt children of rich parents. These rich fools assume that gambling is very prestigious and fashionable. They consider gambling to be a privilege of a small elite group of people, and therefore, they strive to be included in that chosen team. They do not care about money. They may lose millions of dollars and they can also win something. Money is not their objective. Being prestigious and showing off are their main motivation to gamble.

As you see, people have different stimulus while gambling. I think that you are enough smart. You are reading my blog and I consider it to be very serious. If you intend to become wealthy, I suggest you forget about gambling. I never tried to gamble and I do not suggest it. There is no a single person in the world who managed to become wealthy by gambling. Do not be deceived by easy and fast money. It is impossible to build a fortune in a few minutes. All millionaires and billionaires spent several years to build their empires. Gambling is the best way to lose your assets and start earning from the beginning. Do not waste your precious time and forget about luck. Invest your money in business and you will have more chances to get rich. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.